Tebow on Esiason’s criticisms: I’ve heard it all before


Tim Tebow has heard that Boomer Esiason thinks the Jets should cut him, and he’s taking it the way he always takes criticism: By killing the critics with kindness.

When asked by reporters today about the comments from Esiason, who played quarterback for the Jets for three seasons, the Bengals for 10 and the Cardinals for one, Tebow said he has great respect for the man.

“I’ve heard nothing but great things about Mr. Esiason,” Tebow said, in comments distributed by the team. “I know he was a great player here, and I just wish him nothing but the best in his announcing and God bless him.

As for the particular criticisms of Tebow as a quarterback who can’t throw the ball and “played some of the worst football that any quarterback has ever played in the history of the game,” Tebow said he’s used to it by now.

“I’ve pretty much heard a lot of it,” Tebow said. “From when I was in high school, when they said I couldn’t be a high school quarterback, when I was in college and my first year they told me ‘you’ll never play quarterback,’ and then, ‘you can never win a championship,’ and ‘you’ll never play in the NFL.’ I’ve heard a lot of it and I just continue to use that as motivation and when I get my opportunities, try to make the most of them, just be the person that I am and not let that get me too excited or too down, but just be who I am and go out there and work as hard as I can every day and try and improve and be the best football player/quarterback that I can be.”

Some would say Tebow has heard it all before because his deficiencies as a passer have been on display many times before. But Tebow obviously knows he’s not going to change anyone’s mind with words. The only place Tebow can prove Esiason and the many who agree with him wrong is on the field.

78 responses to “Tebow on Esiason’s criticisms: I’ve heard it all before

  1. Damn I’m a Jet Fan and I cant take the coverage my team is getting right now. Isnt there 31 other teams?

  2. Hey, Boomer, remember Abe Lincoln’s quote: “It’s better to remain silent and thought a DUNCE, than to speak up and remove all doubt.”

  3. Just another example of head trauma causing all these old NFL players to think they are still relevant in today’s conversation. Retire and enjoy life, football has passed you by.

  4. It amazes me that Tebow doesn’t even say anything bad and still gets dumped on. Is he the best qb? Of course not, but he works his butt to become better. Love him or hate him, you can’t deny his passion. Plus, this is coming from Boomer..he had a losing record and he’s not even in the hall of fame.

  5. the part that always gets me about the tebow story is that both his haters and his fans are correct. the guy logically is not an nfl caliber quarterback, yet look what happened last year. maybe it was a fluke, but im not big on luck, and i don’t really believe in divine intervention.

    all i know is, he continues to win, and he is right, he continues to make it where others have predicted his failure.

  6. I wish I had Tebow’s resolve. Boomer didn’t say anything that hasn’t already been said about Tebow so therefore Esiason should have just shut the F up and offered something intelligent or not have said anything at all..

  7. Esiason should thank Tebow for responding.

    Seems like the easiest way for old fogie pundits to publicize their new gig is to criticize Tebow.

    I’m no Tebow-maniac, but this kid literally makes the careers of some of these pundits. And what better place for a media sensation to play than the Big Apple?

  8. That’s right Tebow! Lettem keep talking while you keep proving them wrong.And don’t let Boomer get to ya, he wasn’t very good as a QB & managed a 13 yr career.

  9. Love this guys outlook on life, always positive unlike all the other negativity around the league, keep it up Tebow someday you will be a Superbowl champion standing tall and people will still try to find 101 reasons how he still is awful.

  10. Tebow is being disingenuous with those comments about having heard it before..quite the opposite is true. Ever since his middle school years he was lauded here in Jacksonville. Then Nease High even made the special rule for him. (Home school) and Florida highly recruited him. Having said that, he did work hard and was great, but his path was much easier that he would like to portray.

  11. How many Heisman’s did Boomer win? How many Super Bowl’s did Boomer participate in? How many of Boomer’s team members did he make better people? Do us all a favor Boom Boom and sit down!!!

