T.O. says he just wants to be a part of something


Terrell Owens’ first practice with the Seahawks is in the books, and he said afterward that he’s a humbled man who simply wants to help his new team in any way he can.

“That’s what it’s all about for me now — being a part of something rather than be the center of something,” Owens said afterward. “I understand a lot of media is here because of me, but again, I’ve changed in a lot of ways. There are a lot things that have occurred the last two years. I had a lot of time to think about things, get things in perspective.”

Owens said he believes he’s a more mature person than he was in past stints with the 49ers, Eagles, Cowboys, Bills, Bengals and Allen Wranglers, and he said playing on that last team — part of the Indoor Football League — reminded him what a passion he still has for the game of football.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll seems to buy what Owens is selling: Carroll says he’s excited about giving Owens another chance.

I don’t care what happened before,” Carroll said. “We’re starting together from this point forward. What he said, what he’s done — I could care less about that. It’s right now.”

From all indications, Owens is in good shape and running well. If he’s sincere about just wanting to be a part of a successful team, he may be able to help the Seahawks win, even at age 38.

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  1. How many times have we heard teams doing this with TO? And it ALWAYS turns out the same. How are you any different Seahawks? This will be a disappointment to say the least.

  2. TO is in the wrong place if he wants to be part of something the Seahawks are garbage.

    “I understand a lot of media is here because of me” that sure sounds like the old TO to me.

    He will be cut by week 5, hit the bricks!!

  3. I still can’t get over Owens saying, “I play when I want to play,” mooning the fans in Green Bay, then being waived by the Vikings and the Titans in the SAME SEASON for being a malcontent and giving a half-ass effort during games.

    Oh, wait, that’s not TO, that’s Randy Moss, who is all of a sudden an All Pro again in San Francisco. Let’s cut TO a little slack and see how the season plays out before we start passing judgments.

  4. I wish him the best. god knows none of us our perfect and we all make mistakes. ive had my share so I hope he does well.

  5. Love that he said, “That’s what it’s all about for me now — being a part of something rather than be the center of something,”

    FOR NOW. Awesome. One or two weeks of all this love then I guarantee the same old selfish TO emerges.

  6. Reality check tbone! Golden tate is playing his third year! Get the facts straight before you trash talk, otherwise people laugh at you

  7. Wow, T.O. If you had that attitude in 2005, you would have won a title within two years. Too bad for you, that ship has sailed. Enjoy your newfound outlook in the locker room.

  8. I want to believe that he’s changed and turning his life around, I just can’t. Here’s hoping he proves me wrong.

  9. I think TO is completely sincere in being grateful for a new start and in feeling he’s changed, and I find myself rooting for him to do well for the first time since…ever. (What can I say? I’m getting soft in my old age!)

    But you have to question how long and how consistently TO can maintain the positive changes he’s made. Some people are just sadly prone to self-sabotage—they can’t seem to help it—and TO’s always been one of those people.

    I wish him well, and will give him the benefit of the doubt until he (yet again…?!) proves us wrong.

  10. I’m a hawks fan so I might be biased but I’m wishing for the best for TO; if not for him at least maybe he is sincere about changing, and if so at least he has an opportunity now to make some money that he can and will hopefully invest back into his kids. No doubt going broke, being unwanted in the NFL, and being embarassed on Dr. Phil must have had some sort of impact on him, and if it were humbling enough, it’s not hard to imagine that it could change someone whom up until then had always been revered and priviledged.

  11. Love him or hate him T.O.’s been the most productive WR in the NFL the last 13-15 years (except last year of course). I think he’ll show that he’ll be among the top 10 WR’s this season IF Flynn is as advertised.

  12. Listen to what his teammates say about him, not the media or people just looking to hate without any real understanding of the situation… One of the greatest players ever!! (check the stats)

  13. Like what?

    A conspiracy? A train wreck? A disaster? A boondoggle? A quagmire?

    Tell me more!

