Report: T.O. runs sub-4.5 forty at Seahawks tryout

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The Seattle Seahawks are pursuing free agent wide receiver Terrell Owens after his “very impressive” Monday tryout, but Owens might be smart to shop his wares a bit in light of the following news.

Mike Sando of reports that Owens ran a forty-yard dash in the 4.4s during the workout. Owens turns 39 in a few months, but he can still run really, really fast in a straight line.

Plenty of teams around the league could use a big, fast receiver. The Vikings, Dolphins, Jets, Ravens, Texans, and Owens’ old team, the Cowboys, all come to mind.

For now, though, Owens is in the Seahawks’ crosshairs and it sounds like they don’t want to let him get out.

79 responses to “Report: T.O. runs sub-4.5 forty at Seahawks tryout

  1. I don’t care what anybody else says I’m rooting for the guy.

    He hasn’t been a cancer in the locker room since Dallas and he’s been working hard to be a team player. If he can ball he deserves an opportunity.

  2. Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies. Teams don’t want T.O. because he’s T.O. It doesn’t matter what he runs in a straight line.

  3. Seahawks looking pretty desperate for washed up old receivers 1st they bring in Bryant (cut) 2nd they bring in Edwards & now T.O.? Guess they dont trust any of the young WR’s on the team to take a desperate measure like this

  4. How bad are Sydney Rice, Golden Tate, and Doug Baldwin stinking it up for Seattle to keep turning over rocks to see it a real WR falls out?

  5. i would be so impressed if he got signed, kept his mouth shut, and put up 70 & 8. emphasis on the mouth part.

  6. The guy keeps himself in great shape!

    Why are people shocked?

    Does everyone go by the name of Mark Kriegel where an idiot like him believes that when you turn 38 you cannot play in the NFL anymore, but you have to mandatorily go to the Mayo Clinic for senior citizens’ treatment???

    He’ll be proven wrong and so will ALL of Owens’ doubters!!!

  7. I have to say (and I’m a Redskins fan) that TO is a good player. He’s passionate about the game and quite frankly when’s the last time you saw him in the news “making it rain” in the strip club or getting a dui or something? Yeah he is annoying as ever but gets the job done. Good luck to him

  8. Man, ESPN can be very creepy. Hey passed themselves off as a news organization but they look like stalkers.

    They chased Tim Tebow like the pervert that chased Erin Andrews.

    But they chase Owens like he’s Jimmy Hoffa.

    I am on the record for talking about how to Rosenhaus is the most overrated agent in the NFL. He could not get Terrell Owens a job last year and got them a crappy deal with the indoor football league and nowhere in the pros in 2012.

    Plus, Rosenhaus embarrassed Owens by having that stupid televised workout where no team showed up!!! You see Drew??? Be a professional and Jordan Woy is that! Woy works for Donald Driver and we have never seen Driver be in situations like Rosenhaus’ diva WR clients!!!

    Plaxico Burress, do what T.O. did: keep yourself in shape, get a new agent, and play some ball my man!!!

    There’s more to your life than you think.

  9. Cross the ravens off your list. We had enuf of his idiocy and he was only on our team for a couple of days. We have a core of very young but talented receivers. Owens has no place on the ravens

  10. It is absolutely amazing how quickly everyone’s opinions change on someone, for the most trivial of reasons. There has been absolutely nothing but dumping on T.O. by every blogger and every commenter on here since I can possibly remember, including even the stories leading up to this workout. Now all of a sudden he runs pretty fast and we’re suggesting a plethora of teams he should play for and almost everyone’s cheering for the guy in the comments here? This is like the knee-jerkiest knee-jerk reaction I’ve ever seen, which is seriously saying something on here.

  11. Old WR’s retire form lack of speed and explosion to get open and make big plays … but if his speed is still there …. then he should be on a roster.

  12. What a day can make. All of the naysayers, including this website, constantly put Owens’ skills down. Well, he obviously can still run, has high football IQ, a strong desire to play, will come relatively cheap, needs the money, will stay in shape, won’t get in trouble off the field, and wants to win. I would like to see Dallas make a move, he wasn’t a cancer there, but Garrett and Witten would never let that happen.

  13. I really feel bad for this guy. Sometimes, it takes people a little longer (others it may take a LOT longer) , but I hope he gets it turned around; no 39 yr old football player old all that much tread left on the tires and this guy has a lot of bills to pay.

  14. T.O. put up numbers catching balls from Palmer in Cincinnati. But he also quit on plays pulling up short on patterns. That cost the team and Carson specifically several INTs. It’s never been T.O.’s talent. I still don’t want him on my team.

  15. I find it funny how all these hawk fans are all “praising” T.O yet they talk all sorts of BS about Moss.. I guarantee you that if say the niners or any other team in the NFC west was working out T.O you would not hear the End of it from Hawk fans.. hypocrites

  16. Oh no!! I thought I was three years away from getting to hear this guy’s speech in Canton, but now the clock might be re-set?

    After this weekend’s speeches (Curtis Martin = worst ever), I was already getting ready for 2015.

  17. I don’t think TO’s athleticism or physical abilities have ever been called into question. Dude just sucks the life out of locker rooms.

  18. I was actually surprised T.O. never got a call after 2010 in Cincy. I thought he played pretty well. I didn’t think it was a question of whether or not he was still physically gifted enough…

  19. Good for T.O.

    I never understood why Randy Moss was snatched up yet T.O. couldn’t get any interest at all. Last time I checked, T.O. was killin’ it with the Bengals and Moss was quiting on 3 different teams in one year.

