Gale Sayers is furious about bounties

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Pro Football Hall of Famer Gale Sayers became surprisingly emotional when asked about the Saints’ bounty program in a TV interview, showing anger and sadness and even suggesting that those involved should go to prison.

Sayers said in an interview for Comcast SportsNet Chicago’s Inside Look that he was disgusted by the Saints’ bounty program and that he believes the Saints’ players and coaches should be banned from the sport.

“How can you do that? I have never had anybody say ‘I’m going to break your arm.’ Never!” Sayers said. “They should never go out there and play this game again, go out and coach this game again.”

Sayers also said there are “owners out there that are telling there football players . . . ‘Go out and I will give you $1,500 to break his leg, to break his arms.'” With that comment, Sayers either misspoke or misunderstood the facts of the NFL’s investigation into the Saints’ bounty program. There have been no allegations at all that Saints owner Tom Benson was involved in any type of pay-to-injure scheme.

But Sayers believes strongly that the Saints did something very, very wrong. When interviewer David Kaplan told Sayers that some people think those involved in bounties should go to jail, Sayers replied, “You’re damn right they should.”

Sayers, whose career with the Bears was cut short by knee injuries, shed tears as he spoke, and obviously feels passionately about the topic. The interview is hard to watch, but it’s even harder to look away. Legendary figures in football history don’t often express this kind of fury about the game.

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  1. And that’ll for anyone who claims that the players’ reputations weren’t damaged by the misrepresentation of the alleged program.

    He has every right to be furious about Gregg Williams’ comments. They weren’t reflected on the field, and the NFL only further damages itself by continuing to call what the Saints did “bounties” and let even legends be totally misinformed. That in turn misinforms others.

  2. LoL. Sayers is a perfect example of someone who just took the original Goodell bait hook, line, and sinker; and hasn’t been paying attention to the details of the situation. Frankly, it’s just laziness on his part. Really? Prison? Get off your soap-box, Gale.

  3. Class act. One of my all time favorite Bears.
    Man could he run. I hope no one ever breaks his 6 tds in a game record. PS-not a Bears fan.

  4. Grow up Gale. Football is meant to be physical and if you can get extra cash for making a play, nothing wrong with that. I bet he would have definitely accepted that bounty money if he were in the same spot.

  5. I can still remember how much I enjoyed reading his bio “I Am Third” as a kid. Perhaps his opinion is so finely felt because he played the game, knows how vulnerable one can be and in fact his football career was cut short by injury.

  6. Something is wrong with Sayers. That’s an unusual reaction. I’m not chastising him, nor am I judging him, but his reaction was odd IMO… a bit off.

  7. Gale, you were a great player in your day, but please, learn to research a little bit before you speak up.
    Don’t be the stubborn old guy who listens to one sentence of a headline and becomes the most adamant supporter of a cause that you didn’t even learn about if you didn’t read it in USA Today.
    All the tears in the world don’t make something right.

  8. Get some real facts about what’s really going on, before you start calling for peoples jobs Mr. Sayers.

  9. He’s right. It’s a crime. The things Greg Williams said in that audio tape were criminal and the idea that there should be “redemption stories” is extremely cruel to the people that are injured by these sociopaths.

  10. When an elder speaks, no matter whether you agree or disagree, you should always listen (Also the man scored 6 TDs in one game and was also one of the best returners of all-time — Respect). You have to consider that there was no emphasis on player safety back in his era, where guys like Deacon Jones could clothesline their opponent.

    His legs were his livelihood and I’m sure there were some dirty players that went for his knees. And who knows how many concussions he suffered during his career.

  11. As a Saints fan I would agree that if they were paying players to break arms, they should go to jail.

    But this just goes to show that what Goodell accused them of was definitly not Pay for Performance, like he said this weekend.

  12. saints4evah says:
    Aug 8, 2012 8:55 PM
    Wrong. There were no bouties for injury. Move along. Nothing to see here but an old man wanting some face time.
    So your coaches basically accepted their punishments for no reason then? Your criminal of a defensive coordinator didn’t even appeal his punishment. What does that tell you? You know what it tells me? It tells me that your smug and arrogant coaches and your idiots of players did something illegal and deserve to pay the price.

  13. I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable watching this portion of the interview. I would encourage everyone to click the link. He was asked about the recent string of concussion lawsuits against the league and came out with his answer about the bounties from nowhere.

