Matthews says Giants didn’t “beat” Packers


The Packers roared to a 15-1 record last season, despite having an abysmal defense.  And as the Packers reflect on the divisional-round loss to the Giants, there’s a feeling that the outcome was more about what the Packers failed to do than what the Giants accomplished.

“We picked the most inopportune time to play our worst ball,” linebacker Clay Matthews tells Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports.  “The fact is, [the Giants] didn’t beat us; we beat ourselves.  We need to play our best ball when it counts.  This year, I expect us to be right back where we should be.”

It could be that the defense simply relied too much on the offense last year.

“Regardless of what happened in the first half, nobody thought we would lose that game,” Charles Woodson said of the first two quarters against the Giants, which saw the Packers trailing, 20-10.  “With what our offense had done that season, I think we had, especially defensively, a false sense of security about what they were gonna do.

“Maybe we should have panicked.  But we didn’t.  We just felt like, ‘Hey, at the end of the day, the offense will put up enough points, we’ll win the game and move on.’  That was probably to our detriment.”

This year, the defense doesn’t need to get much better.  And there’s reason to believe that the defense will be better, and that the offense will continue to be dominant.

Still, it would be wise not to disrespect the defending Super Bowl champions, who have somehow become an afterthought in their conference, their division, and their hometown.

207 responses to “Matthews says Giants didn’t “beat” Packers

  1. Sorry Clay. Take away all of the dropped passes and the Giants were still the better team that day

  2. How nice when one of your best defenders says, “we just let our offense outscore ’em.”

    Even nicer to learn another of your best defender lives on a river in Egypt.

    Go Fudge GO!

  3. clay a sore loser.

    they got beatdown at home.

    thats like saying in 2010 when gb kill the giants at metlife. giants should said they blew the game

    outside of jenning and others.

    gb players seem like a bunch of whiners.

  4. from what i can tell.

    last year green bay defense couldn’t tackle my grandmother!

  5. Hahaha…

    The Giants will probably be last in their division.

    Their luck has run it’s course.

  6. Classic. You lost by nearly 20 and it would have been more if the refs hadn’t stolen the ball from the Giants twice.

    And the defense doesn’t need to get “much” better. They were terrible last year. Yes, they need to get much better to win in the playoffs.

  7. Guess we know who’s getting tested for pot next. Fact is the Giants beat both the Packers and the Refs that day. The Packers were handed 14 points off of horrendously bad calls by the refs (Jennings non fumble fumble, Osi’s “roughing” call) and 3 more points due to a horrible spot on a DJ Ware run on 3rd down. So please Matthews, shut it. You got beat, especially the defense, BADLY.

  8. The Packers got every questionable call in that game, even when the video evidence was clearly to the contrary. If there is ever evidence of referee corruption, watch a replay of that game. The Pack really should have scored just 6 points. Long story short, they are a very good team, but got owned in that game by the GMen. Give it up already.

  9. giants fan here,…his statement really isn’t that big of a deal, they got beat down and turned the ball over a bunch of times.

    packers will win at least 12 games this year.

    Giants get a two year pass on the playoffs due to the Super Bowl win…..However…the Rocky-loving clowns are on the clock!

  10. i agree with clay.

    we all know how football goes. a missed play here, and missed play there and boom the other team has the momentum and its done. the giants always played soundly enough to win. but they did not win the packers, 49ers, or patriots games. they simply didnt play as bad as the other teams. didnt make the crucial mistakes.

    which in a way makes them better but if all teams play as good as they can play and don’t make mental mistakes (2 fumbles, brady’s moron interception, the whole game the packers played)
    the giants simply do not win the super bowl.

    its true and everyone knows it…

  11. Typical Packer mindset.

    The least humble team in NFL is unable to admit that they got beat on all levels by a better team that day. I saw it, you saw it, all of America saw it. Just man up and accept it like a man.

    It’s unfortunate that the whole team and it’s fanbase are excellent at pointing the finger at other teams but scorned teenage brats when the finger is pointed back at them.

  12. That game was a beatdown all game,are you kidding me?..heck even the lions played good against the saints for 3 quarters and we werent even expected to make the playoffs!

  13. He’s right, they didn’t get beat, they got straight mashed on. One of my buddies (huge Packers fan) flew out for that game and dropped a lot of cheese to watch that beatdown. Worst game he’s ever seen in Lambeau he said, never seen him so quiet about a game…almost like his dog died or something.

    I’m just glad none of my 9ers, who one could argue…, aren’t talking this garbage. See you in Week 1 Clay; hope the whole team has that attitude.

  14. Vikes will beat the Pack twice this year. Clay Mathews needs a hair cut.

    Go Bears!

