“Very proud” Mangold returns to practice, post-Olympics


When Jets center Nick Mangold returned to practice on Wednesday, it would have been fitting for Nick to say upon entering the locker room, “What I miss?”

While Mangold was taking in Olympic weightlifting in London, the Jets engaged in an apparent blend of judo and Greco-Roman wrestling and WWE-style wrestling and boxing.  And then they did the 100-meter dash, several times over.

“I’m feeling pretty good,” Mangold said Wednesday upon his return, via comments distributed by the team. “I got back a little later than I wanted to.  I was hoping to be back here Tuesday but to do that, it wouldn’t have been a smart idea to drive back from Newark [New Jersey], so I tried to play it safe.  But for 16 hours on a plane and eight hours driving I’m feeling pretty good.”

It seems like it was more than a “pretty good” experience for Mangold, whose sister, Holley, participated in super-heavyweight weightlifting.  “It was fantastic, it was a great experience,” Manogld said.  “[I’m] very proud of her, she fought through injuries.  She finished tenth in the world, [you] can’t be mad at that.  Now it’s good to be back banging around a little bit.”

Or banging around a lot.  Especially if the Jets haven’t gotten the message to quit banging around each other.

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  1. Could someone post the link of the story about when he changed his mind and decided to go?

    I totally missed that…….thanks.

  2. “Or banging around a lot. Especially if the Jets haven’t gotten the message to quit banging around each other”

    I look forward to reading all of the wonderful comments….

  3. Nick is the unquestioned leader of the NY Jets and his presence alone will command the few idiots on his team we read about to “act and play like a Jet”.

  4. I am very happy he was smart enough to go
    His Big Sister finished better then the JETS will this year

  5. “But for 16 hours on a plane”

    Umm a little bit of an embellishment. It isn’t like they flew you to Poland. 8 Hours from NY would take you deep into eastern Europe.

    NY to England is about a 6 hours flight. I’ve sat thru a few flights that have made it in under. So max it was 12 hours. The only reason I make this point is that Rex Ryan and his boasting have infiltrated everything these Jets do. Why lie about how long a first class ticket ride was? Just silly. That said, congrats to Miss Mangold. In under 2 years she’s the 10th best person in the world at her sport. With another 4 years of training I wouldn’t be shocked if she medal’d.

  6. @patriotsdefense – yes, it doesn’t take 16 hours to get to London it takes 7. It also doesn’t take 8 hours to get from Newark to Cortland, it takes for. And believe it or not, when someone says something “is taking forever” it doesn’t actually mean it will continue until the end of time. Stick to the tired foot jokes bro.

  7. @ jf5607 and mr pap

    Wow, I guess the apple doesn’t fall from the Jets tree. It’s called simple addition.

    8+8 = 16 (Flight #one 8 hours, Flight #two 8 hours) BUT there is no way the flight took 8 hours. That would take him deep into Europe. He embellished. It’s okay, it’s a Jets thing. Kinda like pretending 2 AFC championship game losses is an achievement.

    And don’t give me that traffic excuse, he clearly stated separately that the it was hours of driving as well.

    AND what foot joke? I have never made a single one, what Rex and his wife do is none of my business and I have no right to judge their private life. You brought up the foot jokes because you know you have very little merit… or none at all really.

    Enjoy battling the hapless Dolphins for 3rd place.

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