Naanee making his move in Miami


When the Dolphins traded Brandon Marshall at the moment the free-agent market opened in March, many assumed that the team would pursue one of the many big-name receivers who were available.

They didn’t.

Eventually, the Dolphins added Legedu Naanee, who had spent a year in Carolina after starting his career in San Diego.  And while some (e.g., I) scoffed, Naanee has risen to the occasion.

According to Adam H. Beasley of the Miami Herald, Naanee is in line to start the preseason opener, and he’s vying for a starting job when the real games start.

“I am absolutely not sugar-coating this,” agent David Canter told Beasley.  “I told every single person when he signed here he’d be the No. 1 receiver if healthy.”

Naanee’s not the No. 1 guy yet.  A copy of the team’s tentative depth chart shows Naanee and Davone Bess as the starters at one receiver position, with Chad Johnson the starter at the other.  Brian Hartline is listed as Johnson’s backup.

Elsewhere on the depth chart, rookie running back Lamar Miller is mired in fourth position, behind Reggie Bush, Daniel Thomas, and Steve Slaton.  Also, cornerback Vontae Davis sits one spot behind Richard Marshall at cornerback.

The biggest surprise for now is Naanee.  And so remember that one for your fantasy draft.  Two N’s.  Two A’s.  Two E’s.  Hopefully more than two W’s.

24 responses to “Naanee making his move in Miami

  1. I would’ve thought Miami was in better shape if this WASN’T true. Naanee is garbage. This only shows it’s just another year of terrible football coming out of Miami. I wish him the best, but judging from what I’ve seen of him, either he’s GREATLY improved, or Miami is hard up for something positive to talk about.

  2. Maybe they should worry more about who will be throwing to these “garbage” receivers. Heaven forbid a guy get a chance and he thrives. Good luck with the blackouts this year Miami.

  3. Don’t get too excited Miami fans, there’s a reason why the receiver needy Panthers let this guy walk. He can get open but he drops way too many passes.

  4. Did you ever notice that no matter how bad the situation looks, if you leave a comment bashing the Dolphins it gets a surge of thumbs downs faster than anything else?

    Dolphins Nation: organized and united against reality.

  5. Yes, the Fins are in rebuild mode. They will struggle. I don’t think anyone questions that. But they cannot go sign every big name free agent. Stop being pissy little jack asses. Nobody knows what this guy will or will not do until he plays. So to say he is garbage is just stupid. These “experts” probably pegged Marques Colston as a top tier WR coming out in the SEVENTH ROUND!! They probably new that Brady was going to be awesome when he was drafted in the 6th round. This is why these guys work hard and play the game. Just sit behind your computer with your pot belly and your 6 pack of Coors and enjoy the games. Idiots!

  6. I watched him every game last year here in Carolina. He started alot of games, but finished with 467 yards, 1 touchdown. He had only 12 more yards then Jeremy Shockey, our 2nd TE option. If thats what makes a number 1 WR, good luck.

  7. I still can’t believe that Steve Slaton was being taken in the first round of fantasy drafts just a few years ago.

  8. The guy is a workout warrior, and was decent in San Diego, but he was a disaster in Carolina last year. Coach Rivera kept him starting, most likely a combination of hope and loyalty, but he was dramatically out-played by Brandon LaFell who would caught everything thrown his way. Naanee had numerous drops at critical times when it counted, in actual games, or the Panthers would have had an even a better record last year. Why else is he in Miami after 1 year? It certainly wasn’t a payroll issue.

  9. He wasn’t great with Phillip Rivers. So why is he going to be great with Matt Moore?

    Dolphins are feeding their fans dog food and telling them it’s steak. Sad.

  10. Mike Holmgren and QB coach Steve Mariucci threw Kurt Warner out with the “garbage” in order to keep Ty Detmer as a back up QB in Green Bay. Yep, that dude was total garbage.

  11. Jeff Ireland has been here 4 years & we still don’t have a good wr, te or qb. What’s wrong with this picture?

  12. Wow. That WR depth chart is a list of nothing but has-beens and never-wases. I’m thinking the Fins go 5-11 this season.

  13. This guy is up there with David Carr and TeH Jimmy as one of the most hated Panthers of all time.

    You can literally attribute about four of Cam’s turnovers last year to this guy having a ball clunk off his hands into the DB’s arms, or running a half-a’d route, etc.

    Guy was a bum. Glad Lafell is starting this year. Has promise.

  14. What the other Panther fans aren’t telling you Dolphins fans about this guy is, not only does he have hands of brick, he drops dead at the first hint of contact. YAC for this guy stands for, “Yep, Afraid of Contact.”

    I have nothing against Miami, so I’m not trying to be evil to y’all. You just need to know that if this is your #1 WR, Chad Johnson needs to hang the cleats up and move on to the porn career he’s angling for.

  15. People need to relax. We went from 1-15 to 11-5 with our WR’s being Greg Camarillo Ted Ginn Jr. and Devone Bess. You don’t think Johnson and naanee are better then them? The people doggin on Naanee are probably the same people that think Mario Manningham is the game changer for the 49ers. Any player in the league can be good if not great they just need the right coaching scheme.

  16. The only Knock on Nennee is his drops!
    Watching him in San Diego, I really thought he would emerge as a stud! He has posted several really big Games there!
    He has the height, speed, & leaping ability to be a big time receiver. He just needs to hold on to the ball. I don’t know if he will over come this, But our Adrian Peterson overcame his fumbling issue.
    As a Viking fan, and a closet dolphin fan, would love to see him step it up & have a breakout year!

  17. After letting Johnson go, maybe our Fins should hire Ussain Bolt and teach him how to catch a football. Just think of the nightmares defensive co-ordinators around the NFL would have when they have to play Miami. Who could catch him on the way to the end zone?

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