Report: Joe Haden faces four-game suspension


Jimmy Haslam may be having a mild case of buyer’s remorse.

With questions swirling about the knee of top-three draft pick Trent Richardson, a report has now emerged that 2010 top-1o pick Joe Haden could miss the first four games of the season for violating the league’s policy against steroids and related substances.

Will Burge and Tony Grossi of report that the league currently is “reviewing” a failed drug test for Adderall, a banned substance.

Per the report, Haden has been informed that he tested positive.  He apparently has not yet filed an appeal.

If there’s an appeal, the suspension could be delayed indefinitely.  Some appeals in the past have taken months to complete; Haden wouldn’t be suspended until the process ends.

For Haden, if he had a prescription to take Adderall, he could finagle a reduction or complete reversal of the suspension.  However, recent precedent from the league on that point has been all over the map.

Then again, because teams and the league can say nothing about the reason for a player’s suspension under the steroids policy, it’s possible that Adderall has become the new dog-ate-my-homework-style excuse for players who don’t want to be stigmatized by the “S” word.

For now, all anyone can do is wait and see.  The team has said and will say nothing publicly, unless and until the suspension is official.

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  1. Florio, although it’s possible players are using Adderall as a cover for testing positive for anabolic steroids, Adderall IS a performance enhancing drug. One that is not hard to obtain from a doctor (considering there is no objective test for ADD/ADHD). It’s speed, plain and simple. That’s why it’s on the banned substance list.

  2. Wow, poor Browns fans.

    The rookie RB they spent a top 3 pick on is hurt. The best defensive player is suspended. The QB is a 28 year-old rookie. The teams best player is a tackle. The owner is a Steelers fan. Things can’t get much worse.

  3. players are responsible for what goes into their bodies. if you have a prescription for this medication, why not inform the league? especially when this exact same situation has come up numerous times before with other players…i’m just saying!

  4. The Browns are falling apart at the seams! What next? Will Brandon Weeden break a hip?

  5. If you have a prescription, you notify the correct sources. If you dont, then you are violating nfl policy and probably the law as well. If you have a prescription and you dont notify the nfl, you are an idiot. If you dont have a prescription and you fail the drug test you are just not bright.

  6. Believe it or not but Cleveland is cursed. Sometimes I wish I was a fan of another team/city. This along with Trent Richardson news is painfull.

  7. THE GREAT DETROIT LIONS being a fan of the Lions I feel sorry for the Browns fans when all of our players was going to jail I know the feeling stand tall it well past.

  8. The Browns are far and away the biggest joke of an organization in the NFL. And, it serves their fanbase right.

  9. Joe signed autographs for my kids at training camp last week. Very gracious, nice guy. This is very discouraging. Browns bashers keep it coming, they deserve the ridicule until this stuff stops happening in Cleveland. Browns fans, however, deserve much better.

  10. This is a good guy and it sucks that the NFL is all over the place with the suspensions for ADD/ADHD medication because I don’t know what to hope for or what is likely. Joe is a good guy and I hate to see this happening to a guy like this. The sad thing is, he should have known better. If I am in the NFL, I am not taking ANYTHING, not even those Flintstones gummis, without taking it to the NFL first.

    I hope the suspension is overturned or reduced, but knowing the luck of my Browns it is unlikely.

  11. For those of us who don’t follow the Browns that close, or just don’t know, next time please add what position he plays. The story doesn’t mention it.

  12. Now comes reports that Weeden used a forged birth certificate from the Dominican Republic and he’s actualy 37.

  13. The Browns are far and away the biggest joke of an organization in the NFL. And, it serves their fanbase right.

    What exactly does the fanbase have to do with this.

  14. “that drug will not make you stronger faster or anything. get over yourselves. what a joke. lol”

    You’re wrong, but you get bonus points for pretending to know what you’re talking about…

  15. hyzers says:
    Aug 8, 2012 3:01 PM
    Adderall IS a performance enhancing drug… It’s speed, plain and simple. That’s why it’s on the banned substance list.
    While it is basically speed, let’s just stop and think for a second about whether or not that makes it a performance enhancing drug for football purposes. The PGA, MLB, and NBA are free to take their own stand on this, as it affects their sports very differently.

    While amphetamines due increase concentration on task and alertness over a short period of time, the side effects of amphetamines are weight loss (largely due to to inability to eat) and lethargy and lack of motivation once the drug’s effects wear off. Why exactly would a cornerback, who’s on the smallish side anyway want to lose weight; have difficulty tacking on muscle; and have trouble at practice while not on Adderall?

    One could make the argument that the in-game benefits outweigh the negative side effects, but if that was the case, wouldn’t we see a lot more Adderall use throughout the league?

    Instead, isn’t it more likely that Haden and other NFL players who have tested positive for Adderall are simply using the drug to control their ADHD and put themselves on a level playing field with those players who don’t have this problem?

    If being a good football player required skills like fltying an airplane for 16 hours straight, or chess, or spotting the 72 differences between these two pictures, this would be a completely different debate; but it doesn’t: being a good football player requires big, strong guys who can hit each other.

  16. I have to admit, I’m a Steelers fan and even I feel sorry for the Browns. Aside from our division rivalry. Hopefully one day you’ll have the complete team to compete up to where the steelers are. Keep your heads up Browns fan.

  17. Trust me. I live in Cleveland and REAL fans don’t care about if the new owner had Steelers blood in him or if he was dropped off by aliens. If this guy can bring us a winner, he will get him some BIG LOVE. I’m all in as Randy Lerner just didn’t get it, but he did the right thing by selling.

  18. I’m sure Haden knows he’s failed the drug test, and I’d be willing to bet it wasn’t for using adderall. This has become a common cover for players using other substances such as cocaine, ecstasy, etc. Cocaine and adderall users will test positve for amphetamines. While the league reviews their case, they go doctor to doctor hoping they pay off one to give them a prescription, and then tell the league see I have prescription that I failed to disclose to you before I tested positive for an amphetamine (cocaine) I mean adderall.

  19. Wow!
    Does the PR department at Browns HQ work over time to think of ways to keep the team in the media?
    Just as we have been saying, the one thing about this year is excitement. Too much of the wrong kind.
    Is any defensive starter going to play week 1?

  20. Adderall, look it up, is a stimulant.
    Are they using it to focus more? To be more alert?
    Are they using it as legal speed?
    Does it show up similar to another banned substance in a drug test?
    False positives are common. During the 90’s, athletes blamed OTC cold medications for failed drug tests due to the fact that a common ingredient in cold and allergy meds at that time showed up like THC.

  21. buster30 says: Aug 8, 2012 6:17 PM
    I’d be willing to bet it wasn’t for using adderall. This has become a common cover for players using other substances such as cocaine, ecstasy, etc. Cocaine and adderall users will test positve for amphetamines.
    You can’t just make things up. This is not true. Cocaine is a stimulant, but it is not an amphetamine. and shows up entirely separately in drug tests.

    I was going to make a larger point about Haden and ADHD whether or not Adderall should be classified as a performance enhancing drug, but I think I’ll just leave it here. Don’t say things that aren’t true. That was all I needed to say. Don’t make up lies about people you don’t know. Haden is one of the very few things Cleveland Browns fans get to enjoy: don’t try to vilify him with accusations based on false information.

  22. What prescriptions can NFL players take, I would love to see that list. this is adderall to keep kids focused and stop hyperactivity?? Browns always have drama first part of every season it seems. The good thing is they still have a more promising future than the rest of the AFC North. As they get old and decrepid the young browns will rise to their rightful spot atop the afc north and becoming superbowl contenders for years to come. Eat it all up!

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