    While I completely respect what he did for the game, and I think that his opinion about the bounty scandal are accurate to a degree, I don’t understand why he was chosen for an interview. He was obviously not in the right state of mind to be interviewed and I think you can see that the interviewer was obviously uncomfortable the whole time.

  14. Go to jail?! For what?! Making clean hard hits on players. I’m surprised nobody has said anything about the hit Sedrick Ellis made on Kevin Kolb in the Hall Of Fame game. Pull out the other approximately 49,820 pages of “evidence” and prove that it was actually in fact a bounty and not an incentive program. What’s right is right. If it was a bounty, then I do think those involved should be punished. But there is no proof of one and it is amazing to sit here watch all these people be so negative towards mere accusations. Could you imagine being accused and punished for something you didn’t do in front of an entire nation that could care less if there is actual proof that you did anything wrong at all?

  15. Just ask Johnny Unitas about the Bears bounty program, when they intentionallyn broke his leg!

    And he wasn’t the only one the Bears put out that year!

  16. I met him when he came to Kuwait to visit the troops. Great guy, gave us a speech where he bashed players like TO for being selfish and destroying the team aspect of the game. He was 100% right then and is 100% right now.

  17. Sayers played with Dick Butkus who once said, “I wouldn’t ever set out to hurt anyone deliberately unless it was, you know, important.”

    The era Sayers played in was one when head hunting and trying to hurt opponents was common. For him to get all holier-than-though is disingenuous.

  18. rangersatl says: Aug 8, 2012 8:55 PM

    According to Brees, Vilma and Vitt it never occured, if Brees continues his stance, he is just as guilty.
    Yes, and they said it under oath. Therefore, if Brees continues his stance, he just might be telling the truth.

  19. On the one side we have a former NFL great, whose career was shortened by injury. He is chastising the participants in this violation of the rules. On the other side we have anonymous posters that want more Blood Sport. They say nothing wrong here. I wonder who I should listen to.

  20. Starting to realize the same handful of juvenile half-wits making stupid comments on all these articles. I could not even believe the stuff posted on the Garrett Reid story. Most of you have no idea who Gale Sayers is or what he meant to the game. I am sure there are others like me who would love it if you went back to trolling other pages or playing xbox or whatever floats your boat.

  21. rajuncajun28 says:
    sure, gayle,sure…now, back to your job greeting customers at walmart…..


    Says the widely admired cajun28, an assistant fry cook at McDonalds.

  22. Maybe he knows something the rest of us don’t. For all of us message board heroes who are saying he does not know what he is talking about there are 49750 pages of information that the general public has no knowledge of. Maybe the first ballot hall of famer, one of the greatest ever, has some sources that guys like phinsfan2134, dabears54, bigeasypops ie. all of us, do not have. Just saying…

    I have not heard of a single former player coming to Saints defense and say it was okay what they were doing, regardless of semantics.

  23. Please somebody tell me that Greg Williams didnt admit this and that there is no recording of him.

    Sorry Saints fans but as Madeline Kahn once said ” its true, its true”.

  24. For about 4 years the most electric player I have ever seen.To think the Giants took Tucker Fredrickson with the firstpick jnstead of Sayers or BUTKUS.

    All that being said recalling all the nostalgia in the world,he knows nothing more than we do.

  25. its gale FREAKIN’ sayers man, he is football. he PLAYED the game, he knows what hes talking about. perhaps you sissies should listen, his name alone could probably kick yer ass, for the dimwits who are saying he’s too old to know what hes talking about.

  26. Maybe he recently read Anthony Hargrove’s April 13, 2012, Declaration. The one that was drafted by NFLPA lawyers. Seems as if so many who claim there to be absolutely no evidence to support league’s allegations against the Saints have forgotten about the document or choose to ignore it.

    In paragraphs 6-12 Hargrove states that he was approached by Greg Williams and Joe Vitt; that both asked him to deny the existence of a bounty program to league investigators; that two weeks later Hargrove met with league investigators and denied the existence of a bounty program as directed by Williams and Vitt; and that Williams and Vitt followed up with Hargrove to confirm he had followed their directive with league investigators.

    At the end of the declaration Hargrove signs it and swears his statements to be true.

