Michael Vick dedicates season to Garrett Reid


Reid passed on a question about such a dedication in his meeting with the media, choosing to say that he hoped his son’s death might be a rallying point for those struggling with substance abuse.

His starting quarterback saw things a little bit differently. Michael Vick spoke warmly about his coach after practice and dedicated the rest of the season to the memory of his late son Garrett.

“Our entire season will be dedicated to Garrett,” Michael Vick said, via Zach Berman of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “And I’m personally dedicating my season to coach and to my teammates. This season will be dedicated to Garrett starting tomorrow.”

Vick admitted to being surprised that Reid was back at practice on Wednesday, although he added the “fire” was in Reid’s eyes when he was on the field.

It’s been clear in the last few days that Reid and his family mean a lot to Eagles players. Vick said that when he spoke to Reid on Wednesday, he told the coach he loved him several times, and his words are a strong reflection of that. We’d be surprised if he’s the last Eagle to share similar sentiments.

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  1. This is terrible news for the other teams in the NFC East. The last thing we need is a re-energized Eagles team driven by a purpose beyond a ring.

    Well, I suppose we will all see soon enough how the season pans out.

  2. Reid saw a lot of Garrett in Vick when he brought him in to start his path to redemption. In a sense, Vick owes a lot to Reid and he has probably gotten close to Garrett over the past few years.

  3. The mixing of real-life and the business of professional athletics always leaves me a bit cold.

    Sympathize with the guy, support him as a fellow man, coach and friend; but something that motivates your performance on the field feels more akin with “bulletin board” material provided by an opposing player, longtime rivals, proving critics wrong, etc.

    Is it in the same sense as dedicating a song to someone? It just seems like a simple-minded or childish way to feel like one is contributing to the bereaved’s healing when one doesn’t know what else to do.

    Even Andy didn’t know what to say when he was told about the team and specifically Vick’s dedication. I can’t fault Vick or any of them for trying to say something positive and supportive, but it feels like lip service in the end.

  4. Corny and pathetic. Michael Vick is the last person I believe givea a damn about death.

    Another situation where he should keep his mouth shut, again.

  5. That’s right Andy hurry back to practice because that must be what’s most important to you in life!Maybe if you had that same fire in your eyes for your sons maybe they wouldn’t of had to seek out happiness else where in the form of drugs!

  6. Of course, it’s only ‘lip service’. Why would anyone dedicate an 8-8 season (again) to anyone?

    Vick and the ‘dynasty Feagles” will finish behind both the Giants & ‘Boys in season 2012.

  7. So he is going to play harder because this poor young man died way too soon. I don’t want to sound uncaring but I don’t like the whole “dedicating” a season thing. Andy Reid should have taken more time grieving the loss of his son. I know I would have.

  8. Unfortunately for the Eagles, Michael Vick’s season is likely to be around 8 games before he gets hurt.

  9. Vick has never impressed me at all. The Bucs chewed him up and spit him out every single time they played against Atlanta during his tenure. His killing and torture of dogs is akin to someone doing that to a child. He may have done prison time but his debt is far from repaid. He was a POS then. He is one now. His “words” are nothing but a fart in the breeze. However, I feel sorrow for Coach Reid from the depths of my heart. I’m sure he did all he could for his boys and they were raised in the world of affluence . You can’t be help responsible for the choices your kid makes. Would someone hold Coach Dungy responsible for his son’s suicide? I hope you can find peace Coach Reid.

  10. Heck, the youth teams that I coach are like family. A kid gets the sniffles and the rest of the team & parents are dedicating a game to him/her. I know professional sports are more about business, but there’s still some little kid in these people.

    Although I hate his play calling and game management skills at times, Andy Reid has always struck me as a good man, that I’m happy is on my favorite team’s side. His teams have given me years of enjoyment. So I wish him the best here, and completely understand his desire to be around his “extended family”/team.

  11. Has Mcnabb been around? I haven’t heard or seen anything about him regarding this situation. I thought the two of them had a really strong relationship.

  12. Why is Vick still an NFL QB? He’s lost a step on his speed, he’s not that accurate, and once he gets injured midway through the year you’re depending on a backup QB.

    Why not just get a damn QB who can throw darts. There’s plenty of hybrid QB’s like Cam Newton who can play the position. I’d take Tebow over Vick at this point. At least Tebow can take a damn hit and survive.

  13. Hopefully the season goes well for the Eagles and all the on and off the field stuff that is inevitable doesn’t tarnish this dedication. My condolences to the Reid family.

  14. So with cops being killed in Philly young men and women being killed fighting for our flag the team is going to ignore all that and dedicate the season to a drug dealing and taking excon.

