DeAngelo Williams goes online for TD dance help


Starters generally play a quarter or less in the first preseason game.

But if Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams is out there long enough, he’s going to bring a fan on the field with him.

Williams posted a short video on his Facebook page, asking for help coming up with a touchdown dance.

He asked fans to post videos of their best dances in the comment section, and promised to try to perform the best one if he scores during the Panthers opener against Houston.

“So good luck, and give me everything you’ve got,” Williams said in the video.

Williams works in the shadows of bigger names like Cam Newton and Steve Smith in his own huddle, but has always been accessible to his fans online. He’s hosted parties and paintball games for his Facebook friends, and generally has a good time with fans.

So asking for a little help with choreography seems like a natural next step.