Sidney Rice says he’ll be playing Week One


Regardless of whether Braylon Edwards or Terrell Owens (or both) will be suited up for the Seahawks in Week One against the Cardinals, Sidney Rice says he will be.

In response to a report from Peter King of that Rice may not be ready for the regular-season opener due to shoulder and concussion issues, Rice tells Dave “Softy” Mahler of KJR radio in Seattle that Rice will play.

“I’m playing in the Cardinal game,” Rice said.  “My plan is to be out there September 9 versus the Cardinals in Arizona.”

Since a breakout season in 2009, with 1,312 receiving yards, Rice has appeared in only 15 of 32 games, due to injury.

Last year, his first in Seattle, Rice was plagued by shoulder and concussions problems.  In the offseason, he had surgery on both shoulders.

Rice has been practicing this year with the red no-touchy jersey.

22 responses to “Sidney Rice says he’ll be playing Week One

  1. Like I said in the earlier story about him, he has all the talent in the world, but he can’t use that talent if he can’t stay healthy. Even if he comes back from this injury, which he probably will, it probably won’t be by week one and then there will be another injury later this year that might end his season again.

    He could’ve been great but he’s just too fragile, that being said, I wish him the best of luck in the rest of his career.

    Skol Vikings.

  2. I like Sidney, he was great with Bruce Willis in “unbreakable” but if he is sidelined again this year the hawks should just eat that contract with some hot sauce

  3. This guy has nothing BUT injuries….the Seahawks just seem to make stupid signings and dumb draft picks. Pete Carroll will never make it as a pro coach.

  4. Norcalmafia remains a talking douche that doesn’t even get respect from fellow Niner fans. stay in frisco where you continue to get your fudge packed in your mothers basement. Its not like you have ever left the gay area anyways

  5. If Sidney Rice and T.O. can both STAY healthy they could become a very dangerous combo………

  6. ravenmuscle says:

    the Seahawks just seem to make stupid signings and dumb draft picks. Pete Carroll will never make it as a pro coach.

    Really?? seems this pro coach, and his draft picks kicked your raven asses last year on national tv, you should get a clue……..

  7. Sidney Rice and Adrian Peterson — both playing week one!?

    That’s an exacta I’d never choose to bet.

  8. No seatown you got mixed up I was in your basement packing your mothers fudge…She said she was so bored up there in Lameattle.

  9. Ravenmuscle, you are correct Seahawks are bad.. can’t beat a quality team… guess that is why the ravens laid an egg when we played you last year. How many rushes did Ray get?

    I get the fact you are upset that the Ravens ship is sailing away and you have nothing but a SB ring built by the Browns fans.

  10. Hmm Seatown ballers…Do you mean the gay area as in the home of the Hells Angels Black Panthers ….Multi SB ring football teams and tech capitol of the world?
    Bands like Santana,Metallica,Too Short
    Or Seattle home of the Seahawks whove never won anything worst weather in the country most famous player is Brian Bosworth best selling jersey is #12 (smh) Sir Mix Alot whos most famous song is talking about Oakland and LA and its own website dedicated to it called Seattle sucks…(yes its real google it thats how lame that city is) go hide under your umbrella…

  11. I agree with conormacleod- glad the Seahawks outbid the Vikings for Rice, who has been a non-factor ever since.

    Whether Rice plays week 1 or not is irrelevant. He’ll spend most of the year on IR.

  12. Sydney Rice is so OVERRATED!! Brett Favre made him who he is!!! He can never stay healthy ,by next year this time he will no longer be a Seahawk!!! Mark my words!!!!

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