Blount holds off Martin, for now

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Maybe LeGarrette Blount isn’t delusional, after all.

With the Bucs using a first-round pick on Doug Martin and plenty of smoke to suggest that Blount could be getting fired, the third-year pro from Oregon has punched his way to the top of the team’s initial depth chart, according to

Martin is the backup and Mossis Madu is third.

Undrafted in 2010 and cut by the Titans, Blount became a pleasant surprise as a rookie for the Buccaneers, gaining more than 1,000 in only 13 games with seven starts.

Last season, Blount rushed for only 781 yards, 54 0f which came on what arguably was the best run of the year.

At a position like tailback, everything is subject to change.  So far, however, new Bucs coach Greg Schiano apparently likes what he has seen from Blount more than what he likes what he has seen from Martin.

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  1. Schiano is affraid Blount will sneak up on him and sucker punch him in the face if he is not a starter.

  2. Doug could probably play defense for this team and win reps. Greg needs to find a way to get Doug on the field. He won’t regret it.

  3. During Schiano’s press conference, he said not to look into the released depth chart and only reason they released one is because NFL said they had to.

  4. At best, they’ll be 1a and 1b in an honest 2 back system.

    At worst, somebody was too lazy to erase his name and move him down to 2, as that still seems inevitable before the real season starts.

  5. Or Blount is considered the ball-control back to Martin’s pass-catcher in what has become the formation of a very standard complementary backfield tandem. But yeah, I can see how a narrative of Martin being drafted to replace Blount only to see Blount battle back to “recapture” his spot with imagey of Schiano shaking his head in disbelief as Blount nips Martin at the finish line and later pokes the rookie off the pugil stand makes for a better story.

    Narrow-sighted and wrong, but a better story.

  6. Alot of people forgot how successful Blount was in college. He was thought of as a first or second rd pick for some time.
    Talent has never been Blounts problem

  7. There was no smoke suggesting he was going to be cut, lol. Just because you guys ran a report about him showing up late under Raheem and then made the giant assumption that he was doing the same thing today doesn’t make it true.

    Nor does Blount being ahead of Martin mean the team prefers Blount, as every indication coming out of camp so far has been that the two are virtually tied. As Schiano said, they only released a depth chart because they were forced to.

  8. You of course realize the early training camp depth charts can be used for motivation right?
    I mean as long as Blount thinks he has a chance of winning the starting RB position then he shows up on time everyday giving it all he has. If he was listed at 2 or worse on the very first depth chart of the season he’d be back to the show up when ever you feel like it, sucker punching buffoon he really is.

  9. 1. Schiano already said that he believes in a two-back system in the NFL.

    2. As it’s already been stated above, and by coach Schiano, it’s a formality.

    3. Schiano completely stomped out the “Blount’s getting traded/cut” conspiracy theories. We shouldn’t hear that talk much anymore.

    4. And.. Why is it so hard to believe Schiano wants a solid two-back rungame? The Panthers did it rather well, the Bucs played the pretty good with Dunn and Alstott, and the Jacobs/Bradshaw combo was pretty neat as well.

    All of those above had one or the other RB’s written down as a #1 or #2. It’s a formality the coaches have to abide by.

  10. The starting position is Blount’s to loose! If he fumbles and avoids the holes like he did last year , Martin will be the man! Martin should get his fair share of touches either way. GO BUCS

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