    Vikes beating the Pack twice this year…


    Vikes are gonna be horrible this year

    Pack will win the North, Bears will get a wild card along with the Cowboys…

  15. Of the 32 teams in the NFL, the Packers ranked 32 in total defense for 2011…Pretty sure Clay and the boys didn’t beat themselves that day…

  16. Not only did the Giants beat the Packers that day, they beat the Zebra’s in that game too! Watch the game again Clay. You got help from the stripes and still lost. I’m sure the NFL offers denial counseling in the new CBA

  17. eh, say what ya will…die-hard 49er fan here and have definitely used the “if not for the 2 fumbles…” excuse plenty in the last 6 months but it still ultimately (and excruciatingly painfully) comes down to scoreboard…props to the team that pretty much did what the Packers did the year before in thier last 6 games and got it done when it mattered. Not much to say when they just plain have more points at the end of the game than you do.

  18. It’s not like Clay is wrong or anything. the Giants are the luckiest two time super bowl champs in NFL history. I mean the stinkin Redskins beat them TWICE!!

  19. Great teams play their best ball when it matters most. Your team was outplayed, out coached and outmatched. Give credit where credit is due.

  20. As a Steeler fan, I respect what the Giants do. They nut up and ball. Chinstrap fastened. They step up.

    Some teams make excuses. I hate that. At least the Giants go out, make plays and put a hat on the quarterback. Much respect to that team for balling like they do.

  21. Clay, you sure it wasn’t a delayed reaction from the Saint’s bounty on DDC in game 1?

  22. I couldnt resist reading these idiotic comments. We were all thinking the same thing…. but wont admit it now, that the Packers offense just seemed “off” in that game against the Giants. If that game was played again, it most likely would have the Packers on top. BUT, sports is sports. To be the best, you gotta play EVERY WEEK like the best. The Packers didnt do that, so the Giants rightfully earned the Lombardi trophy. But this doesnt mean Clay was wrong. The Packers did beat themselves. It was a very unusual game of mistakes for them.

  23. While other teams properly focus on the season to come, the Pack seems determined to wallow in their defeat that every one but Packer fans saw coming with that horrid defense of theirs last year. Move on or get crushed.

  24. Wait, does Clay not realize that two BS calls led to a TD and a FG that they wouldn’t have even had to get to 20???

    Refs tried their best to cheat us in both games. TWICE. And we STILL bludgeoned them.

  25. Matthew really now, how sad. Kinda sounds like the Falcons when the Saints beat them, over and over again. Granted, the Falcons aren’t in the same league as the Packers, but really.

  26. “The fact is, [the Giants] didn’t beat us; (b)we beat ourselves. (b/)

    That’s an odd admission… Hopefully they’ll stop before they go blind…

  27. Yeah, the Giants didn’t beat the Packers. They just had more points at the end of the game. So, does he also believe that the Packers didn’t “beat” the Falcons two years ago? I think we beat ourselves. We thought that no matter how many points we got behind we would come back to win. Even even the 4th qtr when we were losing with 0:00 left.

  28. If the Giants didnt beat the Packers in Greenbay that night then WHO DID? Greenbay GOT SMOKED!!! The Giants made them play football an didnt let Rodgers play fast catch with his WR’s. Clay needs to except that the Giants will beat Greenbay on the moon & under a sandbox. an thats from the BOOK OF ELI

  29. elibestqbever says:Aug 7, 2012 11:58 PM

    The bottom line is the Giants are better then the Packers, and things shouldn’t change this year
    Giants were better that day, Packers have won 2 out of 3 since 2010.

  30. Wow thats one ugly chick!!
    Sry pal but the scoreboard says you lost. So infact they beat the Packers. But I do know what he means by the statement we beat ourselves.

  31. Ok, ok, the Giants didn’t “beat” the Packers. Instead they “kicked the crap out of” the Packers.

    That’s just silly semantics Clay.

  32. Randall Cobb was on nfl network a couple months ago preaching the same BS. Saying the Packers beat themselves in the NFC championship game and that in 2012, the biggest threat to dethrone them as NFC North champs is themselves. What a bunch of ego maniac retards. Time to man up, learn some humility and take some accountability for your loss last year to a better Giants team.

  33. that is correct the giants didn’t beat the packers

    they discount double checked them

  34. Does Mathews come off as a sore loser? Yes. But if you rewatched the game, you would see his comments are legit. Remember that Hakeem Nicks caught a hell marry pass to end the first half, that’s an implosion, not Giants doing something great, there’s never an excuse for that, still good job Giants. Think about all the dropped balls, I remember one specifically that would’ve went for 6 by Jennings and that drive ended in a punt. Don’t forget the Giants scored when up 10 because the Packers gave them short field from an onside kick and were going for the strip. Finally, don’t forget how they weren’t fully focused because of the death of the assistant coaches son, and a loved coach in the locker room.

  35. Dear Clay,

    The defense you represent is atrocious. Your team was lucky by schedule last season, but won’t be this season.

    Good Luck, LOSER!