  12. Boomer is correct in his criticisms. He is, however, wrong in the name. The Jets need to dump Sanchez if they are ever going to win anything important. Hate on that.

  13. Keep taking the high road Tim. Boomer is just a loud mouthed has been with an opinion. Who cares? Play as long as you can Tebow cause when it’s over, you will miss it!

  14. Who cares about Tim Tebow… Last I checked he’s number 2 on there depth chart. Boomer was simply stating the fact that bringing Tim Tebow (and his crazy fan base) into New York was not the best move for the organization and Mark Sanchez.

  15. What is Tebow talking about? This dude was a 5 star recruit! Five star recruits are the top 25 players in the country, regardless of position. He was expected to be a star at QB wherever he went to college.

  16. Boomer was not all that if I had to pick between the two I would pick Tebow Boomer needs to shut the -uck up and just kick rocks cause he was and I repeat was not all that!!! Who told him he was a expert!!!!

  17. It must really suck to be a Steeler fan when a QB who: “played some of the worst football that any quarterback has ever played in the history of the game,” beats you in the playoffs.

  18. dwoofer says: Hey, Boomer, remember Abe Lincoln’s quote: “It’s better to remain silent and [be] thought a DUNCE fool, than to speak up and remove all doubt.”

    Huh. Thought that was Mark Twain

  19. Is it official yet? Every single former and current player to ever have access to a microphone has weighed in on the subject….enough already! The guy plays hard and is for all we know a great guy. Let him play football and move on! Are you gonna tell me there are NO other guys in the NFL who probably shouldn’t be and might make a better story?

  20. Having Tebow here may turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to Mark Sanchez. What other back up would be able to light a fire under his butt?

  21. Shut up Boomer you had your chance. Who are you to judge Tebow? Hes has his own fans not Jets fans but Tebow fans. Hes good for the game an all he do is WIN.

  22. Who cares what Boomer had to say? I grew up watching him, he didn’t win a damn thing! All he did was watch Montana whip his ass in the Super Bowl! Shut up Boomer. Try having half the class Tebow has…

  23. I don’t know about cutting him as I’ve never seen him play anything but QB, but there is ZERO question he is no QB. After that … I dunno.

  24. emma333 says:Aug 6, 2012 7:27 PM

    Tebow is being disingenuous with those comments about having heard it before..quite the opposite is true. Ever since his middle school years he was lauded here in Jacksonville. Then Nease High even made the special rule for him.

    Nease never made a special rule for him. FHSAA, since 1996, required that home school students be allowed to participate in the public school athletics of the district they live in.

    I do believe Nease recruited him – how else would he end up in St. Johns County.

    Urban Meyer ruined the kid’s potential, while at Florida, to be an NFL caliber QB. That in itself is a lot to overcome in making it to the next stage.

  25. Without throwing stones…. Tebow is a tremendous role model, one that happens to be a positive one. Thankful for someone who steps up and accepts a role kids can emulate and look up to….

  26. Boomer is just trying to get ratings. He’s a turd.
    I respect Tebow because he works hard every day, keeps his nose clean and doesn’t take being in the NFL for granted. Alot of these morons with all the talent in the world should be more like him instead of partying, getting DUI’s and beat up their mothers.

  27. What’s the big deal with what Boomer said; he co-hosts a 4 hr radio show in NY obviously he is gonna give HIS opinion on the subject. Same as every other host on the station. And ppl knocking him for not being a good qb well he played in the NFL for over a decade on 3 of the worst franchises in football history, probably the 3 worst. And if he had a better coach / defense he would have beat Joe Montana.

    That being said I like Tebow and hope he proves Boomer wrong.

  28. Tebow should take notes from Boomer Esiason…hall of famer…oooops…NOT.

    Boomer sucked then and he sucks now. He finally found a QB he can pick on.

    Tebow will pray for him and after he wins his first Jets game and all the cameras are on him, Boomer will pick on Andy Dalton.

  29. IMO Boomer wasn’t sh-t as a player when he played the game. I could remember the countless 3 & outs with the Bengals & Jets when the AFC games was broadcasted on NBC back in the day. He’s talking like he’s an HOF quarterback or someone who had a winning career percentage in the NFL.. Boomer wish he had 1/2 the heart Tebow does maybe he could of won a few memorable games rather than pull up lame & concussed the majority of his career.

  30. EX- nfl players of the past generation have very little to fall
    Back on! They did not make the crazy money that today’s athletes have. So unless they are good @ selling Insuramce , they live off their “name” brand. They try to Toss out some debatable or controversial comment, and get everyone’s panties in a bunch. Take it for what it is worth!
    Boomer, Merrill Hoge, Baldy, er , I mean Dilfer. And now, Hasselbeck just always has to have an opinion. None of them were overwhelming on the field. I may not be 100% confident in T. Tebow becoming a HOF Pocket passer, but everyone could learn from his outlook and strength. Dude is impressive!

  31. Norman Esiason was the master of setting his receivers up to get their heads taken off. What a terrible person.

  32. They said he couldn’t play quarterback in college? Who said that? Certainly not ESPN, who covered his college announcement live. Not many college recruits that “can’t play” get that publicity. Heck not many that can play get that publicity. Who is he fooling?

  33. By my count there are about 125 QBs on NFL rosters right now. How many other QBs does Esiason think should be cut?

  34. I can’t believe people are saying Esiason was a bad player. If you really know that little about football, you should not post.

    He was an MVP. A multiple pro bowler. Tebow is a longshot to come CLOSE to Boomer’s career.

    And he’s paid to express his opinion, which were, incidentally, correct.

  35. If the name on the back of his jersey was “Smith” or “Jones” or some other nondescript fellow, no one would disagree with Boomer. Tim is many things, but an NFL QB ain’t one of ’em.

  36. Tebow is a football player people…he is a WINNER. He is all class and not some scumbag getting arrested. He will be a winner in the NFL as he will do whatever it takes to win. He just happens to play in the media capital of the world and is a breathe of fresh air in a sport that is me me me. Maybe he can teach Cromartie about being their for his kids or Revis how to honor a contract…or teach Rex that you do not have to be a bigmouth to be heard…Amen

  37. i am glad someone finally pointed out that Boomer was a MVP. That alone makes him a better than average player……and something that Tebow should try to do before his name can be even mentioned in the same sentence as Boomer

  38. I am not a Jets fan or a Tebow fan, but I saw the Jets practice two Sunday’s ago. Didn’t see too much wrong with his arm. Accuracy was good, but not great. Strong arm and he has definitely worked on improving his technique. Did not witness that weird donkey leg kick with his throws. As I said, not a fan of Tebow, but the guy seems to continuously overcome adversity.

  39. Heres the thing I see. For all you that are dismissing the criticism because Esiason doesn’t have a SB ring I have to ask where’s yours? Esiason and Tebow have the same amount of SB rings last time I checked. Yes you can bring up Tebow’s accomplishments in college but as we have all seen, college football success doesn’t translate into NFL success. Perhaps instead of the standard internet muscle flexing that goes on here on PFT maybe someone can actual come up with an actual legit reason why Tebow shouldn’t be cut instead of just attacking Esiason. I won’t hold my breath though.

  40. @blancodiablo–re Nease High School, you are correct that the rule was in place and that Nease didn’t make the rule….my point was that he WAS recruited by them as a home schooled student. (therefore his claims were not true)…and I totally agree that Urban Meyer did him no good, and may be the reason he is not a great QB.

  41. Right, shut up! He must b good bc Flutie couldn’t play in this league, Moon….ect.
    He has shown he can win football games, and will get another chance.
    Is this another Merril Hoge. Who was a marginal player on every level and seems bitter and unhappy.
    Commentary is one thing, hating not needed!
    And I am a Patriots fan. Hope he does well somewhere else.

  42. I have been a jets fan for 30 years. Tebow can’t be as bad as boomer was. Boomer has a high opinion of himself

  43. we all know Tebow isn’t a great qb, but the reason he is a winner is because he motivates his teammates like none other.

    He may end up being a great qb someday, but I have a feeling whatever team he is on, whether he starts or not, will be a successful team.

  44. Tebow is a great kid! He has took this (being traded to the Jests) all in stride I wish him the best cause his heart and soul is in the right place! You got to give him that!

    I do want to see a rematch of the playoffs though!

  45. It must really suck to be a Steeler fan when a QB who: “played some of the worst football that any quarterback has ever played in the history of the game,” beats you in the playoffs.

    this is the same guy who had a 95 yard game winning drive against the Jets

  46. I guess Boomer was never a good college QB cause he never won the Heisman and Championship.

    Go back to Cincinnati Norman

  47. Some of you are so hypocritical. You criticize Esiason for making comments about Tebow, saying he wasn’t that good in the NFL (playoff and pro bowl QB btw), saying he is jealous and all kind of other nonsense. How many of you have played in the NFL or been GM or coach to give the opinions you have?

  48. I watched them tear a building down;
    A gang of men in a busy town.
    With a mighty heave and lusty yell,
    They swung a beam and a side wall fell.

    I said to the foremen, “Are these men as skilled
    As the men you’d hire if you had to build?”
    He gave a laugh and said, “No indeed!
    Just a common laborer is all I need.
    And I can wreck in a day of two
    What it took the builder a year to do.”

    And I thought to myself as I went my way,
    “Just which of these roles have I tried to play?
    Am I a builder who works with skill and care
    Building others up by the rule and square,
    Or am I a wrecker as I walk the town
    Content with the labor of tearing down?”


  49. I don’t understand the tebow hate. The guy obviously isn’t the worst QB in the history of the nfl or he wouldn’t have lead his team to a playoff win. The man is a winner and that is a fact. Wouldn’t u rather have a winner on your team than somebody that puts of good stats but never wins? Quit hating on tebow because the world could use some more men like him.

  50. I see boomers point. it’s not the person, it’s the hype around the person, and it’s new york with a qb Sanchez that has yet to prove that he is truly a franchise qb. if you take away the hype i love having a guy like tebow on the team. it’s exciting and the fact that he can’t throw but can still be an a winning qb is amazing in it’s self. it’s kind of like what ghandi said about jesus. i like your player i just don’t like your player’s fans.

  51. What always gets lost in this Tebow stuff is the truth – statistically he did have one of the worst seasons of any qb in NFL history last year. Shouldn’t that be part of the discussion?

    As for the winner crap, look that up too. Denver was 8-8 last year (9-9 overall) and backed into the playoffs on a 4-game losing streak.

  52. Classy response.

    I wonder… as between the three people involved in this conversation — QB’s Tebow and Sanchez, and broadcaster Esiason, which one is most likely to actually improve his skills and get better at his job?

    I think maybe it’s worth keeping Tebow around for a year or two.

  53. As a Jets fan I respect Boomer for being a former Jet but I think he’s way off-base on this one. While Tebow isn’t the best QB ever, he IS a valuable asset for any team, to say he should be canned is just ignorant

  54. Also as a Jets fan I realized a long time ago that this organization places the “entertainment” factor above all else, we go get Brett Favre, we have the loudest coach, trade for Tebow who IS the most famous player in the league…..this list goes on…..the more you talk about the Jets the more Woody Johnson smiles…….

  55. Boomer sounds off as though Tebow is just a pup, someone needs to remind the old geezer that Tebow is quite capable of leading his pack if necessary.

  56. I love how few here ever just say, “I disagree with the analyst on their opinion of Tebow.”

    It’s always, “He sucks!”, “That %&* doesn’t know *&^”, “Esiason is a %^*$* loser!!”, “Screw you!!”

    It’s like a bunch of high school kids. You know, it isn’t illegal to have an intelligent and civil discussion about sports. Some of you act like Esiason just knocked up your sister.

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