Packers shorten practice due to injuries


Maybe 90 guys still isn’t enough.

A year after training-camp rosters grew by 10 spots from 80, some teams don’t have enough healthy bodies for their one-a-day practices.

According to Pete Dougherty of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, the Packers cut their practice time to one hour and 45 minutes on Monday.

Nearly 10 percent of the roster has been scratched for Thursday night’s game at San Diego, the biggest name belonging to receiver Greg Jennings, who has a concussion.

Left tackle Marshall Newhouse also has a concussion, but he hasn’t been scratched, yet.

Two more Packers went down during the shortened practice:  cornerback Sam Shields (elbow) and running back Brandon Saine (hamstring).

Though McCarthy can reduce practice time all he wants, he still needs to put 11 guys on the field for every snap during the four preseason games.  The first one comes in only two days.

7 responses to “Packers shorten practice due to injuries

  1. If you lose 10% of 90, you’re still at 81 which is still more than you could bring to camp in previous years. Hope McCarthy can find 11 healthy guys out of his 81 available.

  2. When is logic going to prevail and the pre-season is cut down to 2 games? Even 1 is enough.

    These guys don’t do anything in most of them anyway, except the 3rd one.

    Why injure more guys for nothing? Well of course it’s more $ to the teams, so there’s your answer.

    Always follow the $.

    Why are there thousands of assault rifles, AK47’s etc. sold, on the streets despite they being nothing more than killing machines? Of course, $$$$$.

    Nobody hunts deer or ducks with AK47’s.

  3. 3 reasons for the additional injuries all teams are having this off-season:

    1) Extra attention paid to concussions. Guys used to get their bell rung and keep playing. Now they sit out a week or more.

    2) Lack of contact and pad wearing. If this was boxing you wouldn’t even think of preparing for a boxing match without hard sparring and getting hit. You can’t have an off-season of tippy-tap walkthroughs and then suddenly throw on the pads and not get guys hurt.

    3) Players don’t wear the full compliment of pads. Players want to be fast, so they drop the thigh pads, the knee pads, the hip pads, rib pads, etc. The result is a lot of knee contusions and thigh bruises and rib bruises. The NFL or teams need to extend the required padding.

  4. “he still needs to put 11 guys on the field for every snap during the four preseason games.” Not true Florio … NFL rules permit a team to play with less than 11 players on the field. I would doubt McCarthy or any coach would ever field less than a full team, but I just can’t let your pithy statements at the end of every story go unchecked.

  5. Damn these guys r fragile. Every year GB gets banged up, early AND often. What is the training staff for? Get healthy and back on the field.

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