Champ Bailey: Manning is making Broncos defense better


Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning doesn’t love hearing his teammates gush about Manning’s in-practice performances. “I hate it,” he recently told’s Peter King.

But that hasn’t stopped the Broncos players from doing it.

All-Pro cornerback Champ Bailey says Manning’s presence has already helped the Broncos’ defense on the practice field, because it prepares them for an opposing passer capable of making pinpoint throws.

“It’s been tough, but that’s the way I want practice to be,” Bailey told KKFN in Denver. “I want practice to be harder than the games, tougher than the games, and that’s what he does for us. He gets us prepared.

“I know a lot of quarterbacks that we’re gonna face who are not gonna put the ball on the money all the time. And that’s what Peyton does. Every ball he puts out there is on the money — you really don’t have a chance to intercept it most of the time. So I welcome that challenge, because he’s just making us better.”