Plaxico Burress owes $59,241 in back taxes


Plaxico Burress may have 59,000 more reasons to want to get back into the NFL.

Burress, the free agent receiver who has played for the Giants and the Jets, owes New York State $59,241 in back taxes, according to TMZ, via the New York Post.

The bill apparently comes from taxes that Burress failed to pay during the 2007 season with the Giants, which was one of his best NFL seasons. Burress caught 70 passes for 1,025 yards and a career-high 12 touchdowns that year, and the Giants won the Super Bowl after that season.

Receiving NFL paychecks again this year would help Burress pay off that tax bill, but so far Burress has been surprised to find out that no one wants him. Unless the Seahawks decide they want to keep collecting aging receivers, Burress may remain unemployed.

26 responses to “Plaxico Burress owes $59,241 in back taxes

  1. I hate to rub it in, but he could’ve been a HOFer if he had had the maturity to try harder.

    As a Steelers fan i would welcome him back for a couple years.

    He’s paid his dues.

  2. Didn’t he have tax issues when he was in PA also? And again…his wife is a lawyer, married to a scofflaw. Derp.

  3. A team with receiver injuries and/ or their team isn’t scoring points in the preseason will sign him.. Plaxico Burress will be on an NFL roster this season. book it !

  4. NY has the highest tax rates in the U.S., that is why I refuse to live there. They feel that whatever you earn is theirs to give to someone else.
    NFL players should be wary of signing with NY teams solely due to the extreme tax liabilities involved.

  5. A lot of teams out there have needs at receiver and he still isn’t getting any calls. Most teams carry 5-6 receivers. Hard to imagine there are 96 receivers better than him right now. Gotta think he’d be a decent roll player as a #3 or #4 receiver at this stage of his career.

  6. I’m surprised my 49ers haven’t added him so we’ll have 6 number 1 WRs lol.

    This guy used to be unstoppable on Madden when he was on the Steelers.

  7. eagle brass bring this guy in!!!!!!!! he cant cost that much and will help your redzone woes without a doubt. if it doesnt work cut him not that big of a deal considering we took graham in the 1st round couple years back and look what hes doing now?

  8. Why would he owe NY State taxes when he played in NJ ?

    I know at one point (don’t know if it’s still true), the Giants official headquarters were in Manhattan. This might be the reason, pay checks may come out of there.

  9. Some of you are idiots…you realize that 59k in taxes for an NFL contract is nothing, right? That means he paid over 90% of his taxes…the error is on the part of the accountant, not on him trying to swindle the government.

  10. I believe the taxes owed would be determined by what state your legal residence is in.I live in Florida but my employer is based in Georgia. I pay no state income taxes because Florida has no income tax.I could be wrong.

  11. Well he lived and played his home games in NJ in 2007, the taxes could be due to the one game the Giants played in Buffalo late in the season.

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