Colbert says time hasn’t come for a veteran receiver, yet

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Amid speculation from Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that a Plaxico Burress reunion could be coming with the Steelers, G.M. Kevin Colbert said that the time hasn’t come to add a veteran receiver in response to the ongoing holdout of Mike Wallace.

Colbert declined to specifically address Burress, who visited with the Steelers last year before signing with the Jets.  But Colbert told Vinnie & Cook of 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh that, eventually, a veteran could be added.

“The veteran guys that are available . . . those are the guys we’ll consider later on if we’re not happy with the young guys and their development,” Colbert said.  “So we’ll give the young players that we have the opportunity to compete and to improve and if you’re not satisfied that the guys you already have aren’t gonna be good enough to fill whatever void you have be it an injury or a holdout, then you’ll have to look to the veteran group.”

Colbert seemed to suggest a preference for a guy who has been in camp and was cut by another team, since those players already are active and in shape.  That would make it harder to Burress to get an offer to return to Pittsburgh.

So, basically, at some point the Steelers may add a veteran receiver.  And it could be Burress. Or it could be someone else.  Much of it depends on when and if Mike Wallace shoes up.

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  1. For all of you “Put the player in his place” people. Reality Check!!! When is that last time you saw a star receiver not get paid? “Does not happen”.

    Why in the world would Wallace Sign a 2.7 tender when he can get 5 years 55 mil 25 mil guaranteed? Aka Vincent “Hold out” Jackson contract. Doesn’t make sense.

  2. Was happy to see Burress get his NFL shot last year, but I’m not at all sure he’s got enough left to make him worth the trouble to learn the new offense. And it bothers me that he’s pricing himself high for the market. Improved training and healthcare are allowing well-conditioned players at some positions to stay on the field longer than in years past. But WR is a position that’s too easy to replace. Guys like Wallace and Burress need to have a more realistic view of their market value.

    I like Colbert’s idea of picking up a young receiver cut from another team, if additional talent is needed. It will be cheaper, and sometimes you can find a gem that way.

  3. KIR,
    Hes a restricted free agent. He has absolutely no leverage in this matter. He must sign or sit out until week 11. If he sits out the whole year, he will find himself in this situation again next year. Steelers already said they will not trade him, and I wouldnt either. Hes trying to play hard ball with the Steelers and he will not come out on top. Sign the tender and the Steelers will negotiate a long term contract. The longer he sits out, the farther and farther he falls behind everybody especially this year with a new offense being installed. Not only is he hurting himself, he hurting the team because they are not as good without him. Its simple…he needs to get his @ss int camp.

  4. Steelers should stay away from Burress

    Its no mystery why this guy hasn’t been picked up by anyone he’s lost a step and is a bad teammate to boot.

    He’s finished in the NFL take a page out of the TO book and hit up the arena.

  5. The best way for Wallace to get a deal from the Steelers is to come into camp. Signing the tender does not preclude a new deal from being worked out. The Steelers have done right by most of their talented players over the years, although the Brown signing probably makes it more difficult for Wallace to get bigger money; that was his fault for waiting and letting the Steelers put together the Brown deal.

    If he is worried about getting hurt when he comes in, let his agent buy insurance.

    Wallace is going to get paid more money by the Steelers this year, but if not by someone else next year. But he likely will get no where near what he thinks he is worth, especially if he misses 10 games and comes in rusty and has no stats or hardly plays.

    He is at the crossroads of a major career decision here.

  6. Mike Wallace isn’t getting anything more than what Pittsburgh has offered him, the Franchise Tag. If he is smart he will get his a-s into camp ASAP, before he is fined. Receivers are a dime a dozen now days. This isn’t the 80’s and 90’s, where there was 10-15 very good wideouts and the rest average. The present day Wide Receiver is much stronger, faster and more talented than Receivers used to be. Most NFL Franchises have 2-3 really good wideouts and 1-3 average ones on their roster. That is why it is harder to get paid as a receiver, there is always someone that can easily replace you.

  7. “Hes a restricted free agent. He has absolutely no leverage in this matter.”

    I hear this comment a lot. Maybe Mike Wallace doesn’t have most of the cards but the card he does hold is important. He is the labor. He is the pro bowl WR. People want him on their team. The Steelers want him to play.

  8. The fact that no other team made any offers to Wallace as a free agent should be telling him something. Likewise, no other team has been making noise that they want to secure Wallace and pay him Jackson type money…. it just isn’t there….

    If Wallace wants to be a multimillionair, and I’m sure he does, he needs to do it on the field, not in his living room….

  9. does anyone think he realizes they dont negotiate during the season….at all……period..
    if he wants a long term contract, he better show up and negotiate it NOW..otherwise, he’s gonna be standing with his di@! in his hands at the end of the year if he truly wants to remain a Steeler.
    They wont give him free agent money at the end of the season if he decides to play enough to get credit for this year. They wont negotiate ANYTHING until he shows up…until training camp ends…then they wont negotiate ANYTHING….at all. so time’s a wastin if he wants a new contract with this team.
    he’s going to end up proverbially shooting himself in the foot with this plan if he decides to wait until the season has begun to show up. he needs to get in and have a great year to warrant the kind of contract that he’s looking for…whatever team that may be. unfortunately, i’m feeling more and more convinced that we’re watching a player totally mishandle what will come to be his exit from Pittsburgh

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