John Schneider says T.O. signing wasn’t related to Rice’s health


The Seahawks signed Terrell Owens because of Terrell Owens and not because of anything having to do with the other receivers on the roster.

That was the message sent by General Manager John Schneider during an appearance on KJR in Seattle. On Tuesday, Peter King of reported that Sidney Rice might miss the beginning of the regular season, something that suggested a need for help at the position instead of just taking a flier on Owens. Schneider said that Rice’s rehab has been progressing fine as far as the team is concerned and that Owens wasn’t signed because of doubts about him or anyone else already in Seattle.

“We have some young guys we are very excited about. If anything we think this guy, with his work ethic, anybody you talk to on his other teams, whether it be Buffalo or Dallas, Cincinnati or Philly, they all talk about him being the hardest worker out there,” Schneider said, via “If anything it will be positive for these guys knowing that they have to step their game up as well and obviously they look up to this guy. He’s a 38-year-old man that has accomplished a lot in this league and a lot of them were in there watching the workout yesterday and all of them were very impressed like the majority of us were.”

Schneider, who called Owens’ workout “really quite impressive,” also said that he and Pete Carroll spoke to Owens about his willingness to come in and be one of 53 men on a team and left satisfied with his answer. He stopped short of saying that there’s a “zero tolerance” policy in effect, but did say he thought Owens had reached a point in his career where he’s aware of the kind of teammate and person he needs to be if he wants to keep playing football.

Schneider stressed that the Seahawks were doing this now because they felt it gave them a chance to see how Owens would fit in with the team instead of waiting until they were in a “panic mode” later in camp. If he fits, the Seahawks will keep him around, but Schneider didn’t give the slightest indication that Owens is guaranteed anything more than a shot.

23 responses to “John Schneider says T.O. signing wasn’t related to Rice’s health

  1. Let’s put the 40-time to rest!!!!

    He ran in the 4.4’s with multiple stopwatches around the workout!!!

    Schneider mentioned this in the interview and Jay Glazer corroborated on Owens’ physical state as he kept emphasizing that’s he’s been watching T.O. at Athletes’ Performance Institute in Carson, CA and he’s a physical freak!!!

    Let’s put this Owens thing to rest!!! We’ve had enough T.O. Drama shoved in our face in years past!!! The Tebow thing is already a pain!!! Let’s not distract these teams and let them play football!!!

  2. Rice had one or two good years but not one or 2 full seasons in this Sport TO has had many successful seasons and most likely will be a contributor this year, lot’s of Teams could use that.

  3. I think the real reason for signing TO is Schneider realizes this year is going to be in an ongoing “panic mode.”

  4. If Marshawn Lynch goes down the Seahawks will be in for a long season.

    With all that being said, I would have gladly welcomed TO back to the Eagles as a 3rd/4th option WR.

  5. There are many good reasons why TO has “made the rounds” in the NFL.. and most are not positive in nature.He has NOT been a Team Player.He is 38 years old. This should be his last chance .&.. he was very fortunate to get signed !

  6. Owens has the #1 or #2 wideout position on lock. Training camp is where T.O. excels. I watched him practice several times at St. John Fisher while he was playing for Buffalo. He was very intense and competitive the whole time he was on the field. He also used the advice he was given from the coaches, which is not something you see veterans do a lot of. Not only was he on the field to better himself, he was also helping every teammate he came in contact with. The Media and his time with Philly/Dallas is what gave him the bad rep. If you really watch Owens on your own without input from the Media, you can see how good of a teammate he really is. Never once in trouble while in the B-lo. He is also hard working and very giving. He spent a lot of his time in Buffalo doing charity events and helping out the community of Buffalo, T.O. is a class act in my eyes.

  7. As a USC fan I remember when news broke that Pete Carroll was leaving the Trojans for the Seahawks, well Pete, irony is smacking you in the face. I hate to sound like I am happy over someone’s short-comings but what Pete did was wrong and he’s facing karma right now.

  8. It was relared to the fact the Seaclucks offense stinks they need all the help they can get.

  9. What are you taking about dude were do you see bad karma here? The guy is a good coach and he’s only made our team better! He’s giving us a top teen defense in two years! And now he’s building our offense and our young team up were we can compete now and especially next year so for me its good karma! GOHAWKS 12 MAN!

  10. The only USC karma Pete Carroll has to face is running a dirty program that had to be sanctioned by the NCAA!

    I hope T.O. has a great year that leaves the haters in agony. He’s always been a hard worker. And it looks like he has more potential than McNabb.

  11. You dont sign T.O and make him a 3rd or 4th option, thats just dumb. He’s #1, maybe #2… Especially with the Seahawks receiving core

  12. norcalmafia says:Aug 8, 2012 3:11 PM

    It was relared to the fact the Seaclucks offense stinks they need all the help they can get.

    Dude, I realize the fact you have some huge hatred for Seattle in general (maybe some young philly from there broke your heart?).. but your team the Niners are HARDLY an offensive juggernaut. They ranked 26th in total offense and the Hawks were 28th with 7 yards a game difference between the 2

  13. 4512dawg4512 says:

    You dont sign T.O and make him a 3rd or 4th option, thats just dumb. He’s #1, maybe #2… Especially with the Seahawks receiving core

    He’s a #1 on Seattle but he’s a #3 on 75% of the teams in the NFL.

    Yes IF he was ever signed by the Eagles again he would be a #3 or 4 mainly used in redzone and 3rd and Long situations.

  14. Is this fellow the same John Schneider from the “Dukes of Hazzard?”

  15. No matter how good of a teammate he is this year and how well he performs on the field, after the season ends his haters are still gona hate

  16. It’s pretty sobering to realize how stupid I was before last year thinking that the dumbest fans in the bay area were the Raider fans. I couldn’t have possibly been any more wrong.

  17. For a “#1 receiver”… Cindy Rice blows. Perpetually hurt and an underachiever. Favre made him into an all-star one year, since then – nothing.

    T.O. will pass him by easy.

  18. so… you signed him to improve locker room chemistry !?!?!? give your head a shake your brains stuck. stone hands Edwards , T.O. the headcase and I could break my spine if the shower pressure is too high Rice as wide-outs. if i am in the qb derby, i might chose to lose this year!

  19. Seahawks go through the 49ers garbage routinely here’s a few, Ketwan Balmer, Michael Robinson, Braylon Edwards, Terrell Owens, Jerry Rice (sad but true), Julian Peterson, Ricky Watters, Antonio Bryant. They even signed one of the 49ers middle linebackers after he retired as a special teams assistant.

  20. @explosionsauce: 49ers garbage? Julian Peterson went on to have some of the best years of his career in Seattle and played at a Pro Bowl level. Ricky Watters had a couple great seasons in Seattle. Michael Robinson is a Pro Bowl FB. I would say that the 49ers let some of their “garbage” go a little too early.

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