  14. Its funny how two years out of the NFL put things in perspective for T.O.

    I dont like the things that he does on the field, with the team, or with the media, but he’s not the guy getting DUI’s/DWI’s every offseason either…(Marshawn Lynch)

  15. T.O. really wants to be a part of the group thats waiting in line to make a deposit at the tellers window.

  16. TO will blow it up! If the QB can play at a high level, I guarantee a big year for him! He is light years ahead of most guys based on god given talent & training alone! Hope he has a monster year! Kudos to Pete for giving him a crack

  17. Most WR’s retire at old age because they have slowed down and can’t separate from coverage.

    4.45 at 38 years old? You kidding me.

    No reason why he shouldn’t be playing … with his size/speed/hands/experience he is a hard cover for any DB in the league.

    Not a fan of his but the guy makes plays and with Braylon Edwards and T.O. the those guys are HUGE reliable redzone targets.

    Seattle is still an ugly team but Flynn might have something going for him .. .this offense could click well with Rice back and Z. Miller at TE and once the RB situation is solidified … Golden Tate ….

    Thats some good talent … who knows?

  18. Reality check, a rookie has your number T.O. that is pathetic!


    Reality Check – This is Golden Tate’s (#81) 3rd season in the NFL.

    Nice try though.

  19. Good luck T.O. Just stay away from the media and put up them numbers! However it does suck that none of the Seahawks QB’s could even make the starting lineup on any other team in the NFL except maybe the Dolphins

  20. If not for TO, would anybody be talking about the Seahawks?

    I hate TO, but him being an elite WR was never the problem, he’s just so much of an A-hole he overshadows his own abilities.

    The media being at Seahawks camp is like people going to Nascar to see a big car crash.

  21. I am happy for TO even though he is with the hawks. He makes the league a lot more entertaining. That said this board is a bunch of hypocrites. 98% of the posters were making a mockery of Owens saying he was done. Time to bag groceries etc etc. And then there’s those hawks fans that ran their mouths about the niners signing Edwards last year to rejoice in the hawks signing him now. Making fun of throwing a hail mary on Moss but it’s all rainbows and unicorns now with TO. Lets face it, both men are among the best to ever play the game. Both men when motivated unleash hell on defenses and I do believe both men are very motivated to go out on top or at the least on a high note. Let’s be honest BOTH teams needed better depth and talent at receiver so lets stop the BS and watch an entertaining year play out. At least neither has to worry about having Kolb as their qb…. (sorry couldn’t help it) 😀

  22. kylexitron says: Aug 8, 2012 5:35 PM

    I’m a hawks fan so I might be biased but I’m wishing for the best for TO; if not for him at least maybe he is sincere about changing, and if so at least he has an opportunity now to make some money that he can and will hopefully invest back into his kids. No doubt going broke, being unwanted in the NFL, and being embarassed on Dr. Phil must have had some sort of impact on him, and if it were humbling enough, it’s not hard to imagine that it could change someone whom up until then had always been revered and priviledged.


    Can’t hate on something like this. Very well said. I’ll be pulling for TO 14 games this year and Moss 19 😉 In all seriousness though I hope they both find redemption

  23. I’m the second biggest TO fan behind himself- I think he can help the Seahawks young receivers learn how to work at their craft. No one has ever questioned his work ethic it’s what he does off the field. The young receivers seeing one of their role models growing up working to gain the leagues respect back should put things in perspective.

  24. Before Owens got hurt with the Bengals, I believe he was 5th in the NFL in receiving yards. So he still has the ability to be extremely productive. And running a 4.45 in the 40 yard dash?!? If I’m not mistaken, I think that is faster than he ran at the combine! He’s in amazing physical shape. He’s built like a brick sh*thouse! And now he feels like he has something to prove. With that kind of motivation, he could be really dangerous against opposing DBs. I’m actually looking forward to watching Seattle football for the first time in my life

  25. Where the heck did all you sympathizers come from? This guy’s a clown. He’ll never get it. His lame antics and selfish atittude got him fired from the INDOOR team he owned part of! If he were so great and invaluable why isn’t he still a Bengal or Bill? And if you say it’s money, once again that would show that he’s an idiot who thinks he’s above every one/thing else IF he turned down offers from either team. I don’t know why he left those teams but there must be a good reason, I mean, if he’s still got it at his age he’d have still been in the NFL and not scraping for checks with an indoor team then seeking desperately for a roster spot back in the NFL. Even if he does manage to make it through the season, it’ll be his last.

