Some NFL fans take their love of their teams to the grave

The great documentary filmmaker Errol Morris, whose movies include Gates of Heaven, The Thin Blue Line and Fog of War, has tackled quite an interesting topic with his latest eight-minute short film: People who love their favorite teams so much that they request sports themed funerals.

Included in the film are a Steelers fan who wanted his funeral to look like he had just fallen asleep while watching a Steelers game, so his body was placed in a recliner, with a TV in front of him, showing a Steelers fan.

“He didn’t just love the Steelers until he died, he loved the Steelers in his death,” the funeral director says.

At another funeral, everyone was encouraged to wear Cowboys attire — including the minister, who wore a suit with a Cowboys jersey — not a shirt and tie — underneath.

“It was such a big part of her life, why not be a part of her send-off, too?” a loved one says of the deceased Cowboys fan’s wishes.

The film is a fascinating look into the lives of people who are so devoted to their teams that they take that love to the grave. You can watch the whole thing, which Morris made for ESPN, below:

Photo via Wisconsin Vault & Casket Company.