Talk surfaces of Burress heading back to the ‘Burgh

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With current Steelers receiver Mike Wallace holding out and former Steelers (and Giants and Jets) receiver Plaxico Burress still looking for work (and needing it), it takes something less than a genius to connect the dots in a way that would lead Plaxico back to Pittsburgh.

But when the possibility is floated by Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, who is as plugged in as anyone when it comes to the Steelers, it’s time to pay attention.

Bouchette says that Burress wants “too much money,” but that “something has to give and it doesn’t look as though Wallace will give in any time soon.”

Though the Steelers inexplicably opted not to make an aggressive move with Wallace on June 15 and cut his one-year tender offer by more than $2 million, the Steelers pulled a piss-and-vinegar power play 11 days ago, signing receiver Antonio Brown to the deal that surely would have been available for Wallace.

Now, the ultimate “we’re moving on” moment would come if/when the Steelers sign a replacement.  And the replacement could be Burress.

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger surely would welcome it, and Burress could provide an interesting complement to the rest of the team’s receivers.

So if the Steelers really want to shake things up after giving Wallace’s long-term deal to Brown, they could strip the RFA tender from Wallace and give his $2.7 million (or something less than that) to Burress.

Yes, it would make Wallace a free agent.  But it also would give him a chance to find out that he won’t be getting Larry Fitzgerald money on the open market — especially if he hits the open market in August.

17 responses to “Talk surfaces of Burress heading back to the ‘Burgh

  1. I’m all over it. I think Plax has been a bit humbled since his last stint in the ‘Burgh and he and Ben work well together. Ben loves throwing to him. Reminds me of the old Dennis Hopper Nike commercials referring to the connection between Aikman and Irvin: “It’s like they have ESP, man!”

  2. I could see the Plax signing happening at the right price, but no way they pull the offer to Wallace and just let him walk. C’mon Florio, why even suggest that.

  3. Wallace should have been smart enough to know you never ever try and stiffarm the Steeler’s FO. You will lose every time

  4. If they release Wallace they are almost assured of getting a 3rd or 4th rounder as a compensatory pick in next year’s draft. I doubt they let him walk, but stranger things have happened, and, since he doesn’t plan on showing until week 10 what does it matter anyway?

  5. No need. Even without Wallace, Burress would be no higher than the #4 receiver with the Steelers. If Wallace returns he’d be fighting to make the team in the #5 slot.

    Only way it makes sense is on a one year deal for the veteran minimum.

  6. I’ve been waiting for this to happen. Get the most out of Mike Wallace: trade his greedy, too-short-to-get-Fitzgerald-money behind and Bring back Plax!

  7. And here I thought Big Ben and Plax wouldn’t be reunited anywhere other than a prison yard…

    I’m certain The Coach is rolling over in his grave as we speak.

  8. It seems to be that Plex back in PIT is a tough sell b/c he is not a Wallace/speed receiver and when he left he claimed the town was racist. I am not sure chemistry wise if bringing him back would work at the minimum and I guarantee they will not bring him back until they work him out – which will be the tell.

  9. Wallace is talented but at a position that produces a new NFL phenom nearly every season. He was blessed to land with a contending team that would have paid him market value. That wasn’t enough for his over-inflated ego. Now he’s lost goodwill with the front office and the fans, and many of us don’t care where he ends up.

    I don’t know that we need Burress, given his age and the overall strength of our receiving corps. (Rookie Marquis Maze has had a great camp.) But Burress has the gift of height and if he still has the speed, he might be a one-year option … if the price is right.

  10. OH YEAH…Plax COULD provide an interesting complement to the other WRs. He could teach them how to miss practice as well as meetings and how to become malcontents and disruptive forces. This is a road the Steelers traveled before. Why would they want to revisit old train wrecks. Heck, why not inquire whether Santanio is available from the Jets? At least he is younger. Then there would be a place on the Jets for Wallace. Everybody lives happily ever after!

  11. I think this would be great. It could just be scare tactics – one last shot to light a fire under Wallace. Of course, if Wallace didn’t give in after losing his contract to Brown, he doesn’t seem likely to give in to the threat of losing his roster spot to Burress.

  12. I can’t see the Steelers bring this guy back after how anxious they were to get rid of him in the first place when he became a total headache…They’re doing the right thing with Wallace, but maybe they should wait to add another receiver once teams start trimming down their rosters as there will be many quality receivers available

  13. SomeOne said “isn’t this team old enough” you listent to too much media. 5 starters over 30 on offense and defense.

  14. I don’t know about anyone else. But i am sick of Wallace holding out. He’s really not that good. Especially compared to my mind Wallace isn’t Steelers material …he needs to be sent to the cowboys then he’ll see.

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