Matt Moore frustrated after Dolphins’ depth chart lists him No. 2


When the Dolphins’ first depth chart of training camp listed David Garrard as the first-string quarterback, Matt Moore wasn’t happy.

Moore, however, pointed out that he still has plenty of practices and four preseason games to prove that he deserves to leapfrog Garrard and hold off first-round draft pick Ryan Tannehill and start the 2012 season where he ended the 2011 season, as the Dolphins’ starter.

I guess it’s frustrating a bit,” Moore said of being second on the depth chart, via Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post, “but I’m not overly concerned that it’s going to wreck my performance or wreck my play from here on out.”

If getting rattled by his listing as the No. 2 quarterback does wreck his play, Moore could be in danger of not making the Dolphins’ roster at all. Moore doesn’t have the luxury of letting his frustration get him down, because he still has work to do, just to prove he belongs anywhere on the Dolphins’ depth chart.

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  1. “Moore, however, pointed out that he still has plenty of practices and four preseason games to prove that he deserves to leapfrog Garrard…”

    David Garrard, however, pointed out that he himself has a couple of regular season games to prove that Moore deserves to leapfrog Garrard.

  2. He should be frustrated. He led one of the least-talented teams in the NFL to a strong finish last year & in return, they sign a guy who didn’t even play in 2011 to “compete” with him. Put this guy on a team with a solid foundation, & he becomes a top-10 QB.

  3. Tannehill should be starting, plain and simple. What’s the point in a stop-gap veteran QB for the Dolphins this year? They are rebuilding, brand new coaching staff, brand new playbook, brand new coordinators, brand new schemes, brand new offense, brand new defense…you’re rebuilding the team. Why would you not build around your franchise QB? He knows the offense, he has all the tools, he just needs game experience. He doesn’t have any quality QBs to learn from if he sits the bench (like Rivers had with Brees, or Rodgers with Favre). If Tannehill was worth his draft spot, he will be starting Week 1.

  4. I feel bad for Matt Moore; he’s put up some decent numbers that should have at least entitled him to a realistic shot at competing for the starting job. Then the Dolphins draft Tannehill and actually have the audacity to place David Garrard ahead of Moore on the depth chart. I hope the Dolphins cut him loose so he can sign on elsewhere.

  5. Miami probably tries to trade Moore and Fasano for late round picks before the season starts. Otherwise they might get cut.

    Moore should know that Tannehill is gonna get the benefit of the doubt over both Gerrard and himself. Thus he should welcome a change of location if it means he gets to start.

  6. Tanehill isn’t ready to start. Throwing him in too could damage his confidence. Give him time to grow. Oh yeah, Fasano WILL NOT be traded or released. If you haven’t noticed, Egnew has been invisble at camp and is listed 4th on the depth chart, Fasano is 1st. Not to mention the new offensive scheme calls for 3 TE sets. Geez people…

  7. Seriously, what is the benefit of bringing Tannehill along slowly, or making him sit the bench for a year? The team gels under Garrard and makes a playoff run? Then what next year? Start all over again with a first-time starter?
    What is he going to learn while sitting on the bench that he doesn’t already know?
    How is he going to build his on-field confidence from the bench?

  8. The best thing that can happen to Moore is he gets off that train wreck before the season…

    I doubt they win a game. Them and Cleveland…

  9. Saw Moore off and on last year and he showed some promise. He deserves a fair shot but with Tannehill picked so high, I doubt he gets one.

    Garrard got a raw deal last year so maybe he’s extra motivated to show the jags they pulled the trigger too soon.


    Garrard becomes the starter and Moore either gets cut or asks for his release.

  10. I would take Moore back in Carolina to backup Cam over what we have. The irony would be if he was traded to Denver to back up Peyton for when he goes down in week 2.

  11. You guys picked the perfect picture… it looks like it was taken the moment he was told Garrard would start.

  12. If you can’t beat David Garrard, you are officially a slappy.

    That said, Moore did a good job last year. If Tony Sparano didn’t shut down the O in the 2nd half of potential blowouts, they would have had at least 2 more wins.

  13. If putting Tannehill on the field to play the position he was drafted/is paid to play is all it would take to “shake his confidence” then I wouldn’t want him on the team.

    As I said. If he was worth his draft position, he will be starting come week 1.