    Not trying to suggest the declaration is a smoking gun. But it’s very strong evidence that Williams and Vitt were trying to hide the existence of what Hargrove describes as a bounty program from league investigators.

    There may be some deficiencies in the evidence the league has released to date. However there’s also some very convincing evidence as well. To suggest otherwise suggests willfully ignorance or revisionary history.

    Read Hargrove’s Declaration for yourself. It appears Gale Sayers has done so recently.

  27. There has been ZERO evidence of a “pay for injury” plan. ZERO.

    Mr. Sayers is a legend of the game, but he knows nothing about the facts of this case.

    Very sad.

  28. Its perceptions like this why the Defamation suit against the NFL and RG has legs. You have scant evidence, massive hyperbole and exaggeration, and coordinated media campaign (see the Bush presidency). And dolts and senile demented folks who hear the tv casually make their minds up.
    Irreparable harm.
    See you in court Heir Goodell.

  29. Sayers ex teammate Dick Butkus once said, “im not trying to put a guy in the hospital. Im trying to put him in the grave.”

    Gale, just shut up.

  30. He is a class act, couldn’t agree more. Those involved need to man up and be accountable.

  31. I for one agree with Sayers that owners are aware of this type of behavior.  I am a Patriots fan, and I experienced spygate and all the joys of having your team outed for a clear violation. One of things that was most infuriating about the ordeal was reading about the widespread notion that other teams were doing the same thing (which does not absolve us of our actions).  I don’t think Robert Kraft was aware or involved in spygate, nor do I believe that Benson was aware or involved with bountygate, but it seems probable  that other teams were involved in the same kind of behavior over long periods of time, and plausible that owners were aware.  We know the Bills and Redskins had a similar bounty program under Williams, and I imagine the Jets and Giants had taped a game or two under Belichick.  I would find it hard to believe amongst these 6 teams alone that the owners had never heard a peep about what the 53+ players and dozens of coaches were up to. Not to mention other teams with disciples of these coaches that may have done same. Money is money, and winning is normally worth more in the NFL. I don’t think its crazy to assume that an owner would be an accomplice to this kind of behavior if he or she was in a position to profit as a result. And before you disagree, think of the fact that my beloved Patriots were fine with signing Rodney Harrison despite his reputation as the dirtiest player in football. The Rams kept Leonard Little after he killed someone while drunk driving, and Pac-Man Jones has had multiple suitors after the shooting incident he was involved in. Insert a comment about the Lions current roster here. Morality takes a back seat to money in todays NFL, and bounties are no exception.  I am more willing to believe that the Saints never had bounties and the Patriots never taped a game than the notion that owners aren’t aware of thousands of dollars being given to their players for hurting others. If you still disagree with me watch ESPN’s “30 for 30: The U” and get back to me. 

  32. Oh the appeal to emotion. See a man cry passionately about something, and regardless to how uninformed and incorrect they are regarding the issue people immediately empathize.

    I see where he’s coming from given his experiences but can’t take a person seriously if they are misinformed. That goes for either side.

  33. i only have one thing to say about gayle sayers.i believe he and bo jackson both could have blown the rushing records out of the books if not for injuries.which reminds me how lame it was that barry sanders retired cuz he didnt wanna break jim browns record.funny emmit smith had no problem with it and he was no barry sanders.barry was a quitter and its not a sign of respect to a past player to be like well i could break your records but i choose not too.larry holmes didnt back down when he got a shot at muhammad ali,and hed already sparred with him many times before.barry bonds said f babe ruth and mark mcguire and sammy sosa and whoever else was ahead of him,im hitting homeruns till they stop me lol thats why hes got 762 and they dont.f respect .if i can beat u i will doesnt matter who you are or what you have done.

  34. saints4evah says:Aug 8, 2012 8:55 PM

    Wrong. There were no bouties for injury. Move along. Nothing to see here but an old man wanting some face time.

    So you are saying Gregg Williams was lying when he admitted to the program and that the audio of him telling players that taking out a guys ACL would slow stop him, was a doctored tape and that Vilma offering $10,000 to take out Favre was a lie, and the Saints pplayer caught on the field mic (regardless who it was) saying give me my money was also made up. WOW are you saints fans in denial. Funny how the innocent Gregg Williams and Sean Payton have not even tried to fight to get thier suspension reduced. After all there was not a bounty program that paid pplayer to take other players out. I know if I was losing millions in salary and I was innocent I would fight like hell to clear my name. Not only hast Payton fought his suspension he asked the commisioner if he could attend the hall of fame ceremony, if that is not admitting guilt what is ?

