Jeff Fisher not worried that Sam Bradford’s not 100 percent


Rams quarterback Sam Bradford admitted last weekend his left ankle still wasn’t completely healthy.

But his coach said Tuesday he wasn’t concerned in the least.

Bradford missed six games last year, and was limited in others, because of injury near the end of their fifth game at Green Bay.

But Jeff Fisher seemed to shrug off the suggestion that Bradford wasn’t 100 percent now.

“There’s going to be residual effects from high-ankle sprains, especially when you come back into practice like he is,” Fisher said. “But we don’t anticipate it to be a problem, and it hasn’t been one.

“He’s moving around fine.”

Bradford’s never going to be confused with a mobile quarterback, but if he’s still feeling it, there’s clearly some degree of an issue. Even if it’s only his own confidence in his body, that’s still a problem, and one they need to fix before the start of the season.