Goodson taken by ambulance after helmet-to-helmet hit


Raiders running back Mike Goodson is being taken to a local hospital after suffering a helmet-to-helmet hit during training-camp practice, according to multiple reports.

Following the collision with linebacker Phillip Wheeler, Goodson was immobilized and placed into an ambulance, standard procedure in situations like this.

Goodson reportedly has movement in his extremities.

Traded from Carolina in the offseason, Goodson and Taiwan Jones are the primary backups to Darren McFadden.  The injury could intensify speculation that the Raiders may pursue veteran tailback Cedric Benson.

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  1. Goodson taken by ambulance after helmet-to-helmet hit
    At first glance I thought that said Goodell… I thought “All God he must of showed up to a Saints Practice, Wait… What… Was he doin with a helmet on at Saint’s practice.. “

  2. someone get Ced BENSON on the line asap…

    also get plaxico on the line too…

    those are the only 2 they need…

    and reggie is smart, he knows throughout camp and pre-season teams cut vets – money, they think they are washed up, etc…

    we need to pick up vets cheap – DEFENSIVE BACK IS A MUST, (Van Dyke is a sleeper we know)

    the LB’ing core isn’t the best either…

    they are closer then they have been in a long time,

    the season picks up months later where it ended in the same calender year

    with the Chargers in Oakland,

    after San Diego eliminating the Raiders on New Years Day,

    the Raiders need to prepare for blood.

  3. Wow, hate to hear that this early and in practice against a teammate. Either that was quite an excessive shot considering the circumstances or that could be a bad sign of things to come, healthwise, for Goodson. Either way I hope he’s ok.

  4. Hate to see anyone get hurt. Hope he gets better quick. On the other hand like to hear wheeler being a good hitter but common man save it for ur opponites not ur teammates!!!!

  5. Look at the scrubs clamoring for Cedric Benson the second another man get seriously injured. Grow up.

    The true fans got you, Mike Goodson. Praying for a speedy recovery.

  6. get well and that is why I do not play such a violent sport. It doesn’t make you a man playing football that is just macho b.s.

  7. I won’t be surprised if Roger Goodell fines and suspends Phillip Wheeler for his helmet to helmet hit on his own teammate

  8. I hope hes OK. The boys are crackin in practice! Look out league, HERE COMES THE SILVER AND BLACK

    RAIDER NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hope the guy gets well…

    With that said, it looks like Raider nation might get more of Bengals left overs. I hope you’re ready for all the turnovers!

  10. Let me repeat my previous comment that someone (Florio?) edit out….

    The guy takes a helmet-to-helmet hit and gets transported by ambulance to the hospital and you’re speculating on who will be his replacement? Classy Florio….classy.

  11. Hoping he gets well sson. Kid’s been having a good camp, good team guy, been working hard. No matter though, life is more than football.

  12. stoogy says: Aug 7, 2012 8:08 PM

    Hate to see anyone get hurt. Hope he gets better quick. On the other hand like to hear wheeler being a good hitter but common man save it for ur opponites not ur teammates!!!!
    He’ll be fined a few times this year if he gets on the field

  13. Damn…… I hope this is just over precaution but damn. I don’t like to see anyone injured at anytime.

    He was a key for the Raiders to be reliant, but not dependent on McFadden. Twian Jones is a game breaker in the open field, and Goodson is going to be a great all around do all.

    I hope it’s nothing serious and he is back at preseason week two to allow a huge buffer concern to ensure all is OK.

  14. The New Orleans Saints are not bounty hunters that’s the name the NFL placed on our team. And you people’s thinking its Goodell know its Goodson and we aren’t outlaws. Yes Roger Goodell has draged our name through the mud, but we would never hurt Goodell or know other players that plays the same sport we do. This is why Drew Brees talks the way he does because of what people’s say like this person said he was wondering what Goodell was doing at the Saints practice field for the Saints to do a helmet to helmet hit on him. When all the time Goodson don’t spell Goodell its just the mark the NFL put on us this is just to let NFL commissioner Roger Goodell know that football is a contact physical aggressive sport. Injuries are going to happen in training as well regular game because it is what it is, so the NFL must understand they need a better injuries policy in place like the hockey players you don’t never hear these guys talking about bountys the game is what is hockey to me is more physical and aggressive than football. These guys get they nose broken, teeth knockout, fight til they can’t fight know more and get patched up and sew up but never of a year long suspension. So what is they doing the NFL not doing just don’t want to take care of they players and talking about players safety there nothing safe about football. Just pray before you go on the field that God keep you safe, when game over pray and thank God for keeping you safe, because injuries do not come from hate know players hates the other players because both sides knows what the sport is all about.

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