  36. Nobody beats themselves. The outcome of every game (football or not) comes down to who executes their jobs. Yeah sure, everyone gets lucky once or twice in any game, but everyone has an equal opportunity to do their job better than the guy across from them and the giants just performed better than the packers that day. There’s a reason the NFL doesn’t just hand the Championship honors to the team that has the most wins at the end of the season, you have to earn it.

    Skol Vikings

  37. “This year, I expect us to be right back where we should be.”


    In the TV studio making commercials again in January while the real teams are still playing football.

  38. “And there’s reason to believe that the defense will be better…”

    Really? Because they added all those top tier defenders? Oh, wait….

  39. You’re absolutely right, Clay. The Giants didn’t beat you…THEY STOMPED YOU OUT!!!

    You’re lucky the crappy officiating kept it close.

  40. I understand what youre all saying, but to claim that the giants were a better team in 2011-2012 than the packers is absurd. The packers were 15-1 the giants barely made the playoffs. In 2010 the packers won the superbowl as a wild card, but they probably weren’t the best team. They were just playing better at the right time and that’s what it’s all about

  41. This is for the MORON that said the Packers better hope Rodgers stays healthy. Just for your information, ANY NFL team better pray their QB stays healthy. Eli, Brees, Rodgers, whoever. If they get hurt, you’re in a load of trouble.

  42. WoW Claire Matthews sure is a salty poor sport! The Giants came in to Green bay and ran the ball right at you all day, threw the ball around like it was a flag football game and their D rushed your QB all afternoon!! your right, the Giants didn’t beat you, THEY OWNED YOU!!! SHOW SOME CLASS LOSER!!!

  43. Say what you want Clay is RIGHT. (FACT) I pitty any team playing them this year and I am not a packer fan.

  44. If that’s the case the Packers were lucky to win when the Saints had the ball on the 1yd line as time expired during the first game of the year.

  45. He personally went from 14 Sacks in 2010, down to 6 in 2011. He nor their Defense picked that particular game to stink..they chose the entire season to stink.

  46. Any one of you who thinks that the Giants are or were better than the Packers is way too caught up in the moment and flat-out stupid. The Packers went 15-1 and dominated nearly every game they played just had a bad game. It happens. The only legitimate argument you can make is that the Giants played a better game.

  47. As a packer fan, we were lucky the score was what it was. When you start relying on the other side of the ball to bail you out for lazy play, you deserve to lose. We got our ass kicked, plain and simple

  48. The pack just didn’t show up and the giants did. The niners and patriots didn’t show up either I guess oh well.
    Eli just got her done and Rogers crapped the bed!

  49. The Giants have become an afterthought because they ARE an afterthought. They got hot at the right time… again. They probably won’t be back in the playoffs this year.

    Clay is right, the Packers picked a bad day to be bad, but it happened. I watched every game all seasons and they began to get stagnant late in the year. Combine that with Joe Philbin’s son passing and a Giants team that knew they could win in Green Bay… it spelled disaster.

    They’ll learn from it and probably win XLVII which will shutup all these haters posting above.

  50. No, the Giants didn’t beat the Packers, the Giants bitchslapped the Packers!!

  51. great wonk clay. The HGH should almost be out of ya piss stream. Then you can blow up again, wait it was the HGH that made you……. Best wishes with the smaller balls and rage.

  52. I wanna start off by tipping my hat to the Giants. Secondly I wanna say the Giants have won two super bowls recently they did not deserve. As a Dolphins fan I truly believe the Pats should have won in ’07. Side note I hate Brady. Now the second super bowl win… The Giants did not deserve to be in the playoffs, I mean they were swept by the lowly Skins. Now I have to conciede in the playoffs the Giants played supremely, but they still didn’t deserve to be there. In summation gratz to the Giants in their two super bowl wins.

  53. Apparently the wound is still fresh for Matthews. He can’t accept the fact that the Pack got “discount double-checked” in their own house.

  54. If the Giants didnt beat Greenbay then WHO did? … The Giants smoked the Packers in Greenbay that night an Clay needs to come to grips with that. The Giants made them play FOOTBALL by bumping the WR’s at the line an making Rodgers get up off the turf. The game of FAST CATCH didnt work against the Giants…

  55. I remember after the Packers crushed the Falcons in the 2010 divisional playoffs, a lot of the Falcons players said that they beat themselves and they were the better team overall. When they played again in 2011, Aaron Rodgers and a lot of Packers players made a big deal out of those comments, saying they were “disrespectful” and would be used as motivation.

    Sounds like the Packers need to follow their own advice….and remember that they play the Giants in week 12.

  56. Just to make sure I wasn’t crazy I re-watched the game on DVR and sure enough – the Giants won. Sorry Clay, you guys peaked too early and weren’t better than the Giants when it counted.

  57. Really, I bet your brother Casey said the Giants didnt beat the Eagles last year either.

    Is it just me or is this packer team starting to become very unlikeable. First the coach runs his mouth, then Greg Jennings chimes in with his stupid comments and now Clay.

