It’s time for the Browns to move on from McCoy

The Browns have a new owner.  And as truck-stop magnate Jimmy Haslam tries to get his arms around the football business, he’s got a big decision to make — even if he doesn’t realize how big of a decision it is.

Quarterback Colt McCoy has lost the competition for the team’s starting job.  He previously said he had been promised a chance to compete with rookie Brandon Weeden.  McCoy now says, publicly, that there was no competition.

McCoy’s agenda is now clear.  He wants out.  And since there are no Super Bowl trophies to drag around from the bumper of his car, McCoy is relegated to trying to talk his way out of town.

The problem is that team president Mike Holmgren’s head is sufficiently hard to keep McCoy around, if only to prove who’s in charge.

Haslam now needs to show that he’s the guy in charge.

Keeping McCoy, as we’ve said since Weeden was drafted, would be a mistake.  If Weeden struggles, McCoy will become the most popular guy in Cleveland.  And if Weeden gets dinged up and McCoy gets a chance to play and plays well, the Browns could have another Derek Anderson/Brady Quinn clusterfudge on their hands.

So the Browns need to go with Seneca Wallace as the backup, get what they can for McCoy, and move on.  Even if they can’t get anything for McCoy, the Browns need to move on.

Former owner Randy Lerner didn’t want the sale of the team to be a distraction.  Why let the backup quarterback become one?  The decision to use the 22nd overall pick on Weeden necessarily closed the book on McCoy in Cleveland.

40 responses to “It’s time for the Browns to move on from McCoy

  1. “even if he doesn’t realize how big of a decision it is.”

    Bad english – it should read “even if he doesn’t realize how big a decision it is.”

    Florio is only one of the MANY who make this mistake.

  2. Just so we’re clear, they should cut him even if they think he’s better than Seneca Wallace because…he doesn’t want to be a backup. Or they could just keep the better player and tell him to do his job.

    It’s the Browns though so I’m sure they’ll make the right choice.

  3. I think this is the most ludicrous argument i’ve ever heard. Weeden is our QB. whoever is better between McCoy and Wallace is our backup. Period.. there will be no controversy if Weeden plays bad. If Weeden is to be a championship caliber QB.. i’m sure he’ll be able to handle any heat from McCoy.. Plus anybody that has gone to camp knows that Weeden is the more polished QB. He throws harder. He throws deeper. and from all the remarks from the OL.. he’s commanding the huddle.

    i don’t understand why every media member insist on us moving McCoy. he’s not a starting caliber QB in the NFL. He proved it in his almost 20 starts. He’s a backup. if we release him.. he’s going to backup someone else.. if he goes to some QB starved franchise like Arizona.. all their fans will be clamoring for a better QB.. So why not be our backup QB?

  4. I have to agree. We can’t allow this to become a distraction. Even though Colt is cheaper by a lot (Seneca Walace makes $3M and Colt will make around $600k) you have to roll with Wallace because no Browns fan or anyone else sees him as a threat to the starting QB job.

    Sadly, Colt just couldn’t get it done. He had odds stacked against him of the labor situation last year, a weaker arm which teams knew and dared him to throw deep which he never did. He just had it bad. I was happy when he was drafted, but it is possible that the injury he sustained in college may have been more damaging than was first thought because his arm strength is more limited than I saw of him at Texas. I doubt the Browns finagle a 6th rounder for him.

  5. 1historian-i thought this was a football site and not one where we had to write an essay? If this is a “common mistake” then go check out all the errors on major news websites and leave these kinds of comments there.

    Now on with the story…McCoy got screwed. The dude was never given a chance at all. Between Wallace, and Delhomme, there was always someone standing over his shoulder. The kid can play, has played, and did pretty well considering what he was dealt. His o-line has 2 good players and as for the rest of the offense…come on man! One of your best receivers is pretty much a celebrated return man, you’ve never had consistency at running back. Greg Little was there one season and pretty much their only reliable receiver as of now. Now, he has a franchise running back, Hardesty is healthy, potential on the o-line and the kid from Baylor to pair with Little. Of course Weeden will succeed, McCoy would have too in this situation or at least had a better shot. McCoy is an upgrade over several starters in the league and if Weeden struggles, then what?

  6. I said it yesterday, the kid complains too much. He acts as if it’s his birthright to start.

  7. I’ve made this comment before, but McCoy clearly was expecting a “fair” competition to mean an “equal” competition, which was NOT what he was promised. Weeden has looked better from his first step on the field, so why would they give McCoy equal time when he’s clearly outshined? I fully believe he had a FAIR shot, and needed to play better than Weeden to earn more first team reps. Instead, he looked like he’s looked the past two years, while Weeden looks like a tall strong QB who can make all the throws. This is a no brainer.

