Brandon Lloyd obsesses over drops


Last summer, the Patriots had a veteran receiver wearing No. 85 who dropped plenty of passes.  This year, the Pats have a seasoned wideout wearing No. 85 who won’t forgive himself for dropping one.

Brandon Lloyd dropped one on Monday — he was wide open on a deep pass — and he isn’t happy about it at all.

“It’s just important in building trust with guys to do my job, to be accountable, and to make the plays when my number’s called,” Lloyd said, via Glen Farley of the Brockton Enterprise.  “So I think that all factors in there.  I think it was just obvious playing since I was young, and it’s just something that drives me in trying to be perfect out on the practice field.”

Lloyd believes that “every ball is catchable,” and backup quarterback Brian Hoyer thinks that, for Lloyd, that’s true.

“Even before he got here, I remember watching him and being like, ‘Man, how did he catch that?’” Hoyer said.  “He catches balls that shouldn’t be caught and, as a quarterback, that’s always good because you know his catch radius is a little bit bigger than some other people.”

Making it easier for Lloyd to catch passes is that he knows offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels’ offense well.  After all, Lloyd largely was a journeyman until he got connected with McDaniels in Denver two years ago.  Since then, Lloyd has been one of the better receivers in the league.

Though he won’t be if he drops too many passes when he’s wide open, we’ve got a feeling Monday’s will be the last one of the season.

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  1. As Larry Fitzgerald said recently on ESPN, Brandon Lloyd has the best hands today in the NFL.

    This offense is going to be more explosive than LY, Gronk/Hernandez/Shiancoe, Lloyd/Welker/Gaffney/Edelman/Stallworth&orBranch.

    Be very afraid NFL !

  2. Bobby Hoyer? haha….Brandon Lloyd has looked acceptional in training camp making circus catches. This Patriots offense looks even more potent than in ’07. They have the deep threat (Lloyd), Slot guys (Welker and Edelman), Tight End matchup nightmares, and Ridley should put up similar numbers to the The Law Firm but with a lot more upside. With the defensive upgrades via draft and FA this team is a force to be reckoned with in a weak AFC.

  3. You are welcome!
    The difference between this 85 and the previous one, is that his one is actually going to be on the field.

    As for a weak AFC, I wouldn’t go handing the trophy to the Pats just yet. I think all 3 other teams in the east are going to be improved, and I would be very leary of Buffalo.

  4. Lloyd had one good year in 2010 and all of a sudden he’s considered one of the best, sorry not buying that statement! Mediocre career minus 2010.

    Here’s Lloyd’s career breakdown
    2003 49ers – 212yds
    2004 49ers – 565yds
    2005 49ers – 733yds
    2006 Redskins – 365yds
    2007 Redskins – 14yds
    2008 Bears – 364yds
    2009 Den – 117yds
    2010 Den – 1448yds
    2011 Rams – 683yds

  5. Lloyd will have a big year. But this offense needs a healthy Mankins and an active Waters. With Light’s retirement and those two not present, life is a bit scary for #12.

  6. No one said he was one of the best in the league, and if they did then they’re wrong…In this offense though he can add a whole different dimension by being able to take the ball deep in single coverage, and if he gets doubled by the safety down the field then that leaves Welker, Gronk and Hernandez open over the middle…He may not put up All Pro numbers, but his impact on how the defense is forced to play them will be huge

  7. Brandon Lloyd has one role. That is to perform just well enough to force a defense to keep deep coverage/double team him. This will open up the middle, and force really bad match-ups against Gronk/Welker where Brady will destroy single coverage.

  8. I’ve always marveled at the athleticism of this man. I remember one pass he caught with the 49ers which made me put his name into the memory bank. Then while he was with the Bears he did it again and turned me into a believer. I can’t for the life of me figure out why he isn’t getting the respect he deserves.

    Jeff Garcia, Tim Rattay, Alex Smith, Marc Brunell, Jason Campbell, Rex Grossman, Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford. Pro Bowl cast of QBs throwing to him in his career, so you can take his numbers and chuck them in the garbage.

    This guy is going to flourish when his number is called in Foxboro.

  9. CTP, I’m a Pats fan and I was leery of getting this guy, but I think why he doesn’t get respect is that he hasn’t been a consistently good performer. Even he’s admitted that it wasn’t really until J McD’s offense that he was flourishing.
    He’s had a great TC, but I want to see how he does when the lights are on for real.

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