Lions’ Louis Delmas has knee surgery

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The best player in the Lions’ secondary has had a setback in his recovery from last season’s knee injury.

Safety Louis Delmas visited Dr. James Andrews for a surgical procedure on his knee, the team has announced.

Already a weakness for the Lions heading into the offseason, Detroit’s secondary has taken multiple hits during the offseason: Eric Wright, who started all 16 games at cornerback last year, left for Tampa Bay in free agency, and Aaron Berry, who was slated to replace Wright in the starting lineup, was released after his second arrest of the offseason. There’s no word on how long Delmas will be out after this latest procedure, but the injury has to be a concern, in a secondary that was already concerning to Lions fans.

UPDATE: The Lions initially said this surgery was related to the injury Delmas suffered in last season’s Thanksgiving game. The team later corrected that and said this surgery is unrelated to Delmas’s previous injury.

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  1. after eric wright left, the lion’s secondary got exponentially better. same thing happened with the browns.

    very unfortunate for tampa bay.

  2. Sigh…there goes the season. I was cautiously optimistic before this that the secondary could be mediocre instead of terrible and the offense could still score enough points to win more often than not, but now….

    Luckily the Lions have plenty crappy quarterbacks on their schedule, so 8-8 is likely, but they also have to play Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler twice each, Michael Vick, Matt Ryan, Matt Schaub, and their old nemesis, Matt Flynn.

    They can kiss any possibility of the playoffs goodbye now.

  3. One question…and forgive me if it’s a stupid one…but why do a lot of these guys wait until almost the start of the season to do these procedures? Why not at the end of the season?

  4. This is the other side of the coin in the whole Schwartz/Mayhew philosophy of ‘drafting for need is chasing a moving target’. When you don’t draft for need and an already thin backfield gets thinner then………. what now?

    Looks like more 500 yard passing games for opposing QB’s. Great. Wonderful.

  5. Being a huge huge Lions fan, it does suck, but lets be realistic here. This isnt THAT big of a blow. What has Delmas done since his rookie year? Nothing. Hes flashy, sure. Got cool hair. Is a vocal leader. Other than that, what? He takes horrible angles on his tackles and doesnt wrap up. Cant cover a TE when called upon. Yeah, hes PROBABLY our best secondary player, but hes not Ed Reed or anything, probably not even a Top 10 safety in my book.

    With that said, Jim Harbaugh is a giant douche bag. Just thought id throw that fact in.

  6. “With that said, Jim Harbaugh is a giant douche bag. Just thought id throw that fact in.”

    While I totally agree (everyone in Michigan who’s watched him since his days quarterbacking the Wolverines already knows that), Schwartz didn’t do himself any favors by overreacting to the antics. He took the attention off of Haurbaugh’s ridiculous frat boy victory dance and onto himself.

    I hope he takes the high road with the media going into the week 2 game in S.F.

  7. Crap. They’re going to see a noticeable drop off in secondary if he can’t get healthy of the start of the season. Make DB your PRIMARY target in the 1st 2 rds. of next year’s draft Mayhew. Even if you have to move up for one.

  8. The problem last year wasn’t our secondary player. It was the lack of depth in our secondary. We had a WR playing nickle the last 3 games. A great d line makes average secondary players look good. Let’s pump the brakes on the season being over when we haven’t even played a pre-season game yet. This surgery was done by one of the best in the country and is going to be better for him in the long run instead of just ignoring it and letting it linger on into the season.

  9. Whoa, It just keeps getting worse and worse for you Lions fans. As a Colts fan, all I can say is that I feel your pain. Our secondary is comprised of 15 DB’s that couldn’t play on second string prep school team. At least you took Jacob Lacey off our hands. You better hope your pass rush can generate some pressure otherwise Aaron Rodgers is going to tear you up…twice!

  10. This guy sure gets hurt alot. Reminds me of Sindney Rice when he played for the Vikes — tons of talent, but rarely healthy.

  11. I’m ok with this, Lou is really over rated. I hope Jim Leonard is still a FA that could be brought in instead!

  12. Hasn’t Urlacher of your beloved Bears missed 6 practices in a row and he had 2 problems in his knee at the very end of last season and instead of surgery to repair them decided to let Tebow heal them. This isn’t virtual football, they still have to play the games and he could be back in a month if it was just a cleanout scope.

