Ex-Raiders assistant Randy Hanson arrested for assault

Randy Hanson, the former Raiders assistant who left the coaching staff and later sued the team saying then-head coach Tom Cable had assaulted him, was recently arrested for assault himself.

The San Luis Obispo Tribune reports that Hanson, who was recently hired as the defensive backs coach at Cal Poly, has been suspended from his job indefinitely after he was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon on Saturday. Hanson is accused of attacking a man with a beer bottle at a bar last weekend.

Cable was accused of breaking his jaw during a fight at training camp in August of 2009. Prosecutors in Napa County, California, reviewed the allegation and did not bring charges against Cable. Hanson left the coaching staff shortly after the incident, then returned to the Raiders a few months later as a scout.

Hanson sued the Raiders in 2010, and when Al Davis fired Cable after the 2010 season, he said the lawsuit brought “stress” and “turmoil” upon the Raiders, and he blamed Cable for that.

13 responses to “Ex-Raiders assistant Randy Hanson arrested for assault

  1. Hey this breaks the 19 day arrest ticker!!! Who would have thought the most unintimidating guy would break the streak brother!!

  2. This guy had his head so far up Mr. Davis’ backside it wasn’t even funny. Discrediting everything players have said about this guy to the media being a tool, you can come to your own conclusion. Who the hell makes a mugshot face for your employment picture?!

  3. “Al Davis fired Cable after the 2010 season, he said the lawsuit brought “stress” and “turmoil” upon the Raiders”

    Nope. Pretty sure Al Davis brought stress and turmoil to that franchise more than anyone

  4. Someone connected with The Raiders, arrested for ASSAULT? I fear the author of this article didn’t carefully check his source. The Raiders…couldn’t be!!

  5. haha idiot. that was one of those situations where it seemed like no one involved could blame Cable for punching the guy so everyone kept their mouth shut. No disrespect to the old man but this is just another reminder that those latter Al days are not missed.

  6. Sums up the Raiders recent history. The biggest hits are being delivered by two (former) members of the coaching staff.

  7. “Hanson is accused of attacking a man with a beer bottle at a bar last weekend.”

    Was the man Tom Cable?

    Maybe the raiders should hire him back, you know, because he earned his stripes since Cable opened a six-pack on him.

  8. Ask Tony Parker about beer bottles, he got one in the eye thanks to Drake the Fake and Cris ” not hung 2 long” Brown. Will someone get Cable on the phone and ask him if he will coach the Raiders now that Al is dead. ?? Tom was born to coach the Raiders.

  9. that picture is classic. whats even funnier is that is the same picture in the gameday magazine that you buy at the game….he had to be coming off a 3 day bender when he took that picture.

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