    Matthews should be more concerned about his poor play last year and more concerned with the Bears and Lions this year.

    BTW, the Giants should have beat this team twice last ear if the rwfs would have called Ballards touchdown an actual TD.

    Its ok Clay, I’m sure Kansas City didn’t beat your team either.

    Its amazing the Giants are in Green Bay’s head and the season hasn’t even started yet. I can’t wait for week 12.

  58. Their team is not designed to play in their own winter weather during playoff time. And they once again ignored the running back position. They’d better hope to not have home field advantage in the playoffs this year, or they’ll “beat themselves” again.

  59. I’m a giant fan and went out there for the game…..Lambeau is a great experience for a game and recommened it to anyone….Packer fans were gracious friendly and nor sore losers like Matthews…at least 10 of them came up to me after the game and said ‘congratulations, you beat us and were the better team today now go beat SF’

  60. Hey, Clay. Can you say delusional? You just go on believing that while the rest of us laugh. I always though you and the rest of your ‘mates were crazy town banana pants and this proves it.

  61. 37-20 is not beating yourselves it’s failing to shutdown the opponents offense and score on their defense. The Giants Made plays and the pack didn’t. If you lose by 1-3 points you can say you beat yourselves, when you lose at home by 17, you got beat and beat thoroughly

  62. The Giants couldn’t possibly have had anything to do with the Packers beating themselves. Clay, you got beat. Man up an admit it. By the way, 1970 called. It wants its haircut back.

  63. Crybaby Packers still whining “wha you kicked our A$$ but we’re still better” pathetic losers!

  64. Hey clay, 21 points off turnovers in your super bowl “gift” from Pittsburgh, but oh wait you BEAT Pittsburgh didn’t you?!

  65. Ok first off. I’m a die-hard Packer fan. The Pack had multiple fumbles, and were “mentally off” that game big time.

    However, the Giants played stellar defense, and there’s truly no telling how much their defense led to those mental errors , and whether or not they might have been a result of the frustrations of playing against a great defense.

    The Packers lost. The Giants went to the Super Bowl and became champions. While I can understand what Clay is getting at, the proper thing to do is give them their credit for marching into Lambeau and knocking us off.

    It is a stupid thing of Clay to say. The Giants deserve credit for their win, and even though Clay might feel that way, he needs to have his head into the current season, and be deflecting questions about the Giants game. Whats done is done son.

    I dont think the Giants or Packers are losers. Just two great teams, with great quaterbacks, great head coaches, and great management.

    If I were to lose to a team in the NFC, I’d rather it be a class organization like the Giants, than the Falcons, Saints, or Eagles.

    The NFL fanbase owes the Giants more than you think… If they dont go to 2 Super Bowls and knock Brady off both times, we have to sit and listen to how he’s purer in blood than Christ because he has 5 super bowl wins.

    Give them their credit. They’re a good team and they deserve it.


    The only guy making garbage and controversial comments on their team (Brandon Jacobs) was allowed to leave after doing so.

  66. The Giants should have beat the Packers the first time they played them in the season too. The Giants were just the better all around team. Face the facts Matthews.

  67. To the dummies above who say the Giants didn’t “deserve” to win their last 2 Super Bowls…..

    This isn’t College Football. A bunch of stuffed shirts and ties do NOT decide who gets to the big game. You must EARN IT. To suggest otherwise is absurd and proves your lack of intelligence. The Giants beat 3 “better” teams on the road! Just deal with it. A buddy asked me before the GB/NYG game who I’d rather see my 9ers play. I said the Pack in Lambeau. Why? Because defense travels well and plays better in cold weather.

  68. If the officals didnt call such a horrible gm and yes it appeared that the officals were trying everything to give the packers every homefield edge possible, the giants may have beaten them by 30. what that being said this clown doesnt seem to realize that his defense isnt even avg and puts all the pressure on the offense. reminds me of their super bowl win over the steelers which was gift wrapped by 3 turnovers which gave them 21 points. does that mean that they didnt actually beat the steelers?

  69. Packers run is over and it started last year. When you can’t run the ball or stop anything it will equate to no playoffs and a mediocre season. Even though it is a passing league now you still have to be able to run the ball. Rogers is good, but will not be able to carry them by himself.

    Hope you enjoyed your run Packer fans as it is coming to an end.

    Matthews is one of the most overrated players in the league. Maybe if he carries the defense a bit more like a supposed super star should he wouldn’t have to make silly comments that make him sound as bad as he looks.

  70. I’ve been a Packers fan since 1961, but the Giants have come to Green Bay twice in the past few years in the playoffs and beaten Green Bay at home.
    Why? Because the Packers will beat you with a finesse game, but the Giants were simply tougher on both sides of the ball.
    Lombardi would never have allowed another team to be more physical. Remember the Bears had Butkus, Ditka, and a bunch of other tough guys back then and the Packers usually got the best of them. McCarthy’s teams are competent to a fault, but can be pushed around by teams that are more physical.
    On another note, it’s kind of hilarious to see all the venom from the Packers haters. Winning does that.
    Go back and check the Packers won-loss record since 1992.

