Reid will return to Eagles practice today


Eagles coach Andy Reid will return to work on Wednesday, a day after the funeral of his eldest son, Garrett.

The team has announced that Reid will attend the team’s 11:00 a.m. ET walk-through practice, and that Reid thereafter will address the media.

The Eagles host the Steelers on Thursday night, in the preseason opener for both teams.  The Eagles have not formally announced whether Reid will coach the game; earlier this week, owner Jeffrey Lurie suggested that Reid will coach on Thursday night.

40 responses to “Reid will return to Eagles practice today

  1. Can’t blame Coach Reid. The best way for him to cope is probably getting back to his Eagles family and immersing himself in the game. Everyone handles things differently. I envy his strength and will always be proud to have him as our head coach.

  2. Why when I make comments about drunken Eagle fans they get censored but idiots like george1859 get through. To each there own brother – if Big Red decides to coach today that is his call, lest not ye judge…

  3. Coach Reid is a strong guy. He needs the support from not only his intermediate family, but also his Eagles family. On behalf of the ”WHO DAT NATION”,our prayers are still with you and your loved ones.

  4. I personally would have opted to spend more time away and with my wife who lost her son and family. But, I understand going back. It keeps your mind busy, otherwise you just think and sink into sadness. God Bless him and his family.

  5. I just love all the people who want Andy to stay away for “family time”, because sitting around is exactly what most people in this situation usually want to be doing.

    Love you Andy!

  6. I love how ignorant people can be. Assuming they know what’s best for everyone else. No one can tell a person how to grieve. Makes perfect sense to me that Andy would want to get back to business and be with the Eagles family so they can grieve together.


  7. It is really a waste of time to try and reason with the people who post hate about Coach Reid. They know not the meaning of love, compassion, and forgiveness. Responding only gives meaning to their dark, repulsive, insignificant lives.

  8. It’s not anyone’s place to judge decisions made by someone in the process of grieving. For some odd reason, fans feel as though they have a personal relationship with those who are in the limelight. Nothing could be further from the truth. To assume you know Andy Reid well enough to pass judgement on his decisions and family life, makes you sound asinine. It’s no ones business to discuss the personal affairs of someone who has lost a child. It’s not your child, nor is it your responsibility to engage in speculation as to Andy Reid’s parenting merits or transgressions. Be a decent human being and keep your judgements and opinions to yourself.
    My condolences to Mr. Reid and his family. May you all find peace in these troubled times.
    Go Eagles.

  9. I’m sorry, but shouldn’t he be with family? His son JUST passed away! Football is not that important, sometimes you have to prioritize!

    This action of putting football first and not taking care of home and being a constant presence is probably the main reason why his house is out of order.

    Take some time off COACH and tend to your family’s need….Which is your CONSTANT presence!

    The league and the eagles will always be there when you choose to return.

  10. @ gsthebest

    Who are you to say what’s important to anyone but yourself? This man’s family extends farther than his wife and children and into the whole Philadelphia Eagles organization. His son grew up with the Eagles and was a member of the Strength and Conditioning staff. No one has the right to tell Andy what to do aside from himself and if this is his way of coping and bringing some semblance of order to his life then he is the only one who has the right say that it’s justified.

    Everyone copes differently. Respect the man’s decisions and keep your disrespectful comments to yourself.

  11. 2 days to grieve oughta cover it. back to football. i ll deal with the family and reality after the seasons over in february.

  12. Life is not easy. when the ceiling seems to be caving in, its work (job) that helps me get through whatever is going on in my life. Andy is a workaholic, let the man do what he believes is best for him and his family

  13. @ flyguy:

    I see this throughout pro sports. where families are destroyed due to the constant over worked coaches and players with the amount of time these sports demand from you! Im oretty sure Andy along with alot of pro coaches that follower their dreams before they were head coaches had to SACRIFICE alot of FAMILY time to get to where they’re at and in the end is it worth it.

    Sean payton for example is going through a tough divorce he works in new orleans but lived in dallas!

    Sometimes you have to prioritize! It’s not a knock on his decision or the eagles, but his immediate family just suffered a tragic loss and with past issues with his younger son, one would think it’s time to get things on track.

    Im no way insensitive to this issue.

  14. Atleast take the preseason off. Pre-season is for the scrubs to prove themselves anyway. The vets know what theu’re doin.

    Last season injuries plagued this team, they’ll be contenders this season.

  15. First off, how many here would go back to work one day after burying a child?

    And what about your wife Andy? She gets to stay at home and cry herself to sleep while your off coaching football! That is plain selfish no matter how you want to look at it!!

