After Arkansas fired him, Bobby Petrino consulted with the Titans

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Bobby Petrino became a toxic figure in the NFL when he walked out on the Falcons to coach Arkansas, and he became a toxic figure in college football when he was fired at Arkansas for lying about giving his mistress a job. But while most people in the football world may have a low opinion of him, Petrino says there are still coaches who want to pick his brain — including the staff of the Tennessee Titans.

In his first interview since Arkansas fired him, Petrino told ESPN’s Joe Schad that the Titans asked him to visit their coaching staff, and he did so and might continue to visit with the Titans or other other NFL or college coaching staffs.

Petrino may be a bad person, but no one disputes that he’s a smart offensive coach, and so it makes sense for other coaches to be interested in his input. It wouldn’t be surprising to learn that other coaching staffs are also interested in having Petrino consult with them.

But it would be surprising if anyone at either the pro or college level trusts Petrino enough to give him another head-coaching job after the way he burned both the Falcons and Arkansas. Still, Petrino says another head-coaching job is what he wants.

“I think I’ve got to take this one day at a time, continue to improve as a person and as a husband,” Petrino said. “I’m also going to continue to work on football. And I just hope and pray that I get that opportunity again.”

The opportunity to be a head coach in the NFL won’t come. But the Titans’ interest in Petrino suggests that he might get another job as an NFL assistant.

11 responses to “After Arkansas fired him, Bobby Petrino consulted with the Titans

  1. He will be the head coach at a Division 1 major college football program within 2 years.

    There are plenty of win-first programs out there that couldn’t care less who he’s sleeping with or what he did in Atlanta.

  2. Petrino should be blackballed from football in ALL levels in this country brother. He is a selfish, coward in ALL aspects!!

  3. The dude has no character, but I’d love to see him running the Cards’ offense. Whiz hasn’t put a good offense on the field since Warner retired.

  4. Whiz has not had a good QB since Warner left. That deer in the headlights Kolbling looks worse than David Carr at his worst. Bad GM/front office move.

    With Petrino, I think he would be perfect for Britt. Seriously, how damn dumb do the folks inside Titans front office have to be to play with that fire? Consult with him? Okay, but how about a major confidentiality provision with denial capabilities should it ever come to light that you employed this louse! What next, hiring Travis Henry to be Britt’s parenting and social counselor/Twitter advisor?

  5. The fact that this guy gets jobs after he betrays all of his employers’ trusts is very troubling.

    Football players have to go through way worse when they need to get jobs again. They do not have guaranteed or as rich of contracts like coaches and they get more bypassed by employers than others.

    Look at Pacman and Mike Vick! They go through employment dismissals, financial despair, and long rough roads to just get minimal salary in the league.

    From the looks of it, coaches like this guy will never get humbled. This is a bad guy! If Mike Martz gets ostracized from the NFL this guy should be for a while!

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