Sen. Schumer wants NFL to tweak loan program for Bills


As the Bills and the powers-that-be in Erie County negotiate a new lease that will entail upgrades to Ralph Wilson Stadium, Senator Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) wants the NFL to modify its program for loaning money to teams that are building and/or modifying new venues.

“I will do everything in my power to keep the Bills right here in Buffalo,” Schumer said Wednesday, via  “Because of the their unique situation, the bottom line is that the NFL’s loan program to upgrade stadiums, as structured, is practically useless for the Bills.  Making some basic, common sense changes to this key NFL loan program is something that can generate significant resources for much-needed stadium renovations, and could do so in a way that provides significant incentive for any future owner to keep the team in western New York.”

The problem is that the league’s G-4 loan program requires the full amount of a loan to be repaid when a team is sold.  And so, when the Bills are sold by the estate of Ralph Wilson, the purchaser (or the Wilson estate, or both) will have to write a check to the league for the full amount due.

Of course, Schumer wants the league to retain the provision that makes the loan fully due and payable upon relocation, in order to help ensure that the next owner won’t move the Bills.

“Enabling the Bills [to] take advantage of the league’s loan program to pay its share for the needed renovation of Ralph Wilson Stadium is a game-changing play that can help secure the team’s continued success in Buffalo for decades to come,” Schumer said.  “That’s why I am urging NFL Commissioner Goodell to consider an amendment to the ‘due on sale’ clause in the G-4 loan program so the Bills can access the program and put the resources to use in the stadium renovation effort.”

And now we’ll wait for reader comments (the over/under is 27.5) complaining that members of Congress have better things to do than worry about how the ultra-rich will pay for upgrades to football stadiums.

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  1. Seems to me the last time politicians modified loan programs we were left with hundreds of failed banks, lots of foreclosed properties and an economy in the ditch. But I’m sure they’ve learned a thing or two since then…….right?

  2. I’ll be the first. while the senator should focus on far greater problemsour country faces, being a vikings fan, i know how much it meant for our politicians to support a new vikings stadium. He’s just doing it for the vote in november

  3. I’m second. Let Chuckie Shummer do something like pass a budget (been three years since the senate did that) worry about fixing the economy, or maybe just being a decent lawmaker. But that is asking to much, he needs to be worried about the NFL’s loan program cause that is so important to America.

  4. I assume this is motivated by fear that in the near future, this team will be the Toronto Bills.

  5. Wait so let me understand this if the team is sold the loan has to be paid back.

    OK so whats the problem when the team is sold the seller will have a boat load of cash and the buyer can work the loan payoff into the price he or she pays for the team.
    As the loan would be used to make the dump they play in better hence making the team more sellable and at a better price.

    Kind of like if I sell my house I have to pay the bank prior to walking away with a bag of cash.

    This guy needs to worry about the national debt and jobs for the unemployeed

  6. This was the most infuriating “press conference” I’ve ever seen. I woke up early just to see it, because it was one of those “Breaking, Senator Schumer holds a presser at Ralph Wilson Stadium.” When media got irritated with him for talking this presser up, and he only mentioned the G4 loan, the media asked him some tough questions. He got mad and then said “I don’t know” or “Ask the Bills.” If you’re going to hold a presser regarding keeping the Bills in Buffalo, why would you defer actual questions relating to the topic to the Buffalo Bills? He wouldn’t even tell the media what he and Mr. Wilson talked about. Summary of the “Press Conference” is that his PR team just wanted him to get on the local headlines for his upcoming election. He’s always seemed to spout out BS. I won’t believe it until I see it with this guy.

  7. There is no greater reason to be against this than seeing that Schumer is for it. The guy spends all of his time telling other people how they should live their lives and spending other people’s money while exempting himself from those same decisions.

  8. I cant help but think that ralph wants to sell the team before he dies, and the potential new owners arent crazy bout the current g-4 payback guidlines. So ralph puts in a call to his boy Schumer and schumar goes to work for his old friend.would b nice if politicians worked that hard for us middle class folk….

  9. Fyi, Schumar was re elected in 2010 n serves a 4 year term.this isnt bout the vote as much it is him helping an old friend.,hes in till 2014.

  10. Everybody hates Congress, Congressmen, and Congresswomen except for their own. There own Congressperson is liked/tolerated by half the people on the district.

    People only hear from their Congress person during the 3 months prior to an election every 2 years. The rest of the time Congress just gives them the shaft.

    Gerrymandering weasels like your Congressman ought to be voted into exile.

    My Congressman is okay though.

  11. Schumer is going to drive energy costs through the roof with his current Demo policies, I’d focus on fixing that first.

  12. Schumer likes to play the anti-trust exception card. He think she’s the smartest guy in the room but he’s really just a bully.

  13. “And now we’ll wait for reader comments (the over/under is 27.5) complaining that members of Congress have better things to do than worry about how the ultra-rich will pay for upgrades to football stadiums.”

    Well, congress has an approval rating in the low teens for a reason. Being terrible at one’s job while telling other businesses how to change their operation doesn’t seem to add up.

  14. Schumer should shut up and worry about more important things. The most dangerous place to be in NY in between Chuck Schumer and a camera.

  15. As usual, everybody is missing the point.

    The $25 million+ of G-4 loans coming from the NFL is that much less money the taxpayers of Erie County have to pony up.

    Or, think of it this way, more than $25 million in free upgrades to roads, parking, and bathrooms.

    Nothing to lose, everything to gain, and everybody is crying about it.

  16. As a NY resident, Schumer is the biggest ass in the Senate. If he had his way, he’d regulate toilet paper manufacturing to have a minimum softness requirement. The guy is always meddling in state & private matters.

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