  35. Coming from a guy that got injured speaks volumes. It’s good to watch but at the same time I know I want to be able to see players like Jahvid Best run again. But surely some guy or coach will be telling his players or team mates to end this guy career. 49ers knocked out 5 running backs in the first 5 weeks. Just because NFL allows RB to be hit in the head is totally wrong to do it knowing a guy has concussion problems. But these idiots not know what truly harm there doing. So there blaming Goodell for toning down what is really their fault to begin with in the first place. If it didn’t need to be said nobody would speak about it.

  36. What’s there not to get about this? Sayers was a transcendent runner when he was healthy through his career. As a 4th-generation Packer fan, I listen to my grandpa describe watching Sayers play in terms he doesn’t even use for Jim Brown. But injuries derailed Sayers’ career and left his knees in major pain for years if you read the SI “Where are they now” article a few years ago. Can you imagine being in his shoes listening to Gregg Williams’ twisted, creepy “cut off the head” talk centered around going for the opposing running back’s knees?? The man has a right to be furious, and given that he’s lived through the consequences of what cheap shots can cause, I don’t think we should be so quick to dismiss his words.

  37. hulkhogansays says: Aug 8, 2012 8:53 PM

    Grow up Gale. Football is meant to be physical and if you can get extra cash for making a play, nothing wrong with that.

    Thanks for educating Gale Sayers about football
    What did he ever do, anyway ?

    Keep up the good work hulkhogan !!
    Saints fans are sooooooo cooooool !!!

  38. Not condemning Sayers for his comments – not lauding him for his comments.

    But it does strike as thought-provoking that one of the most loyal and vocal supporters of Dick Butkus – is so vehement against violent play, brutal hits intended to separate a man from his senses.

    I get the distinctions, but they are few: intent to injure versus intent to punish and break a man’s will. The element of cash incentives to injure doesn’t sit well either.

    I’m not arguing with any of it – just noting how we, including Sayers, praise Butkus (who IMO was freaking awesome) yet revile the Saints for their (alleged) wrongdoing. It’s interesting where lines are drawn based on subjective moral compasses.

  39. Geez, no one tell Gale what Butkus was doing or else he might cry harder. Furthermore, the interview shows a total ignorance of what actually went on, even if you believe Goodell’s story. Vilma’s lawyers should submit this interview as a brief supporting how his reputation’s been blown to Hell, to the point that retired legends think he should go to jail, on Goodell grossly exaggerating evidence stemming from the word of a disgruntled fired coach.

  40. I agree with Sayers — pay for injury is reprehensible. Too bad he doesn’t understand that the NFL has totally misrepresented everything, lied and manipulated, and purposefully tried to destroy a franchise. I wonder how he’d feel if the NFL mischaracterized anything he said or did.

  41. I just don’t get it. Nobody on Gales Bears tried to put the “hurt” on opposing teams players? Cash or no cash?

  42. Broken arms? Broken legs? What the hell is he talking about. He sounds less like the legend he is, and more like the typical uninformed PFT commenter.

  43. Saints* fans scoff at Sayer’s remarks that the saints* actions were criminal and people should go to jail. In the real world, assault is a crime and people do go to jail. Being paid to assault would another charge. …………the rest of the nfl is sick and tired of the saints*, their coaches, their fans and their excuses.

  44. i respect his opinion but nobody got hurt and there were only 2 or 3 illegal hits in the 3 years which is a lot better than some other teams. so what’s the crime? intent to assault but failing to do so? the saints def rarely hit anybody and everyone scored on them. it was a horrible bounty, i’m sure the pot grew because they hardly ever completed a task

  45. The fact that this was posted as news.. a rant by a grumpy old man with ZERO facts about ANYTHING… is exactly what journalism has come to these days. Tomorrow thousands of morons will quote Gale Sayers.

  46. If only he could have gone on a tirade about vilma…this is going to strengthen the case against the nfl.

  47. This is for all the Saints fans who say that Goodell and his cohorts are the only ones who see any issue with bounty’s or “pay for performance”.

