Trent Richardson tentatively plans surgery, expects to play Week 1


The bad news is that Browns running back Trent Richardson likely needs another knee surgery. The good news is that it’s expected to be a minor procedure that should have him ready to go for the regular-season opener.

Richardson, who is traveling to Florida for a visit with Dr. James Andrews, has tentatively scheduled arthroscopic surgery to clean up loose cartilage, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports. But while knee surgery sounds scary for a rookie running back, the Browns view it as a minor procedure and unrelated to the previous surgery Dr. Andrews conducted on the same knee, which was done to repair a torn meniscus.

According to Mortensen, Richardson is expected to be ready by Week 1 of the regular season, if not sooner. (It seems awfully unlikely that the Browns would risk Richardson getting hurt in an exhibition game, but Mortensen’s report suggests that it’s possible he could play in the preseason.)

As knee surgeries go, a minor arthroscopic procedure that will keep him out only a few weeks is about as good as the news can get. But Richardson needing his second knee surgery of the year before the season starts still has to be considered unfortunate news in Cleveland.

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  1. Wow and this guy was supposed to be better than Ingram? What are they doing down there in Alabama to the runningback’s knees?

  2. I wonder what’s more upsetting for him…having another injury or having to play on one of the worst teams in the league.

  3. Trent may want to be “tentative” when he’s running through holes in the regular season opener. He’s gunna get smacked by a NFL linebacker and not be in NFL football shape when it happens.. You can survive no training camp as QB, Kicker, or maybe even WR. A running back who is expected to carry the ball +20 times a game can’t..

  4. I love how all you Cleveland haters blow this up. He is getting a minor procedure done to his knee and you act like he tore both tendons. We havn’t played 1 preseason game yet and his career is over? Come see us when he eclipses 1200 yds this season and wins ROY. Or better yet come see us when he takes the first handoff WEEK 1!

  5. Trent will be taking his talents to South Beach… To have another surgery. Sorry Cleveland this is bad news!

  6. from what I understand arthroscopic surgery is absolutely useless. If his knees hurt he needs to incorporate minerals and vitamins into his diet along with gelatin, which is the food that the body uses to regrow cartilage. Arthiritis can easily be cured within a matter of weeks with this plan.

  7. who ever thinks Trent Richardson won’t be in NFL shape never paid attention to him while at Alabama he is a machine. sqautting 600 lbs I believe ridiculous

  8. That is bad news but good news that its minor and he will be ready by game one or two of the regular season and running back is one of the Browns deepest positions. Actually Monterio Hardesty has looked awesome in camp, he’s has caught may balls and ran well during camp this year is his first healthy year since being drafted in the 2nd round. Look for Hardesty and Brandon Jackson to fill in well for the Browns until Richarson come back. Thank God for Preseason when things go wrong. Go Browns…
    Toledo Dawg Pound

  9. It’s not that big of a deal. I was back to playing basketball a week after they went in to remove debri from my knee. I had previously torn my miniscus which they tried to repair. It came loose so they removed the loose part. Sure there was some minor discomfort but I dealt with the pain and I am positive this dude is tougher than I am.

  10. What are all you Browns Haters gonna do when you are choking on whatever you’re stuffing your pie holes with as the Browns are dominating the league this year. Go Browns…

  11. Hell be just fine – cashing those big checks. Hope they didn’t give the farm away to the kid. Better to let him prove his worth and pay him in three years, see if the old knee holds out and all.

  12. Sorry fans, Browns have never been relavent, and this year is going to be no different.

    Weedon is not as good as McCoy, and Richardson with two surgeries is off to a BAD start to his career.

    On a positive note, I see a top 2 draft pick next year.

  13. cursedsince99 says:
    Aug 8, 2012 6:43 PM
    It’s good he will be back by opener..Cleveland needs a dominant runner.if everyone can stay healthy again Cleveland could be relevant again!

    28 15 i Rate This

    Yeah right! They will not even be relevant in their division – they will go 0-6 in their division again.

    clevelandfanforever says:
    Aug 8, 2012 7:37 PM
    What are all you Browns Haters gonna do when you are choking on whatever you’re stuffing your pie holes with as the Browns are dominating the league this year. Go Browns…

    You are obviously not living in reality. Dominating the league? They will finish last in their division and as I said above – go 0-6 in the division.

  14. Hope he heals up well and has a fantastic career. But if that career got off to a big start in week 2, that would be fine with me, because the Birds open the season in Cleveland. Wouldn’t mind not having to face him, puts more pressure on the rookie qb.

  15. Another Mistake On The Lake. Cleveland loses LeBron, the Indians blow and Trent is done! Cleveland Sucks!

  16. You know what they say about minor surgery: “Minor surgery is any operation on someone ELSE.” I guess the exception to the above is when the “someone else” is the future of your franchise, that your organization went up in the draft to obtain!! As the late, great “Dandy Don” Meredith would be singing to president Holmgren: ” Turn out the lights, the party’s over, they say that all good things must end.”

  17. I’m a Browns fan. Reality is, Rich can’t be any worse than Hillis big head last year. Weeden will be better than McCoy. But Browns fan who said we will dominate is an idiot. 3-13. Reality.

  18. Too man carries in college. Hope it works out for him, but he seems like a college bottle rocket.

  19. Wow there’s a lot of browns haters out there…I don’t know how to be a fan of any other team..can’t do it..I live in northern Ohio and have always been a browns question to all of you is this..are you people idiots?i ask this because y’all think you know everything when in reality you make no sense!this guy deserved to be drafted where he was.this guy is getting the most common simple procedure you can get..a 90 year old woman gets to drive home after getting this surgery.if you hate this franchise then why waste your time posting..look through history at a team that’s bad for a decade and then turns dominate or very good….pats steelers saints 49ers one point those teams sucked….so my point is you can’t be bad forever and you can’t be good forever…read a book

  20. How’s Holmgren working out for ya? Wait to you find out that Weeden needs hip replacement surgery like my grandma just got.

  21. Good thing the Browns let Hillis walk away. You don’t want too many healthy players on the team, sharing the load.

    Now, with a crippled running game (again) the defenses can concentrate on Weeden, or Weinke 2.0.

  22. idiot. 3-13. Reality

    3-13, isn’t that how tall he is now? After Florida, he might be down to 3-11…

  23. So it is fair to say, because the SEC has many teams with solid defense, running backs there get more wear and tear than in other conferences?

  24. Normally at this time of year, I am fired up and optimistic. This year, not so much. Best I can muster is a wait and see attitude. Hoping for 8-8 is not an inspiring set of circumstances.

    Defense looks good. Offense is unsettled and there is an ownership change that will keep everyone on the edge of their seats until a commitment to keep the team in Cleveland is made.

    Go Browns.

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