Rex Ryan makes Jets run after more practice fights


After Monday’s fight dominated the headlines coming out of Jets camp, coach Rex Ryan said that he didn’t expect to have any more scraps during training camp.

It didn’t take long for his team to prove him wrong. The daily horde of media members at Jets camp set Twitter on fire when another fight broke out at Tuesday morning’s session, causing Ryan to halt practice and yell at the team. Cornerback Antonio Cromartie then was in the middle of another scuffle a short time later and Ryan made the whole team run 10 gassers from sideline to sideline. Rich Cimini of snapped a picture of the team running before Ryan gathered the team for another lecture.

Fights happen in training camps, even if some of the response to Monday’s fight at Jets camp made it seem like the first time anyone had ever heard of such a thing occurring on a football field. The Dolphins had a much less publicized scrap at their practice and there will probably be pushing, shoving and worse at another practice on Tuesday as well. Earlier Ryan teams in New York featured offensive lineman Robert Turner fighting regularly at the team’s practices without generating a scintilla of the coverage that Monday’s fight brought to the team.

Having said that, it certainly isn’t a good sign for the Jets if they are unable to follow through on their coach’s request to stop fighting with one another on the football field. Quarterback Mark Sanchez also made a plea for the team to stop the fussing and the feuding that seems to have fallen on deaf ears. If you want to argue that these fights are a sign of dysfunction, that’s the argument to make because fighting itself is neither new nor particularly newsworthy.

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  1. I actually like the fire they’re showing. You didn’t have any of this last year and they finished an embarrassing 8-8 after coming off back to back AFC Title games.

  2. “fighting itself is neither new nor particularly newsworthy.”
    Yet you guys continue to write articles about it. I can’t stand Rex or the Jets but fighting is nothing new and happens throughout the league. Quit writing up articles about it. Let’s find some real news. Hasn’t Roethlisberger taken advantage of another underage college chick in a bar recently? Geez it’s bound to happen sooner or later.

  3. There are bound to be incidents of shoving, etc. but full blown brawls involving 10 or more people should NOT be considered inevitable. Especially when the coach has publicly stated that he’ll promote harmony this year. Bad sign.

  4. thank god we have ESPN and you guys updating us on every little thing that happens in jets camp. how many times has tebow sneezed today?

  5. Those will be the longest runs they will have this season. Other teams have a crop of talent, but the New York Jets have crap for talent.

  6. Gee, and it sure seemed like up until yesterday that decision making was Cromartie’s strong suit.

  7. Nice job saying that training camp fights are not newsworthy at the end of an article you wrote about training camp fights.

  8. Fights in training are pretty normal, however normally teams don’t have a blowhard attention seeking Owners inviting ESPN cameras to every workout.

    Not sure how far the team can go with Dumb & Dumber & Dumberer in charge (Rex, Mike T and Woody).

  9. Who cares about the fight or actual football… What was Tebow doing? Did he have his shirt on or off? What would Tebow do if someone tried to fight him? GAG ME!

  10. But what we really want to know is whether Cromartie was fighting as an offensive player or defensive. Cause Lord knows he’s #2 at his position on both sides of the ball.

  11. When you have this many fights in camp, it really tells you just how much your team really sucks balls. Over rated Jets. Only the media likes you.

  12. “Jet will be 6-10 at best this year”

    i think the jets win more than six games with their schedule. the only above average qbs they face are brady, big ben, schaub, and rivers.

  13. Ohhh, this is rich. Chickens have come home to roost. Too funny Rex. All that talking and now, your players don’t know who they are, what the plan is, nothing. Game over.

  14. I’m not into predicting the future, but when your star WR is given a rib-jarring tackle by your know-nothing CB in the first scrimmage……there’s your problem.

    And then your disappointing 3rd year RB takes umbrage at a tackle — and throws the ball at his coach’s son……there’s your problem.

    And after a stern warning by your Head Coach your team is still fighting — well, you get the picture.

  15. Yeah Rex- you have them all set to take out NE
    You dickheads keep fighting and then start Tebow
    You do more damage to yourselves than any 400 yd day Brady has against you

  16. They’re a 7-9 or 6-10 team no receivers, Shonn Greene is you’re #1 rb, no pass rush and drama everyday. They have so much drama, middle school girls are taking notes.

  17. Fights happen… get over it. You have over 80 men battling for 50 some roster spots, you have older players battling to keep their job from the young guys trying to make their way into the league. They are holed up together 24/7 for over 2 weeks without a break facing off against each other the entire time. You’re sore, you’re miserable, and you’re tired of seeing the same guy across from you day in and day out… those with families are missing their wives, their kids and probably missing their own beds… your fuse is shortened dramatically and all it takes is one spark to set it off… a shove after a play, a little bit of trash talking, stuff that you would normally walk away from…. it is inevitable . You’re ready to get out of camp, you’re ready to mix it up with someone other than your teammates. After the first pre-season game, all of this fighting will stop… all that pent up anger, aggression, frustration and crankiness gets dealt to someone other than your teammate…

    The fact that NY is a media driven town and the Jets have given them more than enough to write about, these fights are going to be magnified as something more than what it is. What we see is the fighting… what we don’t see is that these guys are all hanging out bustin’ chops and getting on with business.

    Anyone that has played football at any level from high school on, knows this first hand. It happens and it happens often. And whether you like it or not, i would be more concerned as a fan and as a coach if there weren’t a few scuffles and shoving matches going on during camp…

  18. I am enjoying watching the dysfunction that surrounds the jets. Ryan is an arrogant loud mouth just lime his brother and dad. They talk with bravado, yet they don’t have much to show for it. He improved the jets, however, now the team matches the coaches personality and it will only continue to go down hill.

  19. There’s HBO’s Hard Knocks featuring the Dolphins. And there’s ESPN’s Hard Knocks featuring the Jets.

  20. Was Cromatie hitting himself?

    I mean he is playing both offense & defense, so why not pick a fight with himself.

  21. Just an observation:

    Last time Patriots had a team brawl Brady spoke to the entire team about hurting the team and there has not been a fight since.

    Sanchez spoke to the team yesterday after their brawls and today we have more team brawls.

    Everyone knows the answer to this.

  22. The fights will seem minor compared to the team turmoil that a certain backup QB will cause once the season starts.

  23. Take a closer look at the picture linked with them running. Who’s the first guy to the other side in the red jersey #15?


    Surprised nobody else has mentioned that yet.

  24. I like Rich Cimini’s picture. It says SO much without saying anything at all. Just take a look at who is running the hardest..

  25. IThe media said that it was Cromartie that hurt Holmes ribs by giving him hard shot. That is not true at all but thats what they reported and that means its gospel. Holmes actually got hurt when Mo. Wilkerson landed on his ribcage at the end of the play, but that doesn’t make a good story so they just rewrite history to make it sexy. The NY media has the sensationalism equation down to a perfect science, make it sexy, make the money.

  26. When I find myself in times of trouble

    Mother Mary comes to me

    Speaking Words of wisdom

    Just check in on the latest with the jets and you’ll feel MUCH better – they’re always good for a laugh

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