  71. Clay’s rectum is still extremely stretched out from that rought night with Giants.

  72. “On another note, it’s kind of hilarious to see all the venom from the Packers haters. Winning does that.”

    It’s not venom towards the Packers. Most fans respect the Packers organization and what they’ve accomplished.

    The venom is towards not respecting your opponent when they clearly beat you in all phases of the game.

    Also, I brought up the example of 2010, when the Falcons were 13-3 and the #1 seed in the NFC. After the 10-6 #6 seed Packers whupped them, Aaron Rodgers was outraged when the Falcons suggested they were the better overall team and only beat themselves.

    Glass houses anyone?

  73. By that logic he needs to hand over their SB trophy to the Steelers since the same can be said

  74. The William sisters would be proud. Every time they loss, it alway something like I didn’t play well or a nagging injury; but never the other person (or team in this case) played better.

    Get over it. You lost.

  75. Wow. I would expect to hear this crap from vikings or bears fans, but c’mon Giants fans – you beat us, you won the Super Bowl, get over it! Why are you so insecure? You’re the freakin’ World Champions, for god’s sake! If your team is so much better than the Packers, what does it matter what one of their players says?

    Or is it that you’re just upset because you know you’re team will be lucky to make the playoffs this year, and you’re getting all of the anger out of your system now when things don’t count?

  76. This is great news. Refusing to admit your shortcomings will lead to more disappointment for the packers.

  77. Dumb thing to say. He’s only saying it to diss the Giants, there is no other purpose. Did every team the Packers beat last year, beat themselves too? I think not. I remember giving some Steelers fans grief over similar statements when the Packers beat them two years ago. Eat your crow and shut up. Prove it this year and your “noise” will be better appreciated. But try getting past the first round first, OK?

    —signed, longtime Packer fan.

  78. Im pretty sick of hearing how the giants got swept by the redskins. But if we are talking about sweeping, the giants swept the cowboys and the Pats last year. Don’t hear too much about that though.

    And yeah Clay is correct, GB did play terrible that game. That’s what the SB champs do, make other teams uncomfortable and hence they then loose!

  79. teams don’t just perform poorly on their own. the giants confused the packer offense and disrupted their offensive line, and rodgers timing. same thing they did with Brady for 2 superbowls.

    the giants are truly the best team when it comes to beating high passing offenses.

  80. I will never admit that the better team won that game. Even Giant fans know deep down that it’s true, they’d never admit it. The Giants suck. You all know that they’ll struggle to even make the playoffs this year and by mid season everyone will want your coach’s head on a platter. Green Bay should have lost a couple more games last year. That would’ve help them keep their egos in check.

  81. I like the Packers more than most people. But comon. We got absolutely handled that day. Sure dropped passes and mental mistakes are “beating yourself” but the Giants’ defense was on that day. Eli played good enough. Giants won, Packers lost. Simple as that.

  82. Sooo, what you’re saying is that the scoreboard should have read Packers (previous to today) 37 Packers (today)20 at the end of that game?

  83. Another packner refusing to see reality. Clay, when the game was over which team had more points? That is proof you lost, packners lost. Giants kicked your butt all day, you still feel it that’s why you can’t accept it.

  84. The Giants are not a bad or lucky team, they are not even the best.. they where however very inconsistent and average throughout last year, because of injuries…They peaked at the right time, just like every Super Bowl winner. I’m not a Giant nor a Packer fan, but I do believe Green Bay is the better team…There defense was out of sync 75% of the season, and that will not win you games in january…. Both teams should be be better this year, we’ll just see who’s playing better football when playoff time comes around..

  85. Matthews is the leader of that putrid, pathetic Packer defense that gave up 35 and 37 points to the Giants in 2 games last year and this clown is crying that he didn’t get beat………….yeah sure Clay get a clue

  86. Packers fans and Matthews please, you have the worst defense in the NFL and in both games last year Giants moved the ball UP AND DOWN the field at WILL.

    And hello, when you give up an avg of 36 points in 2 games against the Giants- you are not even close to being “better” than them

  87. elibestqbever says:Aug 7, 2012 11:58 PM

    The bottom line is the Giants are better then the Packers, and things shouldn’t change this year.
    Your name says it all Eli, you don’t know much about football, do you?

  88. Football players should stick to playing football and not try out comedy. What Clay’doh does not realize is he provided locker room material for every team facing the paper champs

  89. bordner says:Aug 8, 2012 9:47 AM

    Wow. I would expect to hear this crap from vikings or bears fans, but c’mon Giants fans – you beat us, you won the Super Bowl, get over it! Why are you so insecure? You’re the freakin’ World Champions, for god’s sake! If your team is so much better than the Packers, what does it matter what one of their players says?

