The Jaguars passing game isn’t very good, says Jaguars offensive coordinator


Wide receiver Justin Blackmon’s signing couldn’t have come at a better time for the Jaguars.

Reports out of Jacksonville about the state of their passing game have not been good with quarterback Blaine Gabbert and the team’s receivers all getting called out for underperforming at various points. Years of hearing such reports turn out with varying degrees of success creates a natural skepticism until you can see a team with your own eyes.

When their own offensive coordinator says it, though? That’s a little easier to take without a grain of salt.

“There’s no doubt — our passing game right now is not very good,” Jaguars offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski said Monday. “It starts with the protection, drops, running routes properly. When you stand on the sidelines, a lot of times it looks like the quarterback, but I’ll be honest with you: In many cases, the quarterback’s getting fooled, or he’s under pressure and having to make decisions faster than you want him to make. But we’ve got time. That’s why we’re practicing. It’s a work in progress.”

Bratkowski’s a bit protective of Gabbert there and called out the receivers again later for dropping too many balls, running routes poorly and not being guys that the quarterback could count on. Positivity about Gabbert been a common and unsurprising refrain from the Jags this offseason — Bratkowski called him the most improved played on the offense — but it is impossible to evaluate whether he, the receivers or everything is the problem with the Jacksonville offense.

Thankfully, we only have to wait a few more days before seeing how they fair against the defending Super Bowl champs.

21 responses to “The Jaguars passing game isn’t very good, says Jaguars offensive coordinator

  1. Quite easy to improve the Jags passing game. Bench Gabbert and Start Henne. That one move would make the Jags a playoff contender.

  2. He was being polite. It’s kind of important to have a quarterback with some capability to have even an average offense.

    Jags don’t.

  3. I’ll say it again: Terry Bradshaw and Troy Aikman both had statistically poorer rookie seasons then Gabbert. That isn’t to say he’ll be as good as those two but it does suggest that we shouldn’t be assuming the guy sucks because he struggled his first year…on a terrible team.

  4. The funny thing is, it is in fact not “impossible to evaluate whether [Gabbert], the receivers or everything is the problem with the Jacksonville offense.” A person with a discerning eye can actually make this evaluation with relative ease in many instances. For example, if a ball is thrown well, but then dropped by the wide receiver, one can fairly assess the wide receiver to have been the problem on that particular play. If that routinely is the problem with an offensive system, one can adjudge the wide receivers, rather than the quarterback, to be the root of the problem. And, coincidentally, both the offensive coordinator and virtually everyone else who has watched the Jaguars training camp have said that Gabbert has improved dramatically and has even looked quite good, but that the passing game remains plagued by awful receivers.

  5. Troy Aikman once was sacked 8 times in a game but continued to get up and play. Never fliched just took the hits and went on to the next play. Can’t say the same for Gabbert who gets scared…..can’t teach toughness.

  6. Under Bob bratkowski, their “not very good” passing game will be upgraded to “dumpster fire” in no time

  7. @zinn22 It’s surprising that you would say that. Because everyone who has seen Jaguars practice — including those in the local media who were very critical of Gabbert last year — has said that Gabbert has looked substantially better than Henne. Your conclusion doesn’t seem to be logically consistent with the fact that Gabbert is actually better than Henne. Where am I wrong?

  8. zinn22: Anyone who saw the scrimmage last Friday would have seen that Henne is a huge step down from Gabbert.

  9. zinn22 says
    Aug 6, 2012, 4:40 PM EDT
    Quite easy to improve the Jags passing game. Bench Gabbert and Start Henne. That one move would make the Jags a playoff contender.

    Not saying I agree, but that comment made me lol

  10. Born and raised die-hard Missouri fan and want nothing more than to see Blaine succeed. But man, watching him last year, I have never seen a QB more scared than he was. I’m afraid that he’s not going to be able to overcome that and he’ll be out of the league by this time next year. Sure hope I am wrong.

  11. 4evrnyt,

    If you plan to wait on a QB for 5 years like Bradshaw, good luck with all that. Furthermore, Troy Aikman’s offensive line isn’t coming to any NFL city again, so I’d dial back the comparisons to hold up this bust to greater aspirations.

    Also, I don’t think either of those QBs were literally flinching in the pocket every time they dropped back. Aikman got pounded that first year and kept standing tall in the pocket.

    Jacksonville should have cut bait this off-season because when they all get fired in January, the next GM and his new coach will do it for them.

    Admitting a mistake on a top 10 pick didn’t cripple your franchise, so it was okay to cut him and move on when you know he can’t play. Coaching can’t fix “scared to get hit” syndrome.

    In some cases (Akili Smith, Jamarcus Russell, Brady Quinn, David Klingler, Heath Shuler, etc), it’s apparent from day one that some guys just aren’t cut out for this level.

    Unfortunately for Jaguar fans, you have the latest edition, and getting mad at everyone else for pointing that out is just making your fan base look like whiners. It’s a shame too because Jacksonville’s defense is special.

  12. with the first pick in the 2013 draft the jaguars selects………………………………………..a new qb!!!!

  13. Man there are a lot of morons on here. Gabbert is going to be great this year. What most people saw as running scared was really a QB with a poor coach and no receivers, running to try and make something happen. When no one is open and your number one option has given up on his route, your tight end has bricks for hands and your offensive coordinator has the genius game plan of run run pass punt what do you expect to happen. Defenses tend to t-off when it’s 3rd and 9 and it was 3rd and long a lot. Sure Mojo ran well but most of Gabberts problems came on the series when the 9 man box was too much. I bet not one of you goofs has the nards to call him a chicken to his face so it’s kind of lame and girly to call him one online. You losers wll hat Gabbert Fatheads on your bedroom walls by January.

  14. well thank god for “realfootballfan” and his analysis. you are the best sports blog commentator ever. your in-depth knowledge is second to none and now that i have read your post, I will just have to wait a whole season until Mularkey, Gabbert and everyone else is fired because according to you there is nothing to look forward to this season in Jacksonville.

  15. Cant judge Blaine until he is facing a pass rush! He can look like Brady in practice for all I care, but can he do it standing behind that sub-par offensive line with Justin Tuck and Pierre Paul in his face on Friday?

  16. realfootballfan says:
    Aug 6, 2012 5:28 PM

    In some cases (Akili Smith, Jamarcus Russell, Brady Quinn, David Klingler, Heath Shuler, etc), it’s apparent from day one that some guys just aren’t cut out for this level.


    Will still contend that Russell could have been as good as anyone, he just didn’t want it. Big difference between desire and ability. Watched him dismantle the Broncos (ushering in the firing of Josh McDaniels in the process) with my own eyes. He’s a fat slob who lazed himself out of greatness – Quinn, Akili Smith, Shuler, the never-mentioned Cade McNown and the like were never going to be any good in the NFL.

    Gabbert shouldn’t have been picked as high as he was in the first place – he might be good some day but the fact is the Jags drafted for need instead of skill and now they’re paying for it.

    Still gotta wait to see if he’s a bust or not though. 3 years is the tipping point for teams to determine the fates of such high picks. The only thing crystal clear right now is that MJD knew he held all the cards when he decided to hold out, and every time any coach on staff makes a comment like this he finds another ace in his hand.
    Jags better pony up or the season is a big fat mouthfart.

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