    I do not get it I would be in favor of any team dedicating a season to a fallen hero but a kid who had it all and tossed it all away.
    Stay classy Philly
    I am sure the team will finish dead last

  15. Good to know the Eagles have classy division rivals. Even in a story about dedicating a season to the head coaches dead son, there are idiots who come here to make nasty comments about the team and the coach.

    And as far as the Cowboys and Giants beating the Eagles, that is a joke. They’ve swept the lowly cowboys 2 years in a row now and the Giants are only 1-7 against them in the past 4 seasons.

  16. Shame on you guys for ripping Reid, he had his son working with him, he had him close and he was doing what he could do to keep his son as close as possible and as busy as possible. To an addict, drugs are more important than family, money, sex, and reality. He may have missed a step being a coach and spending too much time away, providing ultimate privileges for his family. This shiite happens to all walks of life, smothered kids, rejected kids, loved kids, abused kids……addiction is a hard rb to take down. Give Reid and even Vick a break.

  17. I understand the sentiment Vick is trying to make, but it really doesn’t make any sense. Why not just say the team is supporting Reid and helping him through this difficult time? Reid’s son wasn’t a player or a coach. It’s unfortunate, but dedicating the season to him is just plain silly.

  18. Doesn’t matter if the kid had a drug problem. He was the coaches son and the team wants to dedicate the season for coach. What’s wrong with that? If it was your family member with a drug problem and died, you’d have a different attitude. Instead you idiots come in here and act hard behind your keyboards. We’ll see who owns the NFC east this year. Big ups eagle nation. 5-1 in the NFC east, again.

  19. Some of the people who post on here are the most ignorant P.O.S. who are you to say reid should have spent more time away from football? It’s his and his family’s decision, not your holier than thou self. And that idiot who blames Reid for his son’s death, that post made me sick.

  20. As someone who has lost a couple of friends too soon over the years. Just because they have weaknesses doesn’t not make them bad people. People do a lot of things that are harmful to themselves some legal some not. No one degrades someone who dies of lung cancer after smoking for 30 years. Addiction is addiction. I hope all the people bad mouthing Garrett Reid never have something similar hit home.

  21. It’s a nice gesture, nothing more, nothing less.

    I wonder if all the people hating on this move hated on the Patriots’ decision to dedicate their 2011-2012 season to Myra H. Kraft (the owner’s wife), going so far as to wear “MHK” patches.

  22. “This is terrible news for the other teams in the NFC East. The last thing we need is a re-energized Eagles team driven by a purpose beyond a ring. ”

    Pride, money, and the embarrassment of being the only NFCE team that hasn’t won a Super Bowl hasn’t gotten it done, I don’t expect this will, either.

  23. andyb02 says:
    Aug 8, 2012 7:18 PM

    “And as far as the Cowboys and Giants beating the Eagles, that is a joke. They’ve swept the lowly cowboys 2 years in a row now”

    No they haven’t. Cowboys beat them in Philly during the 2010 season. And that’s “lowly 5-time Super Bowl champs” Cowboys to you, buddy.

  24. jerseygrown says:
    Aug 8, 2012 6:25 PM
    Has Mcnabb been around? I haven’t heard or seen anything about him regarding this situation. I thought the two of them had a really strong relationship.

    I’m as far from a McNabb fan as can be found but I did read or see that he made a nice statement expressing his condolences to Reid and his family.

    As to people criticizing Reid for coming back to work, you are way, way out of line. A lot of people find it comforting to have something else to concentrate on when they have such a horrible tragedy happen instead of wallowing in it. And maybe it was extra comforting for Reid to be around his team since his son worked there and he was still among people who cared for his son.

  25. I swear everyone at any occasion is always down talking Michael Vick. He’s resurrected himself as a Football player, and a person. He’s changed.. He did his time at the big house. As a person, you people that try to down talk Vick want him to remain in a negative state of mind mentality. Why can’t they’re be hope in humanity. And as a player, you wouldn’t say #%$ about Vick if he’d resurrected his career that way he’s done with the eagles if he’s playing for your favorite NFL Team. He’s takin’ advantage of his second chance. Hate it or love it..

  26. I say this as a Giants fan………Andy Reid sorry for your loss, I hope U find peace and that football becomes your therapy, I do not want U to beat the World Champs but I wish U the best…..Michael Vick Paid his debt to society and I want him out there on the field bcuz I want the Gmen to punish him. The Eagles do not wanna see us at full strength, The best Pass Rush in the league will surely demolish Vick and Shady and I cant wait. But it amazes me how ppl condemn Vick for killing dogs but send George Zimmerman Donations for Killing a Boy. Human life will always have more value than a 200 Million dogs lives. Like I said Vick paid his debt. Zimmerman didnt but I dnt see any protest over there. PPl donating to money to a murderer but complaining abt a guy who served his time. Go figure.

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