    Gale Sayers is a hall of famer one of the best backs ever and he thinks what the Saints did was despicable. So please Saints fans stop acting like the NFL is on a witch hunt your team broke the rules your suspended head coach admitted it and your ex defensive coordinator admitted it.

  48. I feel bad for the Saints….. that is when Gregg williams tape gets played in the 49ers locker room this season before their game. That defense will give the word physical a new meaning. The sons will pay for the sins of the father.

  49. Man, poor babies getting their feelings hurt because one of the all time greats expresses his feelings. Considering he actually played the game, and who injuries cut short his career, I would expect him to get upset over people profiting over intentionally injuring others. Don’t spew that bs that its a physical game, etc. I believe he’s aware of how physical it is, in fact it was probably dirtier during his era. If you were injured due to this, your opinion would no doubt be different.

  50. As longtime NFL watcher and fan, I have the utmost respect for Sayers and his impressive contributions to the NFL. However, I believe that he is wrong here and this is why. The NFL has yet to prove that any Saints personnel paid or received cash for the specific purpose of intentionally injuring a player. Please pay particular notice to the last 7 words of that sentence. The NFL has yet to prove any of that and their reluctance to have Vilma’s case go to court certainly suggests that they don’t want any of their other so called evidence brought to light. Why? I would figure that if they have the Saints dead to rights, they would leap at the opportunity to show their findings. Then again, considering how this site has completely rebuffed the evidence that the NFL has shown so far, I can see why that don’t want anything else coming to light.

    Now, to everyone that wants to condemn the Saints for the Greg Williams tape (which was edited and the sentence in which he specifically stated not to injure anyone purposely was left out, go figure) I’d ask you this. Why was there no 49ers injured in the game? Indeed, why were the Saints not even penalized during the entire game? Look it up, zero, zip, nada flags.

    Yet, according to the brainwashed, the Saints fans are in denial. Riiiiight.

  51. really? ppl still buy this bounty nonsesnse ? ill give you all a quick lesson. anytime you decide to run into a man at full speed that is also traveling at full speed you know that hurt will follow. force on force breeds DESTRUCTION. so its ok to pay a man millions to do this but an extra ten grand is criminal? complete and utter stupidity if i may say. NFL means not for long. sorry guys breaking news people will be hurt.

  52. To the trolls calling Gale Sayres various names/insults above–
    He was one of the greatest players ever, who had a spectacular career cut short by two very serious knee injuries.
    He also is chairman of a technology consulting firm that serves Fortune 500 corporations. Additionally he is a very active philanthropist in supporting children’s homes and adoption agencies. Oh, and he has a master’s degree in education.

    In other words, he’s a better athlete than you, more successful businessman than you, and smarter than you.

  53. For everybody that doesn’t think players getting paid to intentionally hurt other players… Are WRONGand ignorant.. It’s one thing to pop somebody and make a play! If they get hurt then they get hurt its a good play regardless.. But if your trying to injure to get paid more that’s totally different and degrades the game as a sport! Get a better hustle or get endorsements if you want more money!! I’m sure if players involved in getting money to injure we’re on the other side they would want suspensions given as well! And if you back up the saints your an idiot! NINERS STILL SMASHED!! Poor Pierre and the hit was free for love of the game! Niners baby!!!

  54. Of course all of the Taint supporters are going to pile on Sayers because their diapers are full and need to be changed.

  55. Even though his career was cut short by injury, Gale Sayers is a legend of the game and I have nothing but respect for him in that regard.

    Living in Chicago and listening to him talk about the NFL past and present, however, is getting a little tiresome. Gale Sayers has become a bitter old man who rarely has a good word to say about anyone playing the game. He even went a rant about how much better he was than Walter Payton.

    Again, he was a GREAT player, and he has a right to be unhappy about how his career ended. But his credibility ran out a long time ago.

  56. Injuries are going to occur in football, but that doesn’t make it right if it was done intentionally (especially for money). This guy is exactly right.

  57. Everybody has they own feelings NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has his own opinion, but without proof are evidences your opinion don’t mean a thing. Liketb this guy Sayer’s don’t know if this bounty program is true just by what they hear and this is bad the judge haven’t made a guilty ruling and the New Orleans Saints are guilty by Roger Goodell and the media. But Mr. Tom Benson done hired some special private investigaters for the wiretapping ESPN says Mickey Loomis supposed to have done and also going to investigate the bounty scandal the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said the Saints suppose to had in space. So the truth are going to be known before its all said and done its not right to judge before found guilty this putting bad names to people’s careers and business.