  14. Moore may have single handily prevented the Phins from winning the Luck sweepstakes.

    I was impressed by how he played last year. Put him on the Jets and he would be the clear number one over Sanchez/Tebow.

    Garrard has had some good seasons. I don’t think its terrible that Moore is behind him. The problem the Phins is not who the QB is but who he will throw to. Marshall may have been a problem child but he is an amazing athlete.

  15. Whoaaa, wait a minute. I thought Peyton Manning was in Miami, with all of the off season Manning to Miami stuff. Are you guys sure or are you pulling my 3rd leg.

  16. Moore had a 100+ rating in November/December last year, with a 14-3 TD/INT ratio.

    I think he has a legitimate beef about being one of those guys who performs but is never seen as the answer.

  17. the reason he isn’t #1 is because great QB’s don’t say things like that at training camp, you have to be a killer within to be great… he is not.

  18. Garrard is underated, he beat Big Ben in Pittsburgh back in 2007 in the playoffs on a team without even close to a #1 WR.

    Now that his back has healed, he could surprise some people with numbers around 24 TDs, 8 picks and 3450 yards– if he holds off Moore and Tannehill the entire season.

    Best case scenario for the fish is about 8-8.

  19. Moore played well last year down the stretch~ not sure why Garrard is getting the priority..

  20. The problem with the Fins is that their HC has never been a HC at any level.

    The only thing that might give them a glimmer of hope is having Sherman there.

  21. Moore has a reputation for playing better than he practices. He also has a problem with protecting the ball.

    In going 6-3 last year the fins lost against the three best teams that he faced. In each of those losses he was bad with int’s and fumbles.

    Garrard has a history of protecting the ball. He may be one hit away from injury but until that time he is the safer bet.

    Tannehill in the wings until game 8 or 9 unless the team is over .500 or barring injuries.

  22. I’m frustrated that Matt Moore thinks what he’s done in the NFL has earned him anything other than a SHOT at competing.

    Reports are that he isn’t picking up the WCO as well as Garrard so I’m not sure where he expects to be on the depth chart at this point.

  23. Moore is going to be in the NFL for at least 10 more years. The guy has proven he can run an NFL offense. He may not be the shiny new toy in the box or be able to overcome bad surrounding talent – but there are at least 10 teams that could use him (Arizona, Minnesota, Buffalo, San Diego, Kansas City, Green Bay, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Houston, Denver, New York Giants) if only for insurance. A bad no. 2 qb can cost you a playoff spot and the coach his job.

  24. Moore seems to have gotten the short end of the stick his entire career. Despite playing well, he has been ousted in favor of unproven rookie quarterbacks. Don’t understand this at all, and while I also like Garrard, I think the Dolphins would be stupid not to give him a chance to start this season. Although, if they really see Tannehill as the future starter, this could create the veteran/rookie quarterback controversy that everyone dreads.

  25. Typical Dolphins logic – find the first QB in many years to give you a winning record in his games, then immediately bring on a rusted veteran and rookie and marginalize the guy.

    Bottom of the division this year, I expect. Years of bad choices aren’t going to suddenly turn into gold.

  26. Whichever veteran gets cut could come right in and start for my Cardinals. God, I had Kevin Kolb nightmares on Sunday night.

  27. This is a travesty! Matt Moore proved late last season that’s he the best Dolphins QB since the Jay Fielder glory days!!

  28. Moore has made a living putting up numbers against bad teams in meaningless games.

    He did this in Carolina and duped the Panthers into giving him a new contract and naming him the starter, whereupon he promptly flushed their season down the toilet.

    The Dolphins, to their credit, were not duped when he once again put up some good numbers against terrible teams once the phins were already toast.

    Half of David Garrard is better than all of Matt Moore. He should be glad for the chances he’s gotten, grab the clipboard and shut up.

  29. fmlizard says:
    Aug 7, 2012 2:30 PM
    Moore had a 100+ rating in November/December last year, with a 14-3 TD/INT ratio.

    Who did they play and what was at stake to the teams he played well against? Look that up and get back to me.

  30. Moore played well enough to get a shot at the starting job which he is getting right now. I have yet to see a report out there that says he has out played Garrard.