    Or is it that you’re just upset because you know you’re team will be lucky to make the playoffs this year, and you’re getting all of the anger out of your system now when things don’t count?

    Dude, I think one of your two brain cells is missing.

  90. I agree with Clay. As a Vikings fan I’ve been saying the same thing. The Vikings beat themselves 13 times last year.

    In reality bad teams lose and the better team wins. Clay, please wash the sand out of your mangina and move on.

  91. The Packers were in the playoffs last year?
    They must have missed the memo then.
    Being the leader of one of the worst defenses in the NFL is like being the tallest midget in the room Clay.

    Typical Packer whining.

  92. LOL, I can’t believe this he/she!!! If I remember correctly NY kicked there asses all over the field. Clay needs to man up, be involved in every play instead 1 sack every 3 games along with a couple 1/2 tackles per game, and learn to play D. Green Bays “D” has been a no show for all of last season, and pretty much the season before!!!! I love these idiots that come out a year later saying they didn’t beat us, we beat ourselves!!! Hate to break it to you Packer fans, but you weren’t even in that game against the Giants!!!! There toughest game was ON THE ROAD THE FOLLOWING WEEK AT SAN FRAN!!!! This guy should just pipe down. What a jackass!!!!

  93. I can understand fans of teams like the Giants and Patriots coming to talk smack, but why are there Bears, Lions, Vikings, and Niner fans here?

    Hahahaha…. your teams are all terrible, and won’t win your division for years. Yes, I’m including the niners. Why? You’re in the NFC Jest. The Seahawks will beat you soundly, and you’ll be lucky to make a wildcard.

  94. thetokyosandblaster says:Aug 8, 2012 11:48 AM

    I can understand fans of teams like the Giants and Patriots coming to talk smack, but why are there Bears, Lions, Vikings, and Niner fans here?

    Hahahaha…. your teams are all terrible, and won’t win your division for years. Yes, I’m including the niners. Why? You’re in the NFC Jest. The Seahawks will beat you soundly, and you’ll be lucky to make a wildcard.

    Because every time I point out that the Vikings would have beaten the Packers at Lambeau in 2010 if the refs hadn’t stolen a touchdown from the Vikings OR given an undeserved touchdown to the Packers, thus allowing the Packers to squeak into the playoffs and then win the Super Bowl, I get criticized by Packer fans for being a crybaby loser. Now your favorite player is the crybaby loser.

  95. @bordner, @blarry21 and @propertyofthebroncos

    Exactly I always referred the Giants at the welfare team of Super Bowls since their last three SBs had to rely on their opponents choking the game away. Two against the Cheatraiots and Wide Right. Come mid season we will once again see the calls for Coughlin’s head which are always good for a laugh.

  96. So I guess Clay Matthews forgets the 1 blown fumble call. ( Greg Jennings clearly fumbled but they blew that call which resulted in a touchdown) The Osi late hit which resulted in another touchdown ( It was on 4th down and the NFL admitted the officials blew that call.) And the run by DJ Ware in which he was given a horrible spot, that would of resulted in a 1st down but instead they had to punt. Clay, the officials even tried to give you the game and you still blew it.

  97. Lots of venom on here for a relatively benign comment that one player or another makes after just about every loss. Haters gon’ hate, I guess. I always refused to hate the Patriots simply for being good and having a qb with a hot wife for one simple reason, it’s pathetic and low rent. But hey, I hope all of your teams get a lombardi trophy and a 15-win season and top everyone’s power rankings so you can see how it feels to be hated, it’s a wonderful feeling.

  98. The officiating was so bad in that game-score really should have been 49-6 Giants and Packers still think they beat themselves which is almost as comical as Matthews crying when he is the leader of the worst defense in football

  99. I’d just like to point out as others have before that calling last year’s Packers D the worst in football just shown a lack of football IQ. They gave up the most yards because they were in prevent for the entire second half of most games. In points against they were middle of the pack, which is the only stat that matters.

  100. Bert Bell-Former NFL Commissioner:

    “On Any Given Sunday, any team can beat any other team.”

    Just sayin

  101. So tell me, Clay; did the Steelers “beat themselves” in Super Bowl XLV? I could argue that the Steelers would have won if their interior offensive line played better, considering two of their three turnovers that game (including the “pick-six”) were directly the result of the C and/or Gs getting manhandled, but then that’d just discredit what the Packers did right that game and make me sound like a sore loser in the process, which is exactly what you sound like.

    Face it, Clay; you and the defense allowed 37 points against the Giants. Your unit wasn’t good enough for the Packers to repeat as Super Bowl champions regardless of what your regular-season record was. We can argue potential butterfly effects about every game that’s ever played, but the scoreboard won’t change. The Giants beat you like you beat the Steelers in Super Bowl XLV. Just ask the scoreboard.