  16. @gsthebest

    The only thing I’m disagreeing on here is the fact that we’re in no position to say where Andy Reid’s priorities should or shouldn’t lie. His decision is to get back to business at Lehigh and with the Birds, so we should respect that.

    Also, unless you’re a close personal fan of Sean Payton’s, you have no idea what caused his divorce. Could long distance have played a part, probably, but we have no idea what the underlying cause truly is, so we can’t speculate on that either.

    When it comes to Reid, Garrets death was a tragedy. Does Andy Reid probably wish that he did some things differently in the past? I’m sure he does. Who doesn’t?

    In short, you’re insensitive to the fact that Andy Reid is the only one who gets to decide where his priorities lie. Not you, not me, not the rest of the NFL fans or anyone else on this earth.

  17. Not to sound insensitive..(which i will) but why was a known drug user/felon/ coaches son at Eagles camp….working for the strength and conditioning team? Nepotism AND known drug use…and the kid OD’ d at work?! Am i the only one who thinks this is a mess? I could be wrong…..but usually wrap sheets like that dont get those types of jobs. Or I may not know what I am talking about….

  18. I have sat in an ICU waiting room 3 times while they struggled to keep my best friend alive after OD’s. 3 times he should have died, and he caused it himself. Somehow he is still alive, and still the Uncle to my kids. Just because someone hurts themselves doesn’t make it hurt any less for those that love them.

    Everyone that has gone through this is hurting along with you, Coach. Love and Peace to the hearts of the Reids and to the young men on the Eagles.

  19. Thanks to all who have informed us that we can’t tell coach Reid what to do. How about this: a responsible husband/father is still at home helping his actual family (not his “Eagles family”) cope with a devastating loss three days later. Coach of the year? Yes. Father of the year? No. I suspect that if he had focused on the latter more his sons would be better for it. But don’t worry…I won’t tell Coach Reid what he can and can’t do.

  20. John Mara thinks Mike Shanahan should send Klye Shanahan to the Eagles in the name of competitive balance.

  21. Definitely hard to criticize Andy Reid because I don’t have children nor have had to face anything near the seriousness of this ordeal. I do have parents though and I can’t begin to fathom how they would cope if they were faced with a similar situation. I can tell you I disagree with him going back to the Philadelphia Eagles, but, to criticize or complain about it is not even imaginable because you’re not in his shoes. Best of luck to the Reid family in their troubling times.

  22. It sounds like a lot of people posting just dont like their job and are viewing the situation from their own perspective. If I hated my job and my son died, I would want to be with my family as long as possible…but it is probably different if you are the head football coach of the eagles.

  23. Not that it matters what anyone but he and his family think is best, but Coach Reid lives less than an hour from where the Eagles hold training camp. This morning’s walkthrough was the only thing on the schedule for today, so he’s probably on his way back to be with his family already. He’ll likely be with them all night and most of the day tomorrow before the game. Point being, it’s not like he’s taken refuge up at Lehigh with no contact to the outside world.

  24. Deepest condolences to Coach Reid and his family as they struggle to cope with this horrific loss. I’d never question any decision he makes regarding when he should return to work; that is his own business. I just pray coaching and the camaraderie of his staff and team will provide some comfort and distraction for him.

  25. kdub79 says:
    Aug 8, 2012 2:02 PM
    Not that it matters what anyone but he and his family think is best, but Coach Reid lives less than an hour from where the Eagles hold training camp. This morning’s walkthrough was the only thing on the schedule for today, so he’s probably on his way back to be with his family already. He’ll likely be with them all night and most of the day tomorrow before the game. Point being, it’s not like he’s taken refuge up at Lehigh with no contact to the outside world.
    It’s just as likely he sleeps in his office trying to make up for the 3 days he missed. Such is the life of a professional coach where winning is everything.

  26. I think it’s very touching that Tammy and the rest of Andy’s family have so many of you who are intimately familiar with the Reid’s home life (good, faultless folks, every one of you) to tell them that he really needs to be home with them because he’s a bad father. Makes tons of sense.
    It doesn’t look like Andy will budge, though. Maybe you all ought to stop by.

  27. Who the hell are you people thinking you know what’s best. You really think Andy just left his wife at home to be alone and not never talked to her about what would be best? Were you there? Just shut up already. You ppl are idiots to sit there and blame Reid for his sons death. That just makes me sick

  28. Remember when that judge said that Reid had allowed his house to become a drug emporium? Thumbs down if you know it’s the truth.

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