  20. As a 49er fan, I hope the Seahawks fail to make the playoffs, but I want TO to have success 14 games out of the year. I love it when people prove the media to be wrong. Shut up the haters, man. You wanted one more change, now here you go!

  21. How come Randy Moss can quit on multiple teams, curse out caterers, moon the fans and be unproductive in 2010 but he claims to run a 4.3 and now Jim Harbaugh names him 1 of 5 #1 wide receivers on his roster but people want to question Terrell Owens 4.45 when he is always a physical specimen who never quit on his team and signed autographs for the fans, albeit during the game?
    Terrell should wait a week and watch the market but he needs to make sure he signs with a team before Week 3 of the preseason where he knows he can make the 53 man roster and have a guaranteed contract which he can only get going into the regular season before Week 1.
    C’mon Texans, you know you need him especially after signing Bryant Johnson following a 6 reception 2011 plus Andre Johnson is on a play count. Terrell Owens and a clean bill of health is the missing piece to the Super Bowl.

  22. Still can run fast…cool. Any comments bout his stone hands
    And dropped balls? Or is that the QBs fault?

  23. Offer him the veteran minimun with a 1-1.5mil in incentives, and see if he is willing work for his money.

  24. There are different people in the building now, but I don’t know if the Ravens would be interested after the whole trade/no trade fiasco.

    As for T.O., he’s a head case, but I find myself cheering for him.

  25. Man TO is signing with the first team that will hire him…that child support is a beast playa…forget the super bowl he’s just tryin gto stay out of the holding bowl (ah that’s prison)…

  26. I don’t think T.O.’s ability was ever questioned. It was always the drama that scared teams away from him. So why would teams line up for his services now?

  27. It’s pretty amazing that a “has been” WR can stir up so many comments. Anyway don’t be fooled by T.O.’s promises… Randy Moss, he has seen his best days go by him a long time ago and will offer very little to the team that may or may not sign him except maybe giving them a migraine headache.

  28. I still believe T.O. can be very dominant in this league. He just needs a fair chance and a Quarterback with a decent arm. 75% of his big plays were catching the ball 25-35 yards down field before outrunning the defenders for the score. 15% of his big plays were 10-25 yards out where he uses his big frame and long arms to get by the defenders for the long score. The rest of his big plays came from under 10 yards out, where he was able to burn or pick off the defender to get to the open field. T.O. needs his QB to be able to hold the ball that extra 2-3 seconds for him to get deep, I’m not sure if Flynn is that guy. Either way, you can’t deny Owens can still ball at age 39.

  29. T.O. and Braylon should make the squad, hey Plax is still out ther too, go for it Pete… wonder what Pacman is up to nowadays?

  30. Did he run the 4.4 on the downhill slope of the same driveway where he prefers to do situps?

  31. T.O…….weren’t you crying last month that you were being blackballed by the league??…….this guy is talented but such an idiot……I can’t wait until he I out of the league for good (which shouldn’t be too long)

  32. Was that time with or without the baggage he brings with him? The same baggage that has kept him out of the NFL the past few years.

  33. Personally I go by recent history … We as people can an will change … In recent years he’s finally grown up stop the locker room problems …yet completely out play Ocho in Cincy he also played well in buffalo … He deseveres a chance to play ….where that is I don’t know?

  34. Why not sign him ?? 4 quality Wr’s is grey for whomever starts in Seattle assuming its Flynn he would have Baldwin rice Tate and Owens .. That isn’t so bad

  35. I can’t understand why my posts keep getting deleted, what did I do? All I said was it didn’t matter who was catching the ball if the O-Line wasn’t fixed and that another reason for concern would be that Flynn wasn’t the clear starter over T-Jack already. Is there something wrong in that? Seriously, I don’t get it.

  36. This guy has never caused any problems in the locker room in his first year with any team. The problems always came after he had a great first year and then got antsy. You can look it up.

    So why wouldn’t you bring him in and sign him to a one year, veteran minimum contract with little to no guaranteed money? What’s the risk? Can you think of a single player who would come in with more to prove than him?

    We always remember the bad things about T.O., and lord knows there have been alot of them. But what about the good? What about him having a great Super Bowl with the Eagles six weeks after breaking his leg? What about the fact that he’s never had a DUI, or run anyone over with his car, or beat up his wife, or gotten into a bar fight?

    Is he worse than Randy Moss? Has he ever berated a caterer in the team’s locker room? Has he ever walked off a field before the game was over? Yet Randy Moss, despite getting dumped by two teams in one season, has no trouble getting a job?

    Enough is enough. This guy has paid a heavy price for his failings, despite the fact that his failing pale in comparison to so many players in the league. Give him one last chance.

    What do you have to lose?

  37. I wish T.O. well and really hope that things work out for him.

    This is his last chance to do something positive in the NFL and he needs to make the most of it and ebd his career on a positive for when he needs the votes for the Hall of Fame.

  38. Ravens have Torrey Smith, they signed Jacoby Jones in the offseason, have LaQuan Williams who blazes and signed a (raw) 6′ 6″ 4.3 40 kid out of Miami, Tommy Streeter. They also have an undrafted kid this year making some noise in camp. Size and speed at wr is an issue that has been rectified so perhaps some research before casting aspersions.

  39. i’m sure pete carrrol had the stop watch and stopped it early. carrol likes to hype his players and lie for them, like he did when cushing and matthews tested positive for steroids at USC before the draft, but magically, those reports just went away…

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