Hightower gets top spot on D.C. depth chart, Helu third string


The initial Redskins depth chart has provided plenty of fodder for analysis and discussion.

But since the fantasy football crowd primarily cares about who’ll be running with the football, it makes sense to devote a blurb to the all-important tailback position.

Tim Hightower is listed as the starter, for now.  Roy Helu, whom many expected to be the first-stringer, currently sits in the three hole.

Between them is Evan Royster.

It’s still early and plenty can change, especially with Hightower recovering from a torn ACL.

As MDS pointed out earlier today, tight end Chris Cooley is the No. 2 tight end behind Fred Davis, which could prompt the Redskins eventually to visit with the veteran about a reduction in his pay.  (Converted receiver Niles Paul is the No. 3 tight end.)

Also, Jammal Brown is still listed as the starting right tackle, even though a hip injury has left him unavailable to prepare for the coming season.

13 responses to “Hightower gets top spot on D.C. depth chart, Helu third string

  1. The Redskins website is notorious for posting depth charts that aren’t accurate to what the staff really has. Besides, under Shanahan, there is never a set starter at RB, basically he goes with whomever is hot at the moment.

  2. Hightower should be #1. He was tearing up defenses in that zone blocking scheme the Shanahan’s love to run last pre-season. Had he not gotten hurt he would’ve had a 1000 yard season.

    Helu is more of a third down back as he gets banged up alot, but he has the potential to be one of the best receiving backs in the NFL.

  3. Hightower stunk before he went on IR. 3.8 YPC in a Shanahan offense in unacceptable.

    Roy Helu (3) or Evan Royster (2) had FIVE 100-yard rushing performances in the final SIX games.

  4. Hightower said that he wanted to play in the 1st pre season game after coming back from his knee injury last season. Right now now Hightiwer is the best option at RB considering how well he blocks and his pass catching ability.

  5. Shanahan’s running back depth chart doesn’t matter. It’s completely meaningless, just like the points on Whose line is it anyway? Or like Drew Carey’s career after he stopped making that joke on Whose line.

  6. You guys saying Hightower should be the man are clueless. First he isn’t that good, 2nd- he will get hurt. Hightower is a 3rd down back nothing more.

    Helu should get the chance to be the main guy. He had over 1,000 total yards last season, a good average per rush, and showed a good set of hands catching 49 passes. If Shanahan doesn’t get him the ball he is a bigger dope then I already think he is.

    Royster should be first in line if Helu can’t get it done. He showed a little something at the end of last season. I think DC has 2 capable starting backs in Helu and Royster.

  7. Shanahan was saying something about Royster consistently making agile cuts and eluding tacklers. He did have close to if not over 6 YPC in his two starts. And Im high on the guy because I grabbed him in my Super Bowl week, when he got about 130 yards and a TD. Only inconsistency is his blocking, I think, and thats why Hightower is number one… he can best protect Robert

  8. What a non issue. 3 mediocre backs competing for a spot on a mediocre team. This team has 3 players worth a crap and they are all on defense. I feel bad for RG3, Doomed in DC..

  9. Like SadRedskinfan I think Royster will be the starter when the season starts. I knew he would get time as the season went on last year. The way he played in college fit the Zone-blocking scheme to a T. He only needed that year under his belt to build his body and his confidence. According to the NFL website he’s already up to 216 and I wouldn’t be surprise to see him hit 220+ over the next few years. He will hit 1200 yards this year.

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