Bolt sets his sights on a different type of football


The unusually large size and uncanny speed of Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt has prompted plenty of speculation (at least every four years) about Bolt playing pro football.

Bolt is interested in football.  But not in our brand of the game.

The fastest man alive wants to play soccer, specifically for Manchester United.

“People think I am joking, but if Alex Ferguson called me up and said, ‘OK let’s do this, come and have a trial’, it would be impossible for me to say no,” Bolt told the Sun on Monday, via  “I would not take up the challenge if I didn’t think I was good enough.  I am a very accomplished player and know I could make a difference. . . . .

“I would be the fastest player in the team — but I can play as well,” Bolt added.  “I am in Britain for a few more days.  If Alex Ferguson wants to give me a call he knows where I am.  I definitely want to see what I could do.  I think I could step up to the Rooneys.”

While the club has yet to respond to Bolt’s overture with an offer to try out, a Manchester United spokesman said, “As the fastest man on Earth he would undoubtedly add speed to the team.”

Manchester United is owned by the Glazer family, which also owns the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Which may actually have more of a need for Bolt’s services than Man U., especially since the Bucs may not be able to hit the reduced minimum of 85 percent of all non-premium seats.

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  1. If he grew up playing the other football, he probably has hands of stone. So you’re right, a perfect Raider!

  2. Bolt can run, but doesn’t have the catching skills. He may be able to outrun the DB’s to the endzone, but if he can’t catch the ball it doesn’t matter.

  3. Everyone is looking at him as a wideout, instead I would go with corner and use him for punt and kick returns. Doesn’t need to catch, just haul ass, if he HAS hands there’s a bonus.

  4. He is not fast enough to beat any of the blazing Raider wide receivers anyway… So I wish him well in Manchester.

  5. First it’s SIR Alex Ferguson. He earned an CBE, so give him his credit. Usain Bolt has been talking about this since the last Olympics. This is old news. In European soccer, there is no draft. Any player not under contract with a team is a free agent and can have a trial with any team, in any league, in any country. If he was under contract he would have to be transferred (traded). Then both teams agree on a transfer fee and also a contract with weekly wages.

  6. Bolt isn’t a fast starter – in the 100m final, he only pulls away from the rest in the second 50m, so his 40 yard dash time (without starting blocks don’t forget) might not be that great compared to someone like say Jacoby Ford. So what raiderspride says, isn’t as dumb as people might think.

  7. Bolt’s chances of lasting in the NFL, let alone being a successful WR, are about 0.00%.

    What many don’t realize is how physically and mentally tough you have to be to compete at that level.

    Football players who happen to run track (e.g., Darrell Green, Willie Gault, Jamaal Charles, etc.) can succeed. So can guys just known for speed (e.g., Willie Parker).

    But no way a track guy not tempered in what it takes to play football ever cuts it. Anyone remember what happened when Renaldo “Skeets” Nehemiah tried to compete? He was ineffective, and abruptly quit after getting destroyed by an Atlanta Falcon linebacker.

    This is not even to speak of Bolt’s non-existent football savvy/skillset.

    Lots of guys have immense physical skills, but that certainly does not automatically translate into much on a football field. So all these people who think/thought Usain Bolt, Jose Canseco, Shaquille O’Neal, etc. can play football are very misguided.

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