Skins-Bills game blacked out in Buffalo

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The debut of RG3 won’t be televised in Western New York.

The Bills have announced that the preseason home opener against the Redskins hasn’t sold out, which means that it will be blacked out locally.

To avoid a blackout, all non-premium seats must be sold within 72 hours of kickoff.

The more important question is why would the league black out a glorified practice session?  Commissioner Roger Goodell has said many times that the quality of preseason play is lacking.  It’s one thing to force season-ticket holders to purchase tickets to two meaningless games in order to secure the ability to buy tickets to the eight that count, plus playoffs.  Why compel folks to fill the place up before a non-game game will be shown on TV?

The good news (for folks who love glorified practice sessions but not enough to pay full price to watch them in person) is that the Redskins-Bills tilt will be shown on a tape-delayed basis in Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse.

33 responses to “Skins-Bills game blacked out in Buffalo

  1. Borin…I mean Buffalo needs to relocate to Toronto. Shame they won’t witness a historic moment that is RGIII taking his first snaps in the NFL brother.

  2. Who would pay full price for the first pre season game? Unless they had to that is.

  3. It’s blacked out because the tens of thousands of Canadians that buy tickets to regular season games, won’t but preseason tickets.

  4. Wow Bills fans bust on Bucs and other teams that can’t sell out games You all are blacked out on the first game of the nfl season yes it’s preseason but its the first game back that’s bad

  5. Are Bills fans dumb ? Or….are they smart to tell the Never Free League that they wont pay full price to see 4th 5th stringers play bad football ???

    The other side of the coin is that the team feels the excitement building toward the regular season as Buffalo is a legit contender when the fans come out in droves ( Damm the kids college money – the Bills come first !! )

  6. Also will not be shown in St. Louis, where I am predicting someone will lose his job after we see how much better RG3 turns out to be than Sam Bradford.

  7. Not only should preseason games be free, they should never be blacked out. The arrogance of the owners during the preseason is pretty sad.

    But its simple supply and demand really. Fans just need to yawn at these “blacked out” preseason games and save their $ for when the games count.

  8. Luckily, I’m stationed at Little Rock AFB, Arkansas. I gave my two preseason tickets to the children’s hospital in Buffalo, NY, and I will be ordering Preseason Live via, so unlike my fellow season ticket holders that will not attend the game (or fellow Bills fans), I will be fortunate enough to watch.

  9. Wow, honestly I feel bad for fans of teams that do not get a chance to see the home team play after waiting all season. I do not think the Skins have ever had a game blacked out. I mean what is that. That is definately a rule that needs to be changed. Some people can not afford to pay full price for a meaningless game these days but want to support their team.

  10. that stinks i wanted to see Mario and Co. destroy this predator looking chump. oh well guess ill just hear about itafter the fact tis the OLYMPIC SEASON!!!!

  11. Yeah, the owners know the game is wotth less but the are just dividing the season price by 10. If they charge less for the pre-season, they just raise the others.

  12. musicman495 says:Aug 7, 2012 1:48 PM

    Also will not be shown in St. Louis, where I am predicting someone will lose his job after we see how much better RG3 turns out to be than Sam Bradford.

    Thanks for the prediction that has nothing to do with this article moron

  13. Bills stadium isn’t publicly financed. It should be illegal to blackout a publicly financed stadium. We built it and we must buy seats. No Thanks. Owners need incentive to build their own stadiums.

  14. Its Only pre season. Gaily said the starters will get 15-18 snaps. Im not paying that money to see the starters for 15 snaps. Once the regular season hits and the Bills finally turn it around selling out regular season games is not going to b an issue whatsoever. We still sell out most of our games and havnt been to the playoffs in 13 years! Bills fans are some of the best and most loyal. Big thumbs down to all u bandwagon Bills haters out there!!

  15. Please knock off the relocation talk.

    I can’t stand Bills fans – but every NFL team needs to stay put.

  16. Quit being delusional bills fans, you’re not contenders for anything except last in the division.

  17. I’m honestly more surprised all NFL games are not already on pay-per-view. It’s just around the corner folks. NFL is not about the fans it’s about how much the fans are willing to pay.

  18. Ive been to a few preseason games in my lifetime, and each time, the tickets have been given to me for free. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to pay the full price of a regular season game ticket for a stupid preseason game.

    As a spectator, it feels dumb trying to get excited for a preseason game. Half the guys on the field won’t even be in the NFL by september.

    So, this thursday in Buffalo, you can pay a fortune to go out to Orchard Park and see a scrimmage while drinking ridiculously overpriced beer, or pay $10 to head down to the awesome harbor, see the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and drink reasonably priced beer.
    Seems like a no-brainer to me!

  19. Who cares, it’s a preseason game. They can watch it on tape delay or on the nfl network later.

  20. It’s preseason !! Who cares? PFT you need to ban this hulkhogansays clown!! Every post he puts up is just garbage!! It’s not even funny

  21. Do people buy tickets to preseason games that don’t have season tickets?

    Full price for maybe a half of a quarter of starters from both teams. Seems like a great deal.

  22. Breaking news: Bills fans don’t care about RGIII….and they don’t go to preseason games even when they have the tickets. I’ll watch the game online for free like everyone else who won’t pay full price for preseason garbage football (and doesn’t have season tickets)

  23. BILLS fans are wise and will spend their money on the upcoming regular season and Buffalo Sabres games. This is preseason, season ticket holder’s like myself give my tickets away to this game. However, the BILLS are wise – they market the last preseason game every year as a big kids day game gear towards the little future season ticket holders here at the end of summer. The kids day game sells out every year and the regular season will have the BILLS in the top 10 in attendance just like it does every year.

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