    As to the whole Quinn/Anderson scenario playing out… I don’t really see it. Different circumstances, and that’s banking pretty heavily on McCoy miraculously having everything come together. It’s just not gonna happen. Should they move on from him for his best interests? Yeah probably. And it’s fine for McCoy to publicly say “Well I’m here to compete and do what’s best for the team, put them in the best situation to win,” which he has said in multiple interviews. It’s another thing entirely to tell that to your coaches behind closed doors, and then turn tail and want out just because things didn’t go your way. If you wanted out, you should have told them from the beginning, while keeping up appearances in the media. Call him a class act for saying the right things if you want, but there’s a distinction to be made from what you say to the media and what you say to your bosses.

    As for Haslam stepping in and forcing Holmgren to dump McCoy, are you kidding me? He doesn’t even officially own the team yet! He’s not in a position to give personnel orders, what, 5 days after he was announced as the next owner? He’s not going to pull a power play over someone with Holmgren’s history over a BACKUP QB. That’s such an insignificant battle to clamor for.

  8. Considering the way the Browns have treated McCoy, I sincerely hope he goes somewhere else and succeeds. I’m not convinced he’s an NFL starter, but he could be an adequate backup. The concussion situation was handled with pure lack of class by Holmgren; they lied to him about drafting a QB; and now they lied to him about a QB competition. There is a reason this is the biggest loser organization in the NFL. Loser team, loser city, and loser fans.

  9. This is a messed up situation that Colt is in now I was reading the comments about Colt yesterday, “oh he’s such a bad QB this and that” Hell one guy even said he wasn’t a good QB ever ( apparently that guy didn’t watch much college football) but the kid is a good QB, because he wins. See the media has us trapped into this relm where winning doesn’t really matter anymore its all about statistics, that’s how Peyton Manning is more popular than his brother, yea Peyton is statistically better but who has more rings. I do not know what the Browns expected from Colt but the kid showed grit last season he did what he could to help his team, his front office were the people who failed him, he did not have people in place to help him win, I believe Ben Watson was hurt practically the whole year and Josh Cribbs is a return specialist. If they believe Branding Weedon is the answer to all the problems they are sadly wrong the kid one good year in college and people went nuts, Colt did what he did the 3 or 4 years he was at Texas consistently take away Justin Blackmon and Weedon would have bn a late round well. The Browns best bet at QB is on his way out the door for chump change I presume, and the Browns will regret it. But I’m lookin forward to seeing Seneca Wallace finally get his chance to start cause wn Weedon flops mid season its Wallace’s team

  10. I think he has played decent considering what he has had to work with. Raw deal for him but i suspect the comments from his family did him no favors

  11. We’ll trade a slightly (and I do mean slightly) used, slightly damaged QB to Cleveland for McCoy. Clearance priced.

    Bill Bidwill

  12. My take on guys like McCoy is, if they had the skills of a Manning, Rogers or Brady’s we wouldn’t be having this talk. They guy is average at best, and on a team that is average at best, he is what he is.

    The team is trying to upgrade and they realize that means his position as well. He’s like Quinn, you’ve got to dazzle when your time comes or else. He didn’t dazzle.

  13. Don’t feel bad for McCoy or any athlete making big jack. Take 600000 and ride the pine and be a rich man when u hang the clipboard up in 10 years

  14. Colt is a decent back-up at best. If he can beat out Wallace, the Browns should keep him. If not, they should cut him. There won’t be any QB controversy, Colt isn’t talented enough to cause one.

  15. Next year they’ll be moving on from Weedon too. If they only had a clue. One player doesn’t make a team with poor management, coaching and mediocre talent surrounding a good QB. Too bad for Colt and soon to be too bad for Weedon that get drafted by this franchise.

  16. The Browns need to let this kid go.

    Colt McCoy will never start in this league again, he will forever be known as a back-up, wherever he goes. Something that hurts him in his play is the fact that he has a weak arm. If he would of built his arm up and work on his deep ball, maybe things could be different, but until then to the back of the line he goes.

  17. Just look for weeden to struggle with all this pro bowl receivers he has..colt didn’t get any first tram reps so that means he was prob working with undrafted free agent scrubs they still have 0 weapons for who ever their qb will be..

  18. Fans want three backup only when they’ve never or rarely seen him play. They’ve seen enough of McCoy.

  19. Dallas should offer McGee for McCoy or a 7th rounder. He would be a good addition to their team. Orton will be most likely gone next year looking for a starting job. I wonder if Orton would be a good fit in AZ this year, then McCoy could be an immediate backup.

