Kenny Britt gathers Roger Goodell wasn’t glad to see him again


Kenny Britt met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Monday, and in perhaps the closest thing he’s shown to awareness, he didn’t get the sense it went well.

“It was a personal meeting and I would rather just wait and see what happens,’’ Britt said, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean. “I am a man about what I did and I will take it on the chin on whatever he decides and move forward.

“What is my gut telling me? I really don’t know. He didn’t really give me any body language on what is going to happen. He just wasn’t really pleased about seeing me in there. No person would like to see a player in their office twice in one year.”

Britt’s had eight incidents with police since the Titans drafted him in 2009, the most recent a DUI arrest, which he declined to talk about.

The Titans don’t know when Goodell will rule on any possible punishment, but everyone assumes something’s coming.

Britt met with Goodell last year following the lockout, and Goodell told him then repeat offenses would not be met well.

“Anybody should be worried about going to see the Commissioner twice in one year to tell you the truth,’’ Britt said. “I just have to take it on the chin and move forward.”

Or, perhaps, you know, learn from it.