  58. Let’s be real. He was just the Darren Sproles of his day. He looked amazing back then because up to that point, you had seen that type of athletic, elusive runner yet. I have a billion times more respect for Earl Campbell or Jim Brown brother.

  59. admiralgeneralaladeen says:
    Aug 8, 2012 9:14 PM
    saints4evah says:
    Aug 8, 2012 8:55 PM
    Wrong. There were no bouties for injury. Move along. Nothing to see here but an old man wanting some face time.
    So your coaches basically accepted their punishments for no reason then? Your criminal of a defensive coordinator didn’t even appeal his punishment. What does that tell you? You know what it tells me? It tells me that your smug and arrogant coaches and your idiots of players did something illegal and deserve to pay the price.

     Your the idiot!! The coaches had to accept their suspensions if they ever wanted to coach again. The CBA doesn’t protect coaches so it was a necessary step in order for Payton and Willaims to eventually get back on the sideline. All the league evidence is crumpling and Vilma is probably going to win a case against Goodell on Friday. Do your research before you open your mouth. But regardless, your an idiot if you think this hasn’t been going on since Lombardi first held the super bowl trophy. On all levels. I, have firsthand knowledge that it happens on high school and college level bc I lived a reward system for 8 football seasons in HS and college as a MLB. Maybe it’s just me, but I loved when I got reckonized for running through a RB and knocking his ass out or breaking his collarbone bc my coach told me to take him out. Never anything dirty, not going for his knees, I’m lowering my shoulder and taking my 250 pound frame through him. I think you should be rewarded for exceptional plays. That’s what makes great players great.

  60. Keep putting the asterisk by their name if you want to. I dare you to go to their facility and demand them to give their Lombardi Trophy back, big man.

  61. while jim brown was the greatest player ever, gale sayers was the most exciting player.

    sadly, the league in its way too late zeal to be on the right side of the concussion liability curve has begun to operate like the chinese communist party. a one day show trial at which only some evidence is indicated, and a quick verdict so that the issue can be put to rest before the next party leadership transition (or opening day in this case).

    gale sayers has either has dementia, or hasn’t looked into the issue beyond a headline. that is sad, more for reminding me that i’m getting old along with him than for his misinformed comments, which can be understood as such by most folks.

  62. psychosteeler says:
    Aug 8, 2012 10:12 PM
    i only have one thing to say about gayle sayers.i believe he and bo jackson both could have blown the rushing records out of the books if not for injuries.which reminds me how lame it was that barry sanders retired cuz he didnt wanna break jim browns record.funny emmit smith had no problem with it and he was no barry sanders.barry was a quitter and its not a sign of respect to a past player to be like well i could break your records but i choose not too.larry holmes didnt back down when he got a shot at muhammad ali,and hed already sparred with him many times before.barry bonds said f babe ruth and mark mcguire and sammy sosa and whoever else was ahead of him,im hitting homeruns till they stop me lol thats why hes got 762 and they dont.f respect .if i can beat u i will doesnt matter who you are or what you have done.

    It’s like everyone is on Earth and you’re on Pluto. What the HELL you rambling about brother?

  63. Ask yourself this question.

    If you’re sitting in a bar and offer the guy next to you 10k to go outside and put the guy standing on the corner in the hospital. Would you be committing a crime?

  64. The more of these comments I read the more it is apparent that virtually no one posting here has ever actually played the game of football.

    I heard worse stuff than what Gregg Williams said in my high school locker room.

    As far as actions – when, Gale, did the Saints break anyone’s arm or leg???? The only person seriously hurt during the “bounty years” was Reggie Bush.

    Do I need to tell you that Bush was a Saint and that the 49ers broke his leg?

  65. Gale
    Please fill us in on who exactly had their career ended by the Saints players? How many injuries came on dirty plays? How many fines and flags for illegal hits were thrown on the Saints? Please fill us in because Lord Roger certainly does not want to show any of us his evidence

  66. Wow, let the Legend speak his OWN mind. They didn’t ask all of you haters the question, they asked HIM his opinion. Not everyone is going to agree about this situation, especially the Saints fans/ players. This is football and we all know that most players, when they hit someone they are trying to take them out. I played semi-pro for years and there was not a tackle/hit that I was not trying to put someone’s ass to sleep on. The only real issue is that the Saints were getting paid extra for it. This is a sport of hits, if you don’t want to get hit DON’T PLAY!!!