  26. and at his age, yes, injuries are huge but they still count…if he’s not there to help the team, well, he’s not there to help the team and you’re worthless.

  27. TO knows this is last chance in the NFL and his last chance to make good money to pay his bills. He has to be humble and say the right things. He knows nobody will deal with his antics anymore esp at age 39. Good luck to him, I hope he has a good year. Kinda rooting for him and that’s strange for me, never liked him.

  28. TO is part of something. He’s part of the greatest disappointment known to those of is who wish we were athleticslly gifted, his life, every single day.

  29. I think TO and Moss will both do well, and will both smoke the Cards at times. As a Cards fan, it does worry me a bit. Then again, neither will be around much longer, and Patrick Peterson will get to go up against both at some point. He already gets to practice opposite Fitz, and this will only make him better.

  30. Isn’t that what he said in Philly? And in Dallas? And in Buffalo? And in Cincy? And in the IFL? And in every other city I may have forgotten?

  31. OK for all you ‘educated’ NFL Fans (and by educated I mean you really don’t know anything outside of your team except for what you regergetate off TV or Radio) that jump all over anything Seahawk related talking about Carroll getting fired, or how bad the team is because they went 7-9 for the last 2 years:

    Please let me know the last time a team got gutted and rebuilt from scratch in 2 years with average Draft Capital, still went 7-9 the first 2 years of the rebuild and won a division and playoff game against the defending Champs during the rebuild. Go ahead. I’ll wait…..

    (And Niner Fans, before you point out we only won the division in ’10 because the division sucked, I’ll point out that we won the division at 7-9 because the other 3 teams were even crappier, including your team that was favored that year. And meant that we got a crappy late first rd pick last year because of it. Unlike your decade of Top 10 Picks that your mighty Harbaugh walked into)

  32. Guys like Owens turn off NFL fans, and its such a shame. This dude was shamelessly begging any NFL team to give him a contract because of how badly he handled his finances, then tries talking up his passion of the game and how he wants to be a part of something. If the Seahawks offered him a million dollar contract and the cheerleading squad offered him $1.1 millions, he’d be on the sidelines with a pair of pompoms. Its just so difficult to watch the NFL and try to be excited for your team with people like this occupying roster spots.

    I’ve seriously never seen such a self absorbed, self serving, egocentric sociopath in the NFL as Owens, and that is really saying something. I guess the only good that can come of this is maybe he can make some child support payments on time.

  33. It is still about me, I, me, I want, I ……… I sense he is more sincere but you can’t change the spots in a leopard.

  34. T.O. is like the Marc Maron of Football, he’s been a huge jerk, and has a long trail towards redemption

  35. What a bad guy T.O. is. He threw McNabb under the bus, so after he left the Eagles rewarded McNAbb with a trade to Washington allowing Kolb to take over….who then lost his job to a guy who slaughtered dogs. I don’t care if Owens threw all 32 starting QB’s under the bus, that still isn’t as bad as killing animals….or driving drunk…..or beating your girlfriend. Just some of the offenses we conveniently overlook in the NFL as long as the player is a good teammate. Big Ben? Well, he only sexually assaulted 2 women which on the grand scale isn’t as bad as picking on your QB. Idiots.

  36. @daubs17, really? Guys like T.O. turn off NFL fans? Sure, if those NFL fans are pu$$ies who tune in to see 11 guys on the field slapping each others’ asses and hugging. Real NFL fans watch to see guys beat the sh*t out of each other and could not care less what a dick T.O. or any other player is. Go watch golf if you’re so concerned about sportsmanship douche.

  37. the guy who said none of us OUR perfect just made my night. anybody wanna bet me he was never an english major?

  38. I don’t get the second chance crap…he has not been a problem with the bengals or bills. As far as I am concerned there is nothing yo worry about…he had produced and not been a problem

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