  102. mp4pack says:
    Aug 8, 2012 12:36 PM
    “Lots of venom on here for a relatively benign comment that one player or another makes after just about every loss. Haters gon’ hate, I guess.”
    You’re missing the point. The venom is for the hypocrisy of the Packers players. They’re always first to pull out the “disrespected card”, but now they’re doing the same thing they accused other teams of doing in 2010.

    The Packers were best team in football overall during the regular season. But this isn’t college football. The Giants were better when it counted.

  103. By the way, Clay, it took Rodgers bailing you guys out in the regular season against the Giants as well, so for you to act like the Giants had no business being on the same field is some pretty rotten sour grapes.

  104. “The least humble team in NFL is unable to admit that they got beat on all levels by a better team that day. I saw it, you saw it, all of America saw it. Just man up and accept it like a man.”

    And this is coming from a Viking fan, who today are still whining about the embarrassing loss in the NFC Championship Game a few years back. How about you man up and accept that loss before telling somebody else to do it.

  105. As if to imply that your team couldnt get out of its own way to win the game makes you look any better? Not a Giants or Packers fan, but this argument has never made sense to me.

    Any mistakes the Packers made is totally attributed to the other team forcing them into making mistakes and bad plays. Isnt that the objective of a football game? You GB fans act as if your team just made boneheaded plays one after the other and it was for no reason. Obviously NY was that good of a team to put a good amount of pressure on GBs offense and forced them to make mistakes, and lose the game. Where is the argument?

  106. It’s funny how “least humble” and “best” always seem to go hand in hand in most people’s eyes. Guess you see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear. Matthews made a stupid comment here, no doubt. That’s not to say the better team won, but certainly the better team that day did and they should be given props. That said, one player making one comment that players around the league make six times from tuesday does not equal an arrogant or whiney team, it equals one player making a dumb comment. For the entire Thompson/Mccarthy era the Packers have been the epitome of dignity and class, and this minor comment and others like it wouldn’t be blown out of proportion if they weren’t already being hated on for no other reason than being almost universally considered the best team heading into the new season, especially after a year when an east-coast media darling beat them and won the SB.

  107. Congrats Vikings fans, we’ve finally found a fan base that whines about the refs more than you. I’m assuming Clay was kinda saying if they played ten times the Pack would win seven. The truth. Pack is a better team but “any given Sunday”. That’s what’s great about the NFL. You make the dance, team gets hot and hoist a trophy. Great league. Nothing better than the NFL.

  108. It makes no difference who the “better” team is. You have to play your best every week, especially in the playoffs. You play like crap against a team that is playing well, you get your butt beat. Heck, I coached my 9 year olds little league team and they flat out stunk. They won one game all year and then when the playoffs started they got hot. They just beat the undefeated team to win the championship. Was the other team better? You bet they were. But today, my kids group of “bad news bears” took it to them. Give credit where credit is deserved. I’m a Packer’s fan and I tip my hat to the Giants, they kicked the Pack in the a$$ that day.

  109. I’m a Packer fan but I’d be fine with the Steelers saying they beat themselves in XLV:

    2nd Quarter
    If Big Ben had noticed that Jarrett Bush had left his man, Heath Miller would have had a TD. Everyone is like “Bush made a great INT”, but if you watch the tape Miller is running behind everyone wide open with Woodson wondering what the heck Bush is doing. Basically Bush got lucky.

    3rd Quarter
    Unforced errors. Big Ben missing a wide open Wallace for a TD and a Suisham missed FG that same drive.

    4th Quarter
    Mendenhall Fumble

  110. mp4pack says:
    Aug 8, 2012 6:11 PM
    For the entire Thompson/Mccarthy era the Packers have been the epitome of dignity and class, and this minor comment and others like it wouldn’t be blown out of proportion if they weren’t already being hated on for no other reason than being almost universally considered the best team heading into the new season, especially after a year when an east-coast media darling beat them and won the SB.

    You’re absolutely right that the Packers have been one of the model franchises in the NFL.

    Which is why so many people were dissappointed to hear Matthews make those comments, and why there is so much anger about it. It’s only one player, but when you talk to the media, you represent your whole team.

    The Steelers and Patriots have been at least as successful as the Packers the past decade, but I don’t remember their players ever publicly giving no credit to the other team when they lose.

  111. As a Packers fan, I agree that we did not bring our “A” game, however, the Giants beat us in our own house fair and square (twice now, and it really burns me), no if’s and’s and but’s about it. They got pressure with only 4 guys which is extremely hard to do these days, and that gave them the ability to drop enough people into pass coverage and disprupt our timing on offense which is why it looks like the Packers were playing a preseason game. Giants were the better team that day, give them their credit. I see a rivalry renewed.

  112. I think these guys read the paper one day and
    there name isn’t in it so the say anything (usually something stupid) and the’re back
    in the news. Must be sharing a bong with
    Chris Johnson

  113. As a Packer fan, that loss was humiliating in every way possible, especially considering the high expectations that the Packers had after that dominant season. But that loss is in the past now and they just need to accept the fact that the Giants were the much better team that day. Now all their focus should be on the 2012 season and how they should play better on defense.

