Charles Woodson: “It’s probably about time” for female official


During her conference call Tuesday, official Shannon Eastin said she’s felt an incredible amount of support from players.

The Chargers have already said they welcomed her, and now the Packers have followed suit.

Eastin will work as the line judge in Thursday’s San Diego-Green Bay game, becoming the first female official in league history.

“What do I think about it? Well, it’s probably about time,” Packers defensive back Charles Woodson told Sirius NFL Radio, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “I’m sure women have probably tried at some point, along the way, leading up to this point. I would assume there’s somebody qualified out there, that we won’t have to jump all over for making bad calls.

“We look forward to it. That’s just the way things are and the way they should be. Hats off to her and whoever decided to make it happen.”

Eastin said the league had been looking for a female official before the lockout of the regular refs, so the effort was obviously in place. The good news is no players or coaches have embarrassed themselves by opposing her presence so far.

10 responses to “Charles Woodson: “It’s probably about time” for female official

  1. They should have her mic’ed so when some players make rude sexual comments to her when they don’t like her call she has proof.

  2. Former players-turned-radio hosts have, though. Ike Reese had some choice words about the decision on WIP in Philadelphia two days ago. I’m wondering if opposition to a female ref is a closeted reaction, something the players might talk about privately but praise publicly so as to not be on the wrong side of history, seeing as it appears to be an inevitable thing at this point. Sort of like how some people are far more racist privately than they let on in public, but they don’t want to appear unenlightened so they keep their real feelings in the safety of their homes.

  3. Why not… they have taken over sportscasting.. the ones on NFL Network are the worst i have heard. I have just about quit watching that Network..

  4. I doubt players care any about the gender of officials. What will be interesting is what junk you media types lead with when a coach or player inadvertently taps her on the rear by force of habit.

  5. Maybe female refs will let the games be decided on the field and not assert themselves as a third team in the game. If I never see another team get “pass interfered” into field goal position at te end of a game I will be a happy man.

  6. As long as she doesn’t mind being a token, because if you use college and high school as a basis, the % of female officials would not lead you to conclude that one would make the NFL. That’s the truth, hate away.

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