Lions already banged up in the backfield


Last year, a rash of injuries forced the Lions to bring back Kevin Smith.  This year, a rash of injuries could force the Lions to make Smith their main man in the backfield.

Jahvid Best still isn’t cleared for contact, nearly 10 months after suffering his latest concussion.  Mikel Leshoure, who missed all of last season with a ruptured Achilles tendon, now has a hamstring problem.  Rookie Stephon Greene suffered a knee injury on Monday.

So Smith is back at the top of the heap.  But he doesn’t seem to be impressed by his status.

Starting is not a big deal to me,” Smith said, via Anwar Richardson of  “I’ve been a starter in this league since my rookie year.  Unfortunately, I got hurt.  When you get hurt, it’s on the next one.  It’s not a big change to my game whether I’m a starter or not.”

For now, Smith is the “next one” again.

“Kevin’s been here as long as I’ve been here,” offensive coordinator Scott Linehan said. “He’s been here before I got here. Kevin gives us 110 percent — the old adage — every day.  He’s a blue-collar, go to work every day [kind of guy].”

Smith will need to show up every day until Leshoure and Best return.  Until then, it’s Smith and Stefan Logan, Keiland Williams, and Joique Bell in the backfield.

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  1. I hope the best for smith…seems like a hard working decent guy who has had no luck with staying healthy and he did look explosive last year when he played.

  2. It ain’t like the guys is chopped liver for crying out loud. He’s got just under a 4 yard per carry average, plays hard and leaves it on the field. He’s only been in the league 4 years and look at how the Lions have changed since he first came in – might be a nice sleeper pick now that the team can actually make plays.

    Injuries… are injuries. Clearly, he isn’t the only back on the roster with health issues.

  3. Cut bait on Best if he can’t get on the field by the start of the season for his own damn good and the stability of the position group!

    Assuming the kid didn’t blow his money on Bentleys and Escalades he should be content to go buy a house, stash the rest of his salary, and move on with life instead of causing himself further, possibly permanent, damage.

  4. LOLions —–

    Good to see the LOLions of old surfacing again in 2012 —– Can anyone see a 6-10 season for MoTown??

  5. Elway: Mr Mayhew, we have a man named Moreno here that might be able to help you out. He’s not that great, was drafted by an imbecile, and he’s pretty dumb himself.

    Mayhew: I’ll give you a 6th rounder.

    Elway: Make it a 7th and a bag of chips. I don’t like taking advantage of people.

  6. I’m concerned about Jahvid Best’s future with the Lions.If he was symptom free and able to pass all the standard tests for a concussion he would have been cleared by now. It’s been 10 months, is another couple of weeks truly going to make a difference?

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