  20. Texans still need a good backup (Yates isn’t the answer), and he would get a lot of love in this city.

  21. As I’ve stated before, & while I’m a Bronco fan, I try to be as respectful as possible when I state my opinion on any subject of discussion. Cleveland has been in such disarray, it’s absolutely unfair to form an opinion of any player in a skilled position such as QB. Tom Brady would likely fail in Cleveland. Hopefully it’s better for Weeden this season, but McCoy never had a chance, & hopefully will get another opportunity in the near future. I wish Denver would consider it, I’m not convinced a 7ft tall Osweiler is a good fit..

  22. it’s funny how the roles are reversed on McCoy now and now he’s butt hurt, welcome to the NFL. last year it was supposed to be an “open competition” between him and Wallace when it was clear the job was being handed to McCoy. now it is being handed to Weeden and McCoy’s feelings are hurt….cry me a river

  23. This is the difference between media conjecture and actual knowledge of what is good for a team.

    Colt is cheap and knows the offense. Will be a great backup. Getting rid of him benefits no one but journalists.

  24. So, trade quality depth that’s at a cheap price just to make your starter (who hasn’t taken an NFL snap yet) feel okay? Or to avoid McCoy coming in and playing well – because that would be a bad thing?

    Sounds like a very Browns-like decision to me.

  25. I remember back in the 50s when the Browns were one of the contending teams year after year,and to see them among the also-rans like this year after year is kind of sad.

    Browns fans deserve better.

  26. It’s really touching to see a Steelers fan give advice to the Browns to give away the best backup QB in the NFL.

  27. This is for all the Colt supporters and Browns haters. Colt McCoy is well like in Cleveland so much that the Browns were willing to let him start even though it’s clear he’s not a starting caliber NFL QB. Sure he had success in College, and will make a great backup for any team. But the fact is he is not a starting QB. There is not one fan on this site that would pick Colt McCoy to start for your team; there is not a single supporter on this bored including the haters who said he was a starter. If you can admit he’s not a starter why do you think the Browns want to continue to have backups as their starters? The Browns are trying to win, and will replace whoever needs to be replace in order to compete. Weeden is clearly a better QB if you ever watch the two QB’s. So there is nothing left to discuss.

    Aggravated Browns Backer.

  28. Face facts: McCoy is gone.

    Browns fans’ worst nightmare. They’re trying to convince themselves that McCoy will never be any better while hoping that Weeden isn’t a bust and the guy he replaced becomes a star for many years. Any knowledgeable fan knows that only a little more than 1 season’s worth of starts and with sub-par talent surrounding him isn’t enough time to make a judgement on any QB.

    Keep wringing those hands.

  29. Once the water is tainted, it is too late to drink. Too bad for Colt. He came to a bad team and at a bad time. What’s made it worse was the overhauling of the front office & coaching staffs, and the lack of a pre-season last year. He surely deserved better.

    More so for Colt than the Browns, he needs to be traded, preferably to a team with good QB coaches, decent receivers, and a solid running game.

    The NE Pats have had amazing success finding and developing talent.

    Good luck to Colt, wherever you wind up.

  30. You keep the better player, period. BTW, McCoy, who’s the better QB, is also cheaper, younger, and has a much higher ceiling.

    Yes, what a terrible thing if McCoy comes in by necessity and is competent.

    Let me tell you, if it’s another DA/BQ fiasco, what we have is two QBs that aren’t starting caliber in the NFL. So really, we’d still be searching for a franchise QB any way.

    Your logic is way off. You never sacrifice the betterment of the team, to avoid potential success of a back up in an emergency scenario.

    And trust me, this FO is not going to listen to public cries for McCoy if Weeden falters.

  31. first point that you’re wrong is

    “McCoy’s agenda is now clear. He wants out.”

    IN the same interview that the “there was no competition” quote came from he said the very opposite. You must have missed the whole “I’ll do what’s best for me team and I love Cleveland” part. He’s a 3rd round draft pick who calls everyone “sir”, not sure why the media is trying to build him like he has a huge head considering he was NEVER meant to play to begin with which brings me to my second point.

    He’s on the Browns which is a team who has seen their #3 QB on the depth chart play in more regular season games than probably any other team in the league so you’re telling me that the Browns should risk winning games (if McCoy is a better option than Wallace) just to keep fans from picking between McCoy and Weeden?

    What do you think is going to happen if Weeden falters and Wallace falters even worse? Then instead of the Backup QB being the most popular person in Cleveland it will be every head coach in the league that will be looking for a job in 2013. (you might want to ask Butch Davis about that one after Couch got benched and cut the season after making the playoffs just to see Kelly Holcomb barely able to muster a decent drive the following year)

  32. Neither Brady Quinn nor Colt McCoy ever got a fair chance to develop and grow into the position. They also did not have a good team around them. What makes anybody think anything will be different with Weeden? Unfortunately, it is an impossible place for any QB to ever succeed as things stand.

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