  67. “Please fill us in because Lord Roger certainly does not want to show any of us his evidence”

    Thank your players for giving Lord Roger that power and stop crying. It is THEIR fault they allowed this power to happen when they negotiated.

  68. Wow. Very sad to see that practically most people on here, with the exceptions of a very few people have little, or no respect for the older players such as Sayers whose contribution to the game we are watching today was tremendous.

    He played in an era where the defense was allowed to hit the QB. Many people mentioned Ditka, and someone mentioned Deacon Jones. Those two would be thrown out of the NFL by Lord Goodell if they tried to play like they did in today’s NFL. Gayle, I am sure is aware of the head hunting, and all of that. That is why I am guessing he said what he said.

    My point is, even if you DISAGREE with the man, there is no reason for a lot of the cheap shots at him. (no pun intended). The man is a legend. He deserves respect.

  69. @hulkhogansays–
    Darren Sproles couldn’t tie Sayres’ shoes. The only running back who truly had his skill set was Barry Sanders.

  70. Two little known (or at least discussed) issues about the “bounty” scandal:
    The league defines any hit, legal or not, that results in injury and is rewarded by coaches monetarily is called a “bounty”. it does not have to be (nor is it being alleged by Goodell) an intended result. in other words, it is not being charged that the players were going after players with intent to injure for financial gains. Roger Goodell (now) claims that the only wrong doing is monetary rewards for unintended results of plays levied by the coaching staff, which is illegal. This is not at all what was originally claimed by the nfl.
    the second point:
    I don’t know how many of you know who Scott Fujita is, but he was the olb for the saints for one year (2009) and is also on the NFLPA executive committee. he has garnered respect from players across the league for openly challenging Goodell on player safety issues and has openly defied him for major issues (concussion awareness, extending the season 2 games, etc..). He is one of the players that has been suspended for 4 games because (according to appeals hearing transcript) he, along with several other non-suspended players, allegedly pledged $ to a general pool that rewarded for int, forced fumbles, whacks (legal hit below the knee/ankle), cart-offs (play resulting in player leaving for a series after a hard, legal hit. i.e. knocking the wind out of them). For reasons I can not find, he has been singled out as a “significant contributor” of this program, though in the same court documents, other players “supposedly” contributed more and we’re not penalized at all.
    He has contended that he never pledged any money to a coach run incentives pool, though he has admitted to paying individual players from his own pocket for “good clean plays on the ball” (of which is NOT illegal under nfl rules as the coaching staff is not involved) that he says “is paying it forward. that’s what the vets did for me coming into the league.” It has also been questioned (by players across the league) that the suspension on Fujita was “revenge” from Goodell for opposing his authority so openly.

    I don’t hear about these points very often, but I hope anyone who reads this comment will look into this situation further and maybe change your opinion on how exactly the saints are demonized, and for what reasons.

  71. Sayers go home man an shut up. Every time you find a camra… You get in front of it an have the hold Chicago Bears team thinking what is this lunatic gone say now. Too be a Loser you talk alot… Shut up

  72. There; they’re; their… “Coaches are telling THEIR players to go out there…”

    Grammar 101 buddy


    This is the audio of Mike and Mike from 3/5 with Mike Golic explaining the thoughts behind the process. I am a Saints fan and if you listen to Golic what they admit to is not new. It is more wide spread than you think. Didn’t the Giants admit to targeting the kickreturner for San Fran in the Championship game? He left the game with a concussion. Don’t preach when you don’t know all of the facts.

  74. Gale Sayers is ten times the man or football player that anyone who has ever donned a Saints uniform will ever be, period. His opinion will remain pertinent until he can no longer muster his voice to express it. All the Saints fans who are hacking on him don’t know who the hell he was or what he’s done on the field. If Jim Brown expressed a similar opinion would people be disrespecting him in a similar fashion??? I don’t think so, JB would beat their ashes. Sad, legends just don’t garner the same respect they use to, what a shame.

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