Report: Sidney Rice might not be ready for Week One


The Seahawks’ decision to sign wide receiver Terrell Owens has led to many questions.

Right at the top of that list is the simple one of why the Seahawks would roll the dice on T.O. given his extensive history of providing reasons not to bring him into your team. One of the reasons might be the health of Sidney Rice.

Peter King of reports that Rice “might not be ready to start the season” as a result of his shoulder issues and/or concussions. Rice had surgeries on both of his shoulders in January and suffered a third concussion in a year during a November game. He’s been cleared to practice, but the team is keeping him away from contact and the team is moving very slowly toward a full workload.

It’s not too much of a stretch to suggest that their interest in Owens and Braylon Edwards, for that matter, at reasonable prices has something to do with doubts about Rice’s ability to remain in the lineup. Those doubts sent them in a direction other teams haven’t been willing to go and made Seattle’s camp an interesting one to watch the rest of the way.

17 responses to “Report: Sidney Rice might not be ready for Week One

  1. What? Rice hurt again? Does he ever play? The Seahawks are finding out what many of us know. He’s a liability due to his numerous injuries.

  2. Imagine that. An injury is limiting Sidney Rice’s availability. The Vikings definitely made the right decision. The Seahawks blew it.

  3. Seattle yet again gets revenge on the Vikings for the Steve Hutchinson “poison pill” embarrassment.
    Sooner or later they’ll figure it out.

  4. He should call Brett every day and thank him for his huge contract. Good kid, all the talent in the world, but can’t stay healthy. Had one good year when he stayed healthy and had Brett chucking him the rock.

  5. They are just keeping him fresh. He’s still running drills, they just don’t want him to get injured again in preseason like last year where he screwed up his shoulder in practice during the preseason and then he was out for 3/4 of the season.

  6. According to stupid Peter King, Terrell Owens might not even make the team!!!

    Owens has acted like a jackass in the past, but to say that makes you an even bigger one!!!

    But then again according to Peter King defenses and pass rushers do not matter when you are predicting Super Bowl teams. How did that Atlanta Falcons pick go???

    T.O. will ball like crazy to the point where you will forget who Sidney Rice was!

    Get me 10 TD’S this year T.O.!!!

  7. Seattle has good young big wr in Durham , lockette. Sadly if they don’t do what needs to be done they won’t be able to keep all there wr. Do the right thing an either trade/ release rice. It was a mistake. Don’t do the same thing Arizona is doing by keeping a injury prone inconsistent guy just because of pride an the size of this contract.

  8. Does anyone really believe he’ll ever play again? I feel like he’s been retired since he left the Vikings.

  9. Rice has enough talent to be one of the better wide receivers to ever play the game, but he has had one healthy year in his entire career. Rice made Favre a better Viking and Favre did the same thing for Rice. I wish him the best in whatever career he has left but I think the best is behind this guy because he just can not stay on the field for a whole season.

  10. Sidney is a very gifted receiver who is fearless. That’s his big problem. Being fearless in his position leads to injuries. Trying to go through DBs to get to the ball has a price.

  11. aaroncurryisbust says: Aug 7, 2012 3:16 PM

    Poor Rice. Extremely gifted #1 WR when healthy
    Hasn’t he only had one 1000 yard season? That’s not “extremely gifted #WR” material to me.

  12. I’m thinkin’ the Seachickens gotta give up on trying to pay the Vikings back for the Steve Hutchinson deal. Nate Burleson…..gone, Tavaris Jackson never gonna get there, Sid Rice …break a fingernail sit out the year.

  13. Obviously the writer of this article does not pay attention to the Seahawks enough to know Rice has been a full participant in training camp and is right on schedule to be ready for week one.

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