Cards have no timetable for picking a quarterback


As Kevin Kolb and John Skelton jockey for the top spot on the depth chart in Arizona, coach Ken Whisenhunt says there’s no clock ticking on an outcome.

“I don’t think we have a timetable on that,” Whisenhunt tells NFL Network.  “It’s something we have to evaluate over a course of time in this preseason.  We have to give them enough reps in similar situations so that we can evaluate it.  We’re gonna let it go over the next couple of games and see where we are.”

So while there’s no official deadline, the reality is that both golfers will be in the clubhouse after the third preseason game — unless the Cardinals plan to use their starting offense in the final preseason game.  And so, after that, the powers-that-be will have what they need to make a decision.

Then again, like so many quarterback competitions, the guy who wins the Week One assignment also could become the first guy most likely to be benched.  We’ve got a feeling that both men eventually will get a chance to earn the job not based on what they do in the preseason, but what they do in the regular season.

To Whisenhunt’s credit, he seems to be genuinely interested in using the best guy — even though not going with Kolb would make the trade that we ripped last year look even more rippable.

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  1. I was surprised when the Cards traded for Kolb. He has never really played like he has any confidence. He just looks a little off to me. And as a 49ers fan, this article makes me happy 🙂

  2. You shouldn’t have one because the more Kevin Kolb is on the field the less he does.

    He’s a train wreck and Whisenhunt is a hypocrite for having this much support for Kolb when Matt Leinart was a big money first round pick!!!

    If Warner made less than Leinart, but Whisenhunt made Warner the starter he can do the same with Skelton!!!

  3. Jeff George, Culpepper and McNabb are still available and probably better than what you have on the roster now.

  4. The ultimate problem with the Cardinals is that they are in a city of SoCal transplant fans who like the idea of an NFL team, but dont have enough enthusiasm to put their butts in the seats.
    Too laid back and not enough numbers.

    If Los Angeles cant keep an NFL team, why should Arizona be successful?

  5. This reminds me of the QB battle between Quinn and Anderson..If Wissenhunt flips a guys are screwed.

  6. If you think Whiz is “genuinely interested in using the best guy,” you have sorely misunderstood his motives. His genuine interest is in preserving his job, meaning, starting Kolb and hoping he goes better than 8-8 again. It was Whiz who convinced the Bidwills to commit to 6 years and $65 million on Kolb. If he is a bust, goodbye Whiz.

  7. I would love to know how many teams did not know who their QB was a week before their first preseason game, and actually produced a playoff team.

    Injuries aside, my guess is a one digit number.

  8. You are going to need all three quarterbacks because of injuries due to the poor offensive line. The key is patience and protecting the quarterback. If healthy, Kolb and Skelton have proven they can get the job done; however, any quarterback needs to have confidence in his offensive line-without it- forget it-injuries will dominate regardless of how good your quarterback is. Just ask John Elway why he chose Denver instead of the first round draft team that picked him. He was afraid of getting injured with a poor offensive line and was willing to trade football for a baseball career.

  9. mvf3030:

    “I live in AZ and the fans are chomping at the bit for Red Skelton….”


    Those people are stupid. As is Wisencan’t for having a competition. You make a decision and stick with it until Kolb proves he’s not the guy. This QB controversy does no good. You’ve still not seem what he can do with a full offseason and throughout a full season. As an Eagles fan I never felt Kolb got a fair shot here, and is not getting one now.

  10. I watched Kolb at U of H and he provided plenty of fodder for NFL scouts to doubt his transition to the NFL. So AZ gives him a $65M contract, including $19M in his pocket already since arriving last year.

    Poetic justice for the Bidwills. Couldn’t happen to a nicer family.

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