  13. preach366 said:

    Holy Cow! That is a huge blow to our back field!
    Not to nitpick, but no. Backfield specifically refers to players (as an entire unit) behind the line of scrimmage, or alternatively the area of the field behind the O-line. I think what you are looking for is “secondary”.

  14. On the “glass half full” side, if this had to happen, this is the best time. Even if he’s out an extended period of time, you have four “freebie” games to groom a decent replacement, as oppose to scrambling for help in-season. Also, so early in camp you can make a trade for a serviceable stand-in. There is considerable depth on the D-line. Find a partner, make a deal. Don’t jump off ledges yet folks—this is not the end if the world.

  15. I guess this weak offseason the players wanted so bad didn’t help so much after all. This is a huge blow to the Lions already depleted secondary. Hopefully some solid players will get cut from other teams and the Lions can survive.

    Maybe Berry will get his old job back around week six

  16. It was his right knee last season, this is his left. The fact that he’s out “indefinitely” is not encouraging.

    I like Delmas – he’s one of the hardest hitters on the Lions. He’s also a very tough guy who isn’t afraid to play hurt.

    Delmas missed 5 games last season, and wasn’t fully recovered when he came back (for the playoff game). It’s possible that he could be back for the start of the season in 4 weeks, but I’d favor erring on the side of caution and letting him sit out a game or two.

  17. Geez, am I the only one who isn’t worried about this? Louis Delmas has been held out or camp for knee soreness. He’s also been working on the sidelines during practice with no visible sign of injury. This is nothing more than a knee scope and he’ll be back for the final preseason game…it’s okay, come down off the ledge guys…

  18. Now that I’ve had time to think about it, I’m willing to admit that my post above was a little panicked and this is not the disaster some think it is.

    In the first four games prior to the bye week, the Lions play Sam Bradford, Alex Smith, whoever starts between Matt Hasselbeck/Jake Locker, and Christian Ponder.

    While some of those guys can be good at times, they hardly strike fear into defenses. Hopefully safety play can be competent enough for them to be at least 3-1 heading into the bye, and Louis will have 8-9 weeks to heal be ready before the Lions head to Philly.

  19. I’d like to see Delmas healthy and in perfect form for the SF game. He’s the kind of hitter that can intimidate receivers. I’d love to see Delmas make Randy Moss wish he’d stayed retired.

    The Niners fans have been yapping way too much in the off season. They beat us in the last two minutes of a very close game, on a questionable 4th down TD given to them by the refs … it wasn’t a dominating performance. that’s the game where we lost Javid Best, who had just ripped a giant hole in the Bears supposedly invincible defense.

    Also – seeing Harbaugh lose is now something I yearn for! Even back in his days as a U of M QB, Harbaugh was a jerk. (But his dad is a nice guy.)

  20. Agree with jimmylions. Nothing pleased me more than seeing his facial expressions during the loss to the Giants in the NFCCG. He then showed how classless he is by barely giving Tom Coughlin a perfunctory postgame handshake.

    If we do pull out the win against them, however, I hope the postgame handshake is drama-free. Last year’s fracas overshadowed what was a really good, hard-fought game.

  21. I think Lions fans love Louis Delmas and everything he brings to this team , but he’s got to stay healthy.
    I can’t help but think of a guy like Bob Sanders of the Colts … team leader, big hitter but couldn’t stay on the field because of injuries.
    The Lions secondary is alot better with him on the field … hope he comes back from the knee stronger and is able to get through the regular season ( and playoffs ) injury free.

  22. I dont see this as a big deal..we still have the high powered offense to hang with anyone and the great dline that will make any defensive back look good on our team.

    Who knows what the 3 cbs we drafted this year can do?..still would be nice if louis can stay healthy.

  23. Delmas is always hurt. He was decent value in the 2nd round, but I think its time to look for a safety who can suit up on a regular basis. I’m sick of people making excuses for the secondary because they are always missing this guy who has never been to a pro bowl or really done anything exceptional on the field in the first place.

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