    I like Moore but I don’t think he is a starting QB. If you check his stats he was horrible in the 4th qt. He has never had a game winning drive and only one come from behind win with the Dolphins. His lack of shine while competing further shows he does not perform well when everything is on the line.

  31. Moore is good. Has potential to be great. This roster move should bring out the best. Garrard also has a lot to prove. He made probowl before.

  32. Well then go out there and prove it on the field. If you get beat out then you do and accept your role till your time is called.

    I feel the loser of the Garrard / Moore battle become trade bait. Which team will lose their starting QB for the season first?

    I don’t see Ireland cutting any of them if they have trade potential.

  33. Dolphins should hold on to Matt Moore & if a starting QB gets hurt on a contending team, Im sure they could trade him for 2nd or 3rd pick .

  34. Of course he’s frustrated. His career is in flux… and seemingly always has been. May the best QB on this roster win. Though, if Moore doesn’t cut it, he may seek a trade.

  35. People, simmer down and don’t get your panties in a wad. It has been stated by Joe Philbin that the QB competition is very close. Somebody had to be named the starter and that somebody is Garrard. People who have forgotten way more football than anybody on here will ever know made that decision. Deal with it. Moore has the opportunity to outplay Garrard and earn the starting spot. If he does, great. If Garrard keeps it, that’s great too. If Tannehill leapfrogs them both and earns it that’s great. The point is no matter what happens, there’s nothing that anybody on here can do about it except accept it. Go Fins!

  36. Hey i think all of these comments about this being a rebuilding year is the same old dolphins not worth another 4 win season! its time to start playing with the big boys like when our Greatest Owner ran the team! we had a no name defense of all superstar no name ooppppssss WOW thats what thier name was oh damn am i stupid! i must be having a stev0 = jackass boys co-star hollywood type! Moore is the Best thing that has happened to the Fins since Chad was here and i am not talking interception machine henne the other Chad Pennington and Matt will be the starter this year! after allhow many 1st round Qb draft picks are the starting QB on thier teams right now! hell most were out of the league in just less then 2 to 3 years the door hit them all in the ass as they got booted off of thier respective teams! i rest my case! Tannehill will ge the benfit of the doubt but will be out the door as another 1st round bust i didnt see anything that impressed me on HBO and they were all postive pictures only!

  37. Perhaps the reason that Moore is a mediocre player is because of his practicing. Maybe if he practiced better, he could be a good or even great player. As for now, he is getting what he is earning.

  38. Moore saved the team last year, took it from embarrassment to a team nobody wanted to play. Sure, he was voted Most Valuable Player, but it will be hard to crawl out from under the bus where they threw him and make it back to starting qb.

  39. Okay! Gerrard has no trade value but Moore does. Matt helped himself out taking a really bad team to 6 wins in spite of coaching problems. If Gerrard is not too brittle – we hold onto Moore until someone needs a QB and then trade him for a mid round pick. Tannehill has to be the back-up QB so he can be substituted for the starter when game is out of hand! (Some of you are probably thinking we might actually get way ahead on a few of these games – nope!) Gerrard starts to placate the veterans who foolishly want to win now!! Don’t they know that this another 6-10 team?

  40. Everything I have read and heard,as well as saw,Moore had the worst performance of the 3 . Most have Gerrard as having outperformed both Moore and Tannehill. But most also say Tannehill, in less time has outperformed Moore,yet Tannehill is listed at 3. So how isn’t Matt Moore getting a ” FAIR” shot? If everything was truly fair, based on performances in THIS YEARS training camp, wouldn’t Moore be listed at 3, and Tannehill at 2?

  41. Not sure why this is such a surprise to everyone. Garrard is a seasoned vet. A pro bowler in 2010.and got hosed in jacksonville for a laughable blain gabbert. I’ll take him while tannenhill sits a year or two

  42. Okay, yeah Moore played very well at the end of last season but we are dealing with an offensive scheme that is relatively foreign to him and pretty well known by both Garrard and Tannehill but from all the reports that I have been hearing is that Tannehill is playing the best with first team offense against first team defense then Garrard is average and Moore isn’t doing well at all but he is playing with the second team against team defense if this is really a competition thenthey would let Tannehill start because whats the point of competition if the best man does not win, and a side note Garrard does have a career qb rating of 85.8 so yes he should be placed ahead of Moore but not ahead of Tannehill

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