Holmgren may have some explaining to do to Haslam


With the fourth pick in the 2012 draft, the Browns traded up a spot.  And with the third pick in the 2012 draft, the Browns took running back Trent Richardson.

And now the same knee that hampered Richardson in the run-up to the draft will send him to Dr. James Andrews for a look-see.

Regardless of how it turns out, the development underscores the risks of going all in with a tailback in the top five, especially if there’s any hint of trouble regarding any of the leg joints the running back will be using to justify the franchise’s faith in him.

One of the cruel realities of football is that guys who have injury issues at one level typically don’t hold up at the next level.  Yes, Adrian Peterson largely overcame a history of getting banged up and beaten around at Oklahoma; but he entered the NFL with two good ankles, knees, and hips.

Richardson didn’t.  And now the team that we put at No. 32 in the our preseason power rankings could be in danger of sliding down a rung or two if we added a few teams from Richardson’s college conference to the mix.

The risk Holmgren took makes us wonder what he knew about a possible sale of the team (to Jimmy Haslam or to anyone) when pulling the trigger on Trent Richardson in April.  If Holmgren sensed at the time that 2012 could be his last year in Cleveland, it explains why he’d lean toward a higher-risk, higher-reward top-five strategy, not to mention a 28-year-old, game-ready rookie quarterback.  (It also helps explain why Holmgren would take a round-two flier on receiver Josh Gordon in the supplemental draft; if Holmgren may not be there to use the second-round pick in April 2013, why not use it now?)

Either way, Haslam is going to want to know exactly what Holmgren was thinking when the decision was made to take Richardson.  Especially since more than a few fans will now be asking that question.


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  1. I’m thinking you are right. Holmgren knows he’s on his way out. His next stop…..I’ll bet it’s not east of the Mississippi.

  2. Holmgren is the PRESIDENT of the Browns. Tom Heckert is the GENERAL MANAGER. The GM makes the draft picks. Besides pulling rank when drafting McCoy 3 years ago, Holmgren lets Heckert do his thing.

  3. Genuinely spot-on observation. I hadn’t heard it put together like that before but now that you mention it Holmgren obviously sacrificed the future for the present.

    Who knows, it may work out. Considering it’s Cleveland we’re talking about here it probably wont…

  4. You guys are so down on Richardson, yet the season hasn’t even started yet. They’ve said it’s nothing major. So what’s the problem? Slow news day, I guess.

  5. I think he does better coaching than he does in the front office. Waiting until your 3rd to start a complete rebuilding campaign won’t help his chances with the new owner.

  6. I feel bad for Cleveland fans and not just the football ones but for all sports they have no good franchises, the Browns seem to be going in the wrong direction (if that’s possible when you are already the worst in the league)… I think it’s time to leave Cleveland

  7. I think its in the Browns best interest to err on the side of caution with any injury during the pre-season. There’s reports saying its nothing major and if it was the regular season he would go.. its the pre-season.. people get hurt and sit out as a precaution all the time.

    btw.. i would love to know who florio would of taken with the browns pick? Blackmon? Kahlal? trade down again?? the browns did the right thing draft day regardless of what florio thinks..

  8. In his first draft with the Browns, they traded up to get Montarrio Hardesty, who had red flags about his knees coming out of Tennessee. He blew one out in his first preseason game and missed all of 2010.

  9. The media always seconds guesses draft picks but never looks back at their own mock drafts. How did the media in general feel about the Forty Niners selecting Frank Gore after two knee surgeries at Miami?

  10. “Well Mr. Haslam, I once rode the back of another Bama runningback to the Superbowl. Now could you go purchase a retractable roof for the stadium so at least Cleveland has a shot of hosting a Super Bowl? Cause if your not going to let me finish what a started here, it may be the closest Cleveland gets to a Super Bowl for the next 10 years. Thanks buddy, lookin forward to workin for ya.” – The Big Show

  11. I’m sorry, so what was the point of brining in Coach Holmgren to be President of a team for the first time in his life?

  12. I remember reading that, when Holgrem was on his way out in Seattle, that it was considered one of the worst rosters in football. I was amazed that Holgrem got no stink on him then.

