Elvis Dumervil avoids charges in “road rage” incident

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Broncos defensive end Elvis Dumervil will not face formal charges for his July 14th arrest in Miami.

Dumervil was arrested on a class 3 felony charge of aggravated assault with a weapon following what was described as a “road rage” incident, but the Denver Post reports that the Miami-Dade state’s attorney’s office decided not to file charges. Dumervil and another man were accused of approaching another car and lifting up their shirts to display guns. A gun was found by police in the Land Rover that Dumervil was in at the time, but Dumervil’s camp said neither the gun nor the car belonged to him.

It’s the second time in less than two years that Dumervil has avoided charges following a brush with the police. He was arrested in 2010 and cited for assault and disturbing the peace after a dispute with a parking lot attendant at Invesco Field. There’s still a chance he could face punishment under the Personal Conduct Policy even though charges were dropped both times, but Dumervil hadn’t heard from Roger Goodell as of a couple of weeks ago.

If he isn’t suspended, Dumervil should be coming off the edge for the Broncos all season.

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  1. And some victims quietly got compensated for not remembering the incident clearly.

    Hopefully Goodell does the right thing.

  2. Oh C’mon Man. From Felony Aggravated Assault with a Weapon to…….no charges filed ?!?!?

    No wonder Dade county is the off-season Destination of Choice.

  3. As Raiders fan, Elvis is disgraceful. He should be suspended for at least 4 games.

    As a football fan, he is a disgraceful human being. Learn to solve your problems without violence.

    Grow up Dummerville

  4. Too bad he won’t be “coming off the edge” as much as much as you think. Do you know one way to negate pure speed rushers? You run right at them. Dumervil and Miller can rush the passer for sure, but they are not too good against the run. That’s one of the reasons the Broncos run D has been so poor.

    Where are the Bronco D tackles? That’s the other reason this team will again struggle against the run this season. Denver let Bunkley walk. He wasn’t all that great, but he was the best they had. Now, the team is counting on rookie Derrick Wolfe, Kevin Vickerson (yes I said Kevin Vickerson), broken down Ty Warren, and Justin Bannan (yes I said Justin Bannan). Wow is all I can say. Overall, this D line is poor to say the least, especially against the run.

    Teams will run all day against this group and keep Manning off the field. Watch McFadden put up about 165 and 2 TD’s week 4 against this group. Yeah, that sounds about right.

  5. This is ridiculous. How can you go from aggravated assault to nothing?? This is his second offense! Something should be done. You can’t just go around flashing your gun at people. Not right.

  6. Of course everyone is assuming he was guilty, because that is the society we live in. Riddle me this though how could both Dumervil and the owner of the car be accused of having weapons in their shorts when there was only one weapon found in the car.

    I hope Dictator Goodell keeps his mouth shut on this one!!!

  7. City of Miami doesn’t want to cut off the money flow from Pro athletes at the clubs. Pretty simple.

  8. I didn’t say that mattered who’s gun it was. What I’m wondering is how someone saw both Elvis and his buddy with a gun, yet there was only one gun to be found. That doesn’t add up to me. I still believe a person is innocent until proven guilty and these witness accounts have holes all over them. Also in terms of Elvis’s “history”. I would hardly call gettting into an argument with a stadium attendant “history” especially when the stadium attendant wouldn’t let the most notable Bronco in the stadium on game day. Get your facts straight before you make stupid statements!

  9. @Villa 41,you make it seem as if you’ve got the answer to VON-DOOM!But you don’t,Peyton will give us the lead or keep most games close to UNLEASH THE BEASTS!!

  10. Another point, how in the world could either Dumervil have a gun in his shorts? If you see the photo of the scene, he was wearing basketball shorts. You tell me how a gun is supposed to stay in the waistband of a drawstring short.

  11. 7pints says: Aug 7, 2012 3:56 PM

    Thanks to all that prejudged this situation! It’s on. Let’s get this season started!
    I’m postjudging him, too. He probably paid somebody off.

  12. Nobody actually saw him pull a gun on anyone. Someone said that he lifted his shirt up, so automatically he already has a gun? They simply had no evidence to even convict him of anything. They should have never even convicted him in the first place.
    For those wondering, his attorney is Harvey Steinberg, and he’s the best in the business.

    For all the Raiders fans…. TOO BAD!! haha!


  13. Get in where you fit in fooo!

    I had a freaking unpaid fishing permit violation, didn’t pay the fine, unknowingly had a warrant and got cuffed and yanked out of my car (after going 6 mph over the limit) because the freaking 2 year old fishing “permit” went unpaid.

    Road Rage, trying to start a fight, brandishing/showing a weapon in a threatening fashion is nothing compared to unpaid fishing permits… That’s hardcore yo!

  14. Broncofanatic7 says: Aug 7, 2012 6:39 PM

    They should have never even convicted him in the first place.
    For all the Raiders fans…. TOO BAD!! haha!
    No worries. We know he was never convicted.

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