  114. Oh I cant wait to see the Packers in week 12…..They are now up there with the Eagles, Cowboys, Skins and Jets as teams That I want to see the Gmen destroy every oppoortunity they get. since when is it cool to talk after U get Blown out and given 14 points by the referees. Stop making Discount Double Check commercials and being the Madden Cover Boy and U can finish a 15-1 season. But Week 12 I cant wait. Aaron Rodgers is lunch meat.

  115. FACT and we know how folks on this site love those

    Title Town is NY not Greenbay
    As a matter of fact the city of Greenbay is tied for last in the top 10 cities with titles

    NY is number one far and above any city in the nation with 55 Pro Sport titles
    5 of which are Super bowls and 4 Nfl Championships

    So for the fools in Greenbay sorry to burst your bubble
    That little factoide comes from US News and world report

    Have a nice day

  116. thetokyosandblaster says:
    Aug 8, 2012 11:48 AM
    I can understand fans of teams like the Giants and Patriots coming to talk smack, but why are there Bears, Lions, Vikings, and Niner fans here?

    Hahahaha…. your teams are all terrible, and won’t win your division for years. Yes, I’m including the niners. Why? You’re in the NFC Jest. The Seahawks will beat you soundly, and you’ll be lucky to make a wildcard.

    Wow – you sound as delusional as Clay Matthews.

    The better team won that day. End of story.

  117. Packers are the worst 15-1 team the NFL has ever seen. Two games against Giants they gave up 35 and 37 points and Matthews thinks Packers are good?? What a joke

    Packer fans keep dreaming your team is good

  118. It is this “denial’ mentality which is why the Packers collapsed last season, and this mentality why the Packers will not win another SB for years. it’s called arrogance ladies and gentlemen and it is quite unbecoming …

  119. In 2007, the Packers went to Chicago in horribly freezing weather and played like garbage. Mike McCarthy’s only adjustment was to keep the footballs in a freezer during practice. They played one more horrible freezing game at the NFC championship and played like garbage.

    In 2011, the Packers were beaten by the Chiefs and blew that game off as a fluke, and made no adjustments A few weeks later the Giants followed a similar game plan and crushed the Packers.

    And here we are in 2012 and McCarthy’s Packers continue to deny anything wrong with their greatest team of all time, and will continue to lose games, and continue to deny why they are losing.

  120. Did some genius just try to brag up that NY has more professional titles than GB? That’s hilarious. I think you just did a nice job refuting your own feeble attempt at a point by pointing out that a town with less than 100,000 people in it and one professional sports team is in the top ten in pro sports titles.

  121. Mr. Matthews eidently doesn’t understand the expresssion, “that’s why they play the game.”

  122. Mr. Matthews evidently doesn’t understand the expresssion, “that’s why they play the game.”

  123. I remember the Pats’ being undefeated going into the playoffs in 2007. IMO they peaked around the middle of the season and with every game after that they seemed more and more to be playing not to lose rather than to win. They did look beatable as the season wore on.

    But they kept winning. They got to the Super Bowl and there stood the Gints waiting for them, along with their loudmouth receiver. I have a friend in Arizona who is a Gints fan and we had a bet. (My friend LOVES Maine maple syrup – I’ve sure sent him enough of it!) I honestly didn’t think the Gints stood much of a chance, but they just wouldn’t go away.

    Then came that ridiculous pass, which was preceded by Manning somehow escaping the sack.

    Was it ridiculous? Yes.

    Was the catch ridiculous? Yes

    Was it COMPLETE?


    Do I change channels whenever that whole sequence is shown again?

    Silly Question

    Have I got over it?


    As of right now the Gints have beaten the (MY) Pats 3 straight times, all while wearing their road uniforms.

    What have I learned?

    Beware of Gints wearing road uniforms

  124. The Giants enjoyed the perfect storm of luck last year, they got lucky. But they won so congrats to them, lucky or not.

  125. It’s so annoying and predictable how many Packer fan posts I’m reading that tow that same Clay Matthews line of they were a better team ON THAT DAY as if that is being gracious.

    What Packer fans SHOULD be saying is, I guess we weren’t as good as we thought we were … until they do that, they will consistently lose the important games.

  126. Actually the Giants beat the Packers and the refs that game. Packers were soft and overrated that year…and the Giants proved it by punking them in their own stadium.

  127. Funny, cause the game I saw, the Packers beat themselves. Packers would’ve won that game 42-6 without all the unforced errors.

  128. I think you mean the Packers would have lost 42-6. To further illustrate that point the Giants beat the Packers butts again the very next year and the year after that.

  129. Anything else you’d like to say after that Hail Mary to lead the Packers to a 38-13 win over the Giants?

  130. Yeah that game had nothing to do with the 2012 game and you got embarrassed by the Falcons the playoffs anyway. Maybe you guys can whine how you were better than them as well.

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