  13. Just my luck. I’m sitting on the couch with a blown out knee. I’m 40. If I would have only entered the supplemental draft, I’d easily have been snapped up by the team and all my dreams would have come true!

    I really was excited about this year, now the sale (who knows what that will ultimately mean for the team), a couple injuries and here we go — waiting for next year. We’re not even one pre season game in.

    I do think Holmgren spent his chips this year in hopes of getting something going.

  14. We talking about practice here people. PRACTICE! Not a regular season game. Practice. We talking about practice.

    If you don’t have any news to post, don’t post any. But don’t make up stories about a team you love to dump on anyway just to validate yourself.

  15. I can say this with a straight face since I was one of the very few who was glad to see Holmgren out of Seattle, as coach or front office. He failed at both. I spent years watching him draft nobody QBs so he’d have someone to throw the ball in camp while keeping Seneca Wallace. He cut every one of the QBs eventually. Now Cleveland has Wallace and a QB mess.

    He spent years screaming at Matt Hasselebeck during games to the point you wanted to scream at the TV to ask him just once pat him on the back. Help him out.

    All the while undercutting the ownership and a pretty good football team that should have made more of itself.

    Good luck Cleveland.

  16. Forget Richardson, how about explaining a top 5 for Joe Haden, now facing suspension for doping, or Colt McCoy, a QB they can’t part with soon enough.

    Go back to coaching Mike. You can’t run a team, period.

  17. Got to love the sports media looking for someone to blame…got to be Holmgren’s fault that Richardson is having issues with his surgically repaired knee by the top knee surgeon in the country, Dr Andrews.

    It certainly could not be anything the good Doctor did wrong…right?

    Well Browns fans have been through worse than this, so we are not about to start crying and pointing fingers because the Browns top draft pick is having an issue with the knee Dr Andrews operated on and deemed successful by Andrews who cleared Richardson for full workouts.

    IT’S NEXT MAN UP, in Cleveland…the Browns have more RBs to take over, so it is not the end of the world as portrayed by some in the media and sure as hell is not Holmgren’s fault.

  18. Not really sure I understand the point here. We live in a “what have you done for me lately” world. Evenif he didn’t do this he may have been fired….so….”damned if you do….damned if you don’t”. Even if he “mortgaged the future to win now”

    Ha 3 cliches could have went with 4 but “enough is enough”

  19. When GM for Hawks, Mr.H., despite them having well-documented problems prior to the draf,t selected Koren Robinson and Jeremy Stephenson extremely high in the draft. Both of these stellar selections continue to live on in infamy in Hawk lore, as they continued their trouble-making ways throughout their NFL careers. Prior to leaving Seattle, Holmgren had his GM duties stripped and returned to the sidelines, where he was and is quite skilled. I wonder what the brain trust for The Browns was thinking when they hired him for the front office? Surely Mr. H. has his fingerprints all over every one of The Brown’s first and second round picks, regardless of his title. Yes, I imagine the new owner DOES want a minute of president Holmgren’s time.

  20. Holmgren as President (GM) and Norv Turner as coach… How do these failures keep getting jobs? They both must have a suitcase full of incriminating photos.

  21. You don’t go see Dr Andrews for a quick cleanout. Make me suspect the injury is worse than expected.

  22. Year after year bad teams take a butt kicking in the press. Critics bemaoaning how the team will never rise up out of the ashes. Even recently with the Lions, the same crap would always come year in year out. But…..now they have started to ascend. Putting pieces together and now gaining a little respect. This too, will come for Browns fans. A few wins on top of a few more to start here and there. So on and so on. growth will come here as well. Winning will cure everything. Only time will tell. And for all the people who are soooooo knowledgeable about football;why are you writing your opinions here instead of getting the big bucks being the GM or president of one of the 32 teams? Really, you must surely be ignorant about things….you can’t even get hired by the Browns.

  23. Nevis says:
    Aug 8, 2012 5:04 PM
    Forget Richardson, how about explaining a top 5 for Joe Haden, now facing suspension for doping, or Colt McCoy, a QB they can’t part with soon enough.

    Go back to coaching Mike. You can’t run a team, period.


    You do realize that Joe Haden is one of the best young CB’s in the game, right? You also realize that his suspension is for ADD medicine, right?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about complaining about the Browns… but learn to pick your battles, son.

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