Quinn edges out Stanzi, for now


Perhaps the biggest battle in Kansas City relates to the backup quarterback position.  With Matt Cassel holding the top spot (for now), the guy who sits at No. 2 could get a chance to be the Tony Romo to Cassel’s Drew Bledsoe.

For now, Brady Quinn has the edge over Ricky Stanzi.

As MDS pointed out in the Wednesday morning one-liners, coach Romeo Crennel doesn’t put much stock in preseason depth charts.  Still, when the Chiefs were required to put pen to paper (assuming anyone uses pens or paper anymore), Quinn got the nod over Stanzi.

Then again, Quinn got the nod over Tim Tebow last year in Denver.  And Tebow got the job once Kyle Orton was benched.

So it could be déjà vu all over again for Quinn in Kansas City.  Quinn could win the No. 2 job, and if the Chiefs choose to bench Cassel, Stanzi could vault to No. 1.

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  1. Stanzi has been there two years and still can’t win the #2 spot over Brady Quinn.
    The Chiefs are starting the season with (arguably) the worst QB in the division. If Cassell goes down the season is over. Maybe they can put in a call to Culpepper. Is Jeff George still willing to play? I would also mention McNabb but he is just too crazy.

  2. As an Iowa Hawkeye fan originally from Iowa…I hope former Hawkeye quarterback Ricky Stanzi moves to the top of the depth chart soon, Stanzi had a better performance than top #10 pick Blaine Gabbert his senior year in both of their last bowl game and beat him. Stanzi will have a better NFL career than Gabbert, as Stanzi came from a college -pro style offense …not a spread shotgun offense like Gabbert did.

  3. Stanzi HASN’T been there two years. He’s been there about a year, and this is his first real camp. He was a #5 pick, so he obviously wasn’t projected to play right away. He’s inconsistent, sometimes looking great and sometimes looking bad, which is what you’d expect from a #5 pick at this stage of their development. Way too early to write him off.

  4. Stanzi can play, i don’t doubt it at all. Is he going to be Tom Brady? Probably not (although they are almost the same size and have a similar throwing motion). He’s a strong leader, leads by example, and is coachable. He improved dramatically at Iowa over his years there. I agree with Tarkus on this one.

  5. The same argument for why Cassel should not be a starting QB in the NFL from 2 years ago, draft position (not much difference between 5th and 7th round when it comes to poor QB expectations), is now being used to pump up the argument for getting Stanzi on the field? C’mon Chiefs fans, stop betting on the position just because he played in your backyard in college. I respect Iowa football but there is a lot more to be said for their dominant lines than their QB play. I am sure there are better #2’s out there than Stanzi and I am not too eager to get this kid on the field.

  6. Brady Quinn is young and has a lot of football left in him. He will be the backup. If the Chiefs needed him to come in, Im comfortable saying there isnt a big difference to where Matt Cassell is at and where Quinn is at in their careers. He’s a capable NFL QB that can out play some starters. His time in Cleveland wasnt as bad as people think, how many QB’s would succeed right away with what Cleveland had at the time (No O-line, No running backs, immature Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow). Also playing Baltimore and Pittsburgh twice a year at a time where their defense was in their prime. Not too many rookie QB’s would have came into that situation and succeeded.

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