Jayme Mitchell leaves Bucs camp, unhappy with role

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Bucs coach Greg Schiano didn’t elaborate Wednesday when he announced defensive end Jayme Mitchell left the team.

But Mitchell’s agent did.

Lamont Smith told Stephen Holder of the Tampa Bay Times that Mitchell was dissatisfied with his role on the team and “didn’t feel it was a good fit for him.”

“He expressed some concerns about some things [on Tuesday] and I asked him to stick it out a little longer. Camp is long and hard,” Smith said. “But he still felt this is what he wanted to do. He spoke with his position coach, and I told him he should still have a conversation with [General Manager] Mark Dominik. Well, he attempted to do that. I’ll leave it at that.”

Smith went onto say Mitchell was unhappy with his situation, especially after being moved inside to defensive tackle and working with the third team.

“He just felt like he was told one thing, but the team did another,” Smith said. “That’s his position.”

The 28-year-old Mitchell started 13 games for the Browns last year, but managed just 1.5 sacks and was cut in March. He’s always had physical skills, so someone might be interested in having him in camp, but it’s not as if there’s going to be a line around the block.

11 responses to “Jayme Mitchell leaves Bucs camp, unhappy with role

  1. wow…that was kinda stupid! Why would any other team want him after acting like a 3 year old who takes his ball and goes home when things don’t go his way.

  2. Whining quitter. I would not want this guy on my team with an attitude like that. Reminds me of Haynesworth’s refusal to be in a specific scheme…except this guy doesn’t have the talent Fat Al did (but Al wasted his talent with a lazy work ethic and entitlement attitude)

  3. Obviously if he was working with the 3rd team he must have been considered almost unnecessary. Sounds like to me he had one foot out the door already.

  4. Kinda funny that the picture of him that’s shown is of him missing Joe Flacco on a sack attempt.

    You can’t even have his mugshot up there? Or maybe sitting on the bench with a towel around his neck? Or in a 3-point stance or….anything else but failing to sack the QB?

  5. Seahawks will pick him up in a minute. They are picking through everyone’s trash. Pete Carroll is a joke.

  6. Listen I pride myself in knowing who the back ups and their backups are and this dude must be bad cause I had no clue who he was and had to click on his name to see if he was from arena ball. Your a bum and now cause you can’t act like a man and take getting cut like a man, you’ll be watching from home with the rest of us.

  7. Not one of you has taken a moment to touch on the fact that the Bucs brought him in telling him about their scheme, their plans for him and the role that they had envisioned for him and they have gone back on all of it within the first week or two of camp!! Also, if a player has serious concerns and wants to sit down with the GM to discuss it, that should be relatively easy to accomplish, yet he was blown off!!

    Right about now he probably wishes that he had signed with any other team. One with a real GM and without a college headcoach that is too much of a hardass for anyone to tolerate!! Seriously, Dominik sits in his box with a headset so he can micromanage, I mean communicate with the sideline during games. Schianno has successfully run half his team into the ground this early in camp and couldn’t even handle the whole Brian Price deal with class..

    Bottom line, the Bucs organization is a boarder line joke right now, they can have success because they have a few really talented players but if Schianno is gonna have a successful run in the NFL it’s gonna be because he figured out he doesn’t have to be a redass all the time!!

  8. I was at Tuesday’s practice. It was hot and steamy. Only Eric Wright, Ahmed Black, Freeman, Martin, and a few others looked sharp. Everyone else was pushing through it. If Coach Schiano wanted see who wanted it bad enough and who didn’t, he succeeded.

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