Mike Adams and David DeCastro will both start Thursday night


When the Steelers made Mike Adams and David DeCastro their first two picks of the draft, it wasn’t hard to see them stepping right into starting roles on the offensive line.

That’s just what they’ve done. Coach Mike Tomlin said Adams and DeCastro will start at left tackle and right guard, respectively, on Thursday night against the Eagles when the Steelers kick off their preseason schedule.

All reports out of Steelers camp have Adams looking ready for the job of protecting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s blind side. The team’s decision to sign Max Starks strengthens the depth, assuming Starks is able to get off the PUP list and onto the field, but it doesn’t appear his presence will push Adams out of the starting job.

DeCastro’s hold on the job isn’t quite as secure. Reviews of his play haven’t been quite as strong and Ramon Foster has been making every effort to hold onto his job against the rookie. With Willie Colon out this week, Foster will play left guard so the battle should resume. According to a conversation he had with Roethlisberger, DeCastro’s problem is physical.

“I talked to him the other day,” Roethlisberger said, via the Beaver Times Online. “I said, ‘How you doing? Evaluate yourself.’ He said ‘It’s different.’ I said ‘What do you mean?’ He said it’s tough. I said ‘What’s the tough part, the mental or the physical?’ He said, ‘The mental part I got. The physical is a lot tougher. These guys are really good.'”

There’s a lot of camp and preseason left for DeCastro to get a handle on the physical side of things. If he does, there’s not much chance he’s giving up the starting spot.

24 responses to “Mike Adams and David DeCastro will both start Thursday night

  1. The Steelers avg. age for their offensive line is 24. Pouncy is already Pro Bowler. Look for Colon to be pro bowler this year. DeCastro and Adams not far behind.

  2. Oh no! Impending doom! A rookie is struggling and the commentors go wild with their wishful thinking of failure.

    This team can’t do anything right, guys!

  3. I love how people are ripping DeCastro because he admits how much better pros are than college athletes. Not to mention he is just thrown in to learn against the NFLs best defense. He is going to be a stud and learning against the best will only make him more dominant.

  4. Took em long enough but looks like Steelers have finally addressed their O-line that’s been porous for years.

    Steelers will be good but I cant help but wonder if they’ll sabotage themselves a bit by returning to “good ‘ole fashioned Steeler smashmouth football.”

    The NFL’s a passinflg league now and Big Ben and his recievers (especially M Wallace) had great chemistry.

    Why fix what ain’t broke?

  5. I’ve been a STEELER fan since Bobby Lane was our Quarterback, and in all those years I have never seen a STEELER offensive line with the potential that this one has. As a STEELER fan I have become use to great D and an O that was explosive but patched together with duct tape and bubble gum.

    This could be a great year if these guys gel…. then again if they don’t ?????

  6. Hmmm. I see why the Bengals decided to with Kevin Zeitler instead of Decastro..I don’t think Cincys the winner yet but so far Zeitlers been doing good in Camp..we shall see who’s comes out good in the end

  7. pouncey is overrated and this ol is ganna lead the team in sacks allowed this year again. Im sure they will send ben a get well soon card while he is layed up in the hospital after the raiders d-line gets done with him week 3. mike adams wont be able to stop lamaar houston and pouncey ganna get pushed back by richard and tommy right into ben as he steps on his ankle breaking it off.

  8. “DeCastro and Adams not far behind.”

    Neither am I, as we’ve played the same number of NFL games.

    Let’s play a few regular season games before they become potential Pro Bowl candidates.

  9. how do these steeler fans expect the worste o-line in football for years become the best with 2 rookies starting and 1 lacks work ethic and likes to smokes dope btw he is starting at the most important possition on the line. No matter how good they are ben will hold the ball to long and lead the league in getting sacked if he can stay healthy. The only stat ben has been the best at

  10. My eagles dline is gonna eat them up thursday night. Even if it is a preseason game, I expect them to come out hungry with emotions running high and win this game for coach.

  11. DeCastro is #2 on their depth chart at RG. He’s starting this game (albeit early pre-season) because the #1 Foster is playing LG for their other #1, who’s injured.

    Perhaps the reports of DeCastro being a “plug-n-play” 10-year automatic starter were unchallenged hype? Or maybe it points out how challenged are most draft ‘evaluators’ in the media who know next to nothing about actual the nutz & boltz of interior line play? In the AFCN, physicality is a given, especially for the OL. And aren’t the Steelers also missing their starting NT right now to line up against?

