Mike Martz moves from sidelines to FOX broadcast booth

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Mike Martz spent his entire coaching career in the NFC, and he’s going to get a chance to broadcast that conference this fall.

With Jim Mora moving out of the booth and back to the sidelines at UCLA, Martz will take over as part of the FOX broadcast team with play-by-play man Ron Pitts, according to the lineup posted by the network.

Martz is best known for his time as the offensive coordinator and head coach of the Rams, but he’s also worked as an assistant with the Redskins, Lions, 49ers and Bears, where he was most recently the offensive coordinator before being replaced by Mike Tice.

Given that he’s working with Pitts, the sixth man in the FOX lineup, he figures to have a chance a lot of Rams games this fall. He’s opening his season in Tampa Bay for Buccaneers-Panthers.

Martz is certainly smart enough to pull it off, and it’ll be interesting to see how his confidence translates to the broadcast booth, where some coaches find it hard to communicate their brilliance.

The other addition to the bottom of the FOX lineup is Heath Evans, who replaces Chad Pennington alongside veteran Sam Rosen.

The network’s also adding former ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews, who will work with the top team of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, with current sideline reporter Pam Oliver. Andrews will pick up NFL duties at Thanksgiving and work through the playoffs.

The other FOX teams are: Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston and Tony Siragusa;  Thom Brennaman, Brian Billick and Laura Okmin; Dick Stockton, John Lynch and Jennifer Hale; Chris Myers, Tim Ryan and Jaime Maggio.

11 responses to “Mike Martz moves from sidelines to FOX broadcast booth

  1. Brilliant , yea sure if u worked that group of players down in St. Louis you’d be considered brilliant too. Look what he did everywhere else.
    He almost killed Cutler

  2. Mike Martz views a reality different from our own.

    This is either going to be so bad it’s funny, or so bad you open up your tv and permanently disable your speakers.

  3. Ms. Pam Oliver is still the best at what she does and remains soothing on the eyes brother.

  4. Just keep Martz away from NFL offenses so he dont get a QB killed.
    Cutler is still having nightmares about his play calling. Now some body puts this wac job on TV

  5. “what’s odd to me is how little this team is throwing the ball. Both teams, really.”
    “less than 10 sacks? This is a hall of fame offensive line”
    “what is that quarterback doing? He appears to be changing the play at the line of scrimmage. Is this allowed??”

    And other phrases you’ll hear every game.

  6. Every NFL team that Martz left did much worse after he left. Rams have been a disaster after firing Martz because of a dysfunctional front office. Rams made a point of hiring next head coach after Martz who supposedly had a better offensive philosophy (Scott Linehan), offense died under Linehan.
    Lions had their infamous 0-16 season immediately after firing Martz (Detroit head coach Rod Marinelli fired Martz and said he was going to “pound the rock”, run the ball, when he had neither the OL or RBs, Marinelli looked old and senile while overlooking NFL is a passing league). Martz revived Jon Kitna’s career at Detroit and successfully worked around having 3 consecutive first round WR flops of recent drafts (Charles Rogers, Roy Williams of Texas, Mike Williams).
    Mike Singletary, worst head coach in NFL history, has never been a coordinator…ever! Singletary fires Martz… then DURING THE SEASON (2010) fired Martz’s replacement, elderly out-of-touch Jimmy Raye.
    Martz helped get the Bears have a good enoough record to host the NFC title game and almost to a Super Bowl. Multiple offensive coordinator candidiates rejected the Bears before the 2010 season, it was assumed underachieving Lovie Smith would be finally be fired after that supposedly losing season.
    Certain head coaches, GMs, coordinators and players get savaged in the press and some of the public while unqualified/failing ones get almost no negative press until the end(Leslie Frazier, Rod Graves, Hue Jackson, Romeo Crennel (Cleveland), New Mexico’s Mike Locksley, Kansas’ Turner Gill, Jason Garrett). Martz, Jim Fassell should be somewhere in the NFL.

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