Rob Ryan calls Brandon Carr the NFL’s best free agent “by far”


If you thought the biggest free agent signing of this NFL offseason was Peyton Manning in Denver or Mario Williams in Buffalo, Rob Ryan thinks you’re wrong.

Ryan, the Cowboys’ defensive coordinator, says that the biggest free agent signing was actually cornerback Brandon Carr landing in Dallas.

He was the best player in free agency, by far,” Ryan told the Dallas Morning News. “Not even close.”

Ryan was asked if he meant Carr was the best defensive back in free agency, and he said no: Carr was the best NFL free agent at any position.

“He’s the best player in free agency, I thought,” Ryan said.

Carr, who signed a five-year, $50.1 million contract with the Cowboys in March, has performed well enough this offseason to make Ryan think he’s worth every cent of Jerry Jones’s money.

“This guy has been everything we expected,” Ryan said. “He’s a leader, he helps the other guys around him and the other thing is he’s a tough kid. He’s given us everything we wanted as a team. We need smart and tough, and that’s exactly what he is, and he’s competitive. You see him knocking receivers off the line of scrimmage. This guy’s not nervous about playing under the big lights. He’s here in Dallas. It is a different world here. Everything you do is scrutinized, but this guy won’t flinch. I can promise you that.”

Ryan had suggested this offseason that he was going to back off brash promises about his team. But apparently Carr has him feeling confident enough to make an exception.

26 responses to “Rob Ryan calls Brandon Carr the NFL’s best free agent “by far”

  1. One of the Ryan’s overhyping one of their players? That’s so unlike them

  2. it’s easy to think he’s “worth every cent” when Ryan’s not the one signing the checks…then again, I don’t think Brandon Carr or anyone else would be able to cash a check signed in crayon.

  3. Rob Ryan likes to talk…

    and that is not “the real news” this morning…is it?

  4. What is it about those Ryan’s that impels them to always be engaging in hyperbole? Are they compensating for some sort of “short” coming somewhere else?

  5. These two knuckleheads are always out bidding each other in the media. They need a reality show on bravo, a real life dumb and dumber. Could you imagine being a fly on the wall in that household when they were young.

  6. I hate the Cowboys as much as the next guy, but I also live in Kansas City and I can tell you that Brandon Carr is legit, I wish the Lions had the cap space to sign him, I would compare him to Al Harris when he was at his best, not a burner but a physical cornerback that’s not going to get burned.

  7. Gee, we should believe something a Ryan says? It used to be kind of fun, now it’s just roll your eyes and chuckle, because you know the opposite is true. Maybe we should call them the Costanza brothers?

  8. Please. This is the same guy that said back in Oakland one preseason that Terdell Sands (yes I said Terdell Sands) was going to be one of the premier run stoppers in the league. Anything Ryan says can’t be taken seriously. He’s a windbag plain and simple. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. He’s not all that hot as a D-coordinator too, regardless of the hype he gets just because he’s a Ryan. At least his dad and brother can hang their hats on some great defenses they put together. This fool hasn’t done anything except flap his gums. Expect another mediocre to poor defense in Dallas.

  9. Sadly, many of the readers of this blog have never known the joys of a Ryan-free NFL. It was truly a wonderful time when winning counted for more in a coach’s career than hype and sound bites.

  10. I assume the weak Dallas reporters didn’t have the stones to bluntly ask “Better than Peyton Manning?”.

  11. Lol the leagues most overhyped team overhyping as usual. Prove it on the field loud mouths!

  12. Ah, the Ryan brothers!

    Never has so much been said with so little results.

  13. You lost me at “Rob Ryan thinks”. I knew anything after that would be a laugher and I was right. Rob Ryan aside, Carr is legit.

  14. I love how the Chiefs’ #2 CB, who has never made the Pro Bowl, becomes this superstar elite CB as soon as he signs with the Cowboys.

    I like Carr, but he’s covered mostly #2 WRs throughout his career. In terms of value, RT Eric Winston will likely be a better signing for the Chiefs.

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