Urlacher misses sixth straight practice


The Bears admitted to some concern about linebacker Brian Urlacher’s health when he missed his fourth consecutive day of training camp earlier this week. The tally of missed practice time is now up to six.

Head coach Lovie Smith stated Tuesday that Urlacher’s absence the past two days has been for “personal reasons,” as relayed by Michael C. Wright of ESPN Chicago. “When we have more information,” said Smith, “Brian will be our linebacker this year and all kinds of other things out there. … He’s been excused again for personal reasons.”

The Bears haven’t said whether the “personal reasons” are related to Urlacher’s knee. Urlacher, 34, tore the MCL and PCL in his left knee in Week Seventeen last season. He opted for rest and rehab instead of surgery.

Wright considers it “unlikely” that Urlacher will be available for Thursday’s preseason opener against the Broncos.

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  1. Jenny McCarthy may have taken a pregnancy test. I’d freak out for at least 2 days

  2. This does NOT bode well for Urlackers future in playing Linebacker. It has been over six months ! since he has injured that knee and he still has enough soreness to keep him out 6 days of practice ! This is serious and his 34 year old body is showing the strain of linebacker play.I hate to say it but….his days are numbered… and that number is very small…..He has had a good ride in Chicago but it appears to be about over.

  3. Rest and rehab over surgery for torn knee ligaments? That sounds like a horrible decision.

  4. Lovie Smith: “Brian’s excused for personal reasons,. Pay no attention to the enormous bulbous growth of bandages on his knee, it’s nothing.”

  5. Hope Bryan U can give us another good season. Always enjoyed watching his caliber of play and intensity he brings to the field. You can pick it up even watching it on TV. Best wishes for a healthy outcome. Sincerely,
    A Viking Fan For Life

  6. It’s okay Brian, you guys weren’t going to the beat the Packers this year anyway. Enjoy slugging it out with the Vikings for 3rd place, we’ll be trying to contain the Lions.

  7. Urlacher has always been very strong east and west (and still will) but north and south is where I think he’s lost a step or two. If the additions on the D line improve QB pressure the Bears D will be in the top 10 and they will make a serious playoff run with or without Brian. Otherwise, Emery will get to make his first big hire next year.

  8. Most overrated defensive player in the history of the league. Bears are better off without him.

  9. @Packfaninchitown

    Apparently you missed your own Linebacker making excuses today as to why your Packers got their butts handed to them last year by the Giants. Bears, Lions 1st and 2nd this year…have fun fighting the Vikes for the Battle of the Basement

  10. He’s done. He was one of the good ones in his prime but his prime has passed.

    He’s 34 years old, he plays linebacker, he got serious leg injuries last season – his time has come and gone. Accept it, hang in up now and WALK away.

  11. Im a Bears fan for life an Chicago needs Urlacher this season. but this smells like Urlacher needed surgery last season after that Vikings game an he didnt get it. an if Lovie knew he was hurt an didnt tell him to get the surgery then Lovie needs to be fired an Urlacher needs to be CUT….. NOW.

  12. Relax people…… He just had to spend a bit of time on the set re-shooting new commercials for Xfinity. He’s not an actor, he’s a football player. He isn’t going to get it right on the first take, second take, third take……
    So look for whatever set he is on, drag him away from that and remind him of what his real profession is….

  13. As long as he’s conditioned and healthy I dont care if he sits out every practice and preseason game…. This is his 13th season and he knows how to get prepared for a tough NFL season.. I would rather a well rested Urlacher down the stretch even if he’s not as sharp the first 2-3 games by sitting out other than a hurt/done for the season Urlacher by “practicing”… He’s a baller, he’ll come to play, give him all the rest he needs now

  14. Bears fans… Urlacher is hurt an he needs surgery that he should have had last season after the Vikings game. He knew he needed to do it an he didnt. Emery dont give him a new contract LET HIM GO!!! Urlacher wont be of no use to the Bears this season

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