    DeCastro received the early (media) consensus for being the “best G in the draft” & the “best line prospect in a decade”, but the scut I’m hearing is that many teams gave him 2nd or even 3rd round grade. Of course, some teams also simply don’t think an OG should receive a first round grade, period.

    As the draft approaches, high picks are notoriously picked apart by teams leaking ‘insider info’ hoping players will fall to them. Meanwhile, DeCastro remained the unchallenged #1 consensus G.

    Maybe now we’re seeing why? He’s a relatively newcomer to the game and perhaps lacks something in the mode of the finely-controlled aggression & balance technique necessary to a lineman’s makeup?

  12. Stoogy… two rookies leading the worst o-line in football for years to turnaround is far more believable than Carson Palmer leading the worst franchise in football for years to a turnaround.

  13. When the Bengals traded down from 21 to 27, they gained a 3rd round pick and ultimately picked Zeitler from Wisconsin as their guard of the future. At the time, many pundits and AFCN fans on this board ridiculed the Bengals for passing over “the best guard prospect in a decade” and basically handing DeCastro to their AFCN rival Steelers. Now Zeitler is having a great camp and DeCastro, according to this and an ESPN AFCN blog report, is having trouble adjusting to the physical nature of the NFL. Not saying Zeitler is a better player or that DeCastro is not good. I think they both will be great. Just think that the Bengals should get a little credit for knowing Zeitler was equal-to or better than DeCastro and they actually do know what they’re doing on draft day. Funny how fans from each team automatically dog another team’s picks when the kids haven’t even played a down yet of pro football.

  14. If it takes DeCastro a little time, so be it. Alan Faneca didn’t start until week six of his rookie year . . . and Roger Duffy was starting. If the ending is close to the same, I’ll take a similar beginning.

  15. Calling DeCastro, Adams and Colon Pro-Bowlers or future Pro-Bowlers is a stretch. Pouncey will most likely be a perennial Pro-Bowler. DeCastro is expected to be as well, but who knows? I would expect that he will make a few if he is half as good as expected. I’m still not sold on Mike Adams. Living in Ohio and watching all of tOSU games each year, I can say that I have never seen him live up to his potential. Lazy, irresponsible and slow feet are what I saw. He looks good in camp because Harrison and Worilds aren’t lining up across from him. He is going against Chris Carter and Morty Ivy. Hell, Alex Barron could block those two. I think at best they can expect Adams to be a solid tackle, like Max Starks was for years. Colon hasn’t played in two years and is playing guard for the first time in his professional career. He has looked good in camp so far, but can he stay healthy? How will he do against the likes of Haloti Ngata? Marcus Gilbert also has a chance to be good, but I don’t think he will be a world beater. I can definitely seeing him being solid throughout his career though. Overall, a much better line with one or two Pro-Bowlers anchoring it.

  16. This is why the Steelers are so dominant and consistent. I’m a Lions fan and I was amazed to see Rieff and DeCastro still there when we picked and then for Mike Adams to be there for the Steelers in the 2nd? Awesome for Pittsburgh. It might take some time, but I think this line is going to be Seahawks in the early/mid 2000s good.

  17. “Pouncey is just average, if it wasn’t for the fact he played for the steelers, he would have never gotten into the pro bowl.”

    Pouncey has gotten in two pro bowls. In 2 seasons. He has great feet. Gets to second level all the time. Is mean. Good technique and plenty strong enough. You will see him there again, ala Webster, Dermonti Dawson, and Jeff Hartings.

  18. steeelfann is pounceys abilty to get to the second level the reason why they are so dominant in the run game?

    Bubby Brister the Raiders are far from being the worst franchise in the NFL why is there record vs the steelers all time sense the modern day NFL 13-12. including the playoffs. After this year it will be 14-12. The raiders have more talent at ever position on the team other then LB. The raiders have better Running back by far not even close. Better WR i hear on ESPN today that Tomlin was upset at the performance or ur wideouts. Better O-Line and D-line by far. Remember ur D-line is going to be ancored by a 280LB Nost tackle good luck with that.

  19. Stoogy…the Steelers were actually in the top half of the league in rushing yards last season, and 9th in yards per carry at 4.4. This is a team that was close to 60-40 pass-run.

    Those aren’t dominant numbers, but better than league average. Much of that is attributable to Pouncey’s ability to get to the second level.

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