Colts-Rams game is sold out


The preseason debut of Andrew Luck will be televised.

The Colts announced via statement Wednesday (and Jim Irsay announced via Twitter) that tickets for their Sunday game against the Rams have sold out and that it will be televised locally as a result. Irsay had previously issued a “100% guarantee” that both home preseason games would sell out, so today’s news means that he’s halfway to making good on that promise.

There were reports last week of slow ticket sales for the Colts’ slate with 1,600 season tickets reportedly available. Single game tickets went on sale this week and there’s been no further update on how the sales have been going.

It won’t hurt ticket sales if people tune in on Sunday and see an encouraging performance from Luck and some of the other new faces that make up the majority of their roster. While you can’t make much of a determination about how good a player will be in his first preseason game, you can get excited enough to shell out money to see him play at some point during the season.