Texans put Andre Johnson on play count, may hold him out of preseason game


Eight days after suffering a groin injury in practice, Texans receiver Andre Johnson is back.  But he’s still not really back.

Coach Gary Kubiak said after practice on Monday that the Texans will be using Johnson sparingly, for now.

“We put a play count on him, so we’re going to do that as the week goes on,” Kubiak said, in comments distributed by the team.  “It’s about getting him going again and not expecting him to go the full bore on the first day out.  I thought he held up well, and we’ll move forward tomorrow.”

The magic number seems to be 20.

“They just wanted to work me in,” Johnson said.  “I took probably about 20 reps today, but they were kind of mixed in.  Sometimes I went in for two or three plays in a row.  They did a great job of mixing it up.  The practice went fine.”

Kubiak said the team will decide on Thursday whether Johnson will participate in Saturday’s preseason opener at Carolina.

The Texans should rest the oft-injured Johnson now, because they need Johnson later.  Beyond him and Kevin Walter, there’s no receiver on the roster with any regular-season experience.

5 responses to “Texans put Andre Johnson on play count, may hold him out of preseason game

  1. Such a great players who deserves so much better than to player for a dead end team like the Texans.

  2. This is probably the second smartest thing Coach Kubiak has done in his tenure as coach of the Texans. The first was hiring Wade Phillips to help save his job last season. With Andre out probably until Week 3 of the preseason then this will give everyone a good look at the young wide receivers heading into the regular season. If Andre gets hurt, I doubt Kevin Walter and Bryant Johnson will carry the receiving corp so they may want to give Terrell Owens a tryout and a contract to add some experience and production to the receiving corp. Without Andre Johnson, the Texans receiving corp is worst than the Seahawks.

  3. @hulkhogansays

    I dont recall seeing your skins in the playoffs last year. Or any time recently. But I do know they are the bottom feeders of the NFC East…..brother!

  4. I’d like to see Johnson on the field for the first 45 seconds, like all the rest of the first-teamers on both sides. I’d like to see how